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Legian is a tourist spot known for its quiet and peace. It is a well-known spot to relax and unwind. There are markets, sunbather, as well as surfers but all of them are happily and calmly situated on the beach. There are various cafes on the beach as well.Someone looking to relax and unwind, Legian in Bali offers the perfect setting. To make this setting in more perfect, the hotels of Legian add a special touch to it. Being extremely close to the Kuta market, hotels in these areas are extremely close to the market making it accessible to Kuta as well. The hotels in Legian Bali provide excellent facilities. There are a wide range of hotels one can choose from with varied prize rangers. Though the vacation is one the quieter side, the hotels provide an excellent experience for the tourists.

Special Experiences

Most of the hotels in Legian Bali are known for their relaxing experience. Many hotels in Legian have spas that will ensure a relaxed day for guests and their families. There are children activity centers in many hotels. If not one, some hotels have two or even three pools. Even though it is quite, Legian does offer a nightlife. Many have the hotels have bars in them. There are also snack counters near the pools. Most hotels are walking distance to the beach or to Kuta market. There are also home stays as well as a range of budget hotels that one can choose to suit their needs. There are suits, business rooms as well as villas that different hotels offer. Some hotels offer tours around the city. Some hotels have massage offers. Some hotels offer a wide range of activities to enhance the nightlife experience.


All the hotels in Legian Bali have various facilities that one can use. Most of the rooms have wifi, gym facilities, spa facilities, TVs, fridges, comfortable lodging, etc. Hotels offer airport transportation. Some hotels even offer child care facilities at the hotels. Some hotels offer free shuttle services around the city. Hotels also have jacuzzis and saunas. The rooms have various views, usually either beach facing or pool facing. There are Acs in most rooms. Hotels offer smoking as well as non smoking rooms. A lot of the hotels have extra beds that can be put in the room. These facilities together with the amazing hospitality and amiable ambience make a guest feel welcomed. The staff always welcomes its guests with a smile and there is no better way for anyone to start a vacation.


Legian has a lot of cafes and restaurant around the beach. It has a wide range of cuisine. Many hotels in Legian Bali have the breakfast buffet included in the room package. The restaurants in the hotels have various counters such as snack counter, live food counter, etc. Some hotels have open air restaurants and serve food in the garden as well. Almost all hotels have in room services. Most of the hotels have bars and serve alcohol. Seafood is a must try here because when chefs cook the fresh meat, guests are often left wanting more and more of this amazing food. So come along and try the delectable delicacies of Legian.


Q1. Is there an airport transport facility available at the hotels in Legian?

A. Yes most of the hotels offer transport facilities to the airport as well as in and around the area. However, one should check with the hotel before confirming.
Q2. Do the hotels provide Indian cuisine?

A. Some hotels do while many do not. One has to check with the hotel staff.
Q3. Do they serve alcohol near the pool?

A. Various hotels serve alcohol at the poolside bar. However, one should check with the hotel before confirming.
Q4. Do the hotels in Legian offer complimentary breakfast to its guests?

A. Various hotels have a complimentary breakfast with the rooms however some do not. However, one should check with the hotel before confirming.
Q5. Do the rooms have their own safe?

A. They have their own safes. However, one should check with the hotel before confirming.

For a break from the hustle and the honking of the city, Legian with it pristine beaches is the perfect getaway. It offers the sun, sand and everything else that one could ask from cafes to nightlife. The hotels in Legian Bali have almost everything inside the hotel itself. Most of the hotels have outdoor and indoor pools, gardens and have close access to the beach. The cuisine the hotels offer are also widespread and one has various options. There are various home stays as well as budget hotels one can choose from. The hotels offer spas as well. Most of the hotels have a pool, be it indoor or outdoor and many have both. A lot of the hotels have business rooms as well. The rooms in the hotel range from simple to suits. There are also family hotels with children friendly facilities. Most of the hotels are in close proximities to Kuta market and hotels offer shuttle services to the market. A few of the really good hotels are Rama Garden, Legian beach hotel and the Stones hotel. These hotels have great facilities, a warm ambience and great food, making it a fantastic holiday experience for everyone.

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