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Another locale in the southern piece of Indonesia, Nusa Dua Is genuinely well known for its wide assortment of shorelines, and the resorts and lodgings close by it. Here is the list of some of the best Nusa Dua Beach Hotels that one can plan a stay at.

This beachy haven has a considerable amount of pleasantries and amusements to offer. The best beachfront inns and Nusa Dua Beach Hotels incorporate most of the five-star luxury resorts that decorate this upscale resort an area in Bali. An unfathomable mix of corporate atmosphere, while allowing travelers direct access to the bewitching and quiet stretch of white sand past all around manicured gardens and water features. These fantastic hotels that stand along the shoreline of Nusa Dua furthermore feature world-class dining options for guests. The Grand Hyatt Bali, Novotel Nusa Dua, and Kayumanis private villas and spa are some of the top-notch beach hotels, with state-of-the-art amenities and breath-taking ambiance.

Special Experiences

Every Nusa Dua Beach Hotel, thrives on delivering to its guests the best of its services and facilities. Presidential and Ambassador suites with private pool access, the Grand Hyatt is a perfect mixture of modern luxury with Balinese architecture and aura. Multi-lingual hotel staff, a concierge at the beck and call, boutique shopping store and a business center are the specialties of the Novotel. Situated at a pristine location of the city center, this Nusa Dua Beach hotel is only fifteen minutes from the international airport which eases the trouble of ferrying the luggage. Reeking of traditional and the cultural heritage of the town, the Kayumanis is an extravagant boutique hotel with private villas hosing pools, and activities ranging from sunrise breakfast by the beach and bicycle rental facilities.


Nusa Dua beach hotels are decked with some of the world’s finest services and facilities. The Grand Hyatt takes pride in its golf course, kids center, round-the-clock fitness center housing a yoga studio, machine weights and cardio equipment. In addition to this, the hotel also has an indoor squash court, a sauna and steam room, and a variety of kickboxing classes made available to the guests. The emerald outdoor pool is proud of 75 m featuring a river pool and two water slides. Novotel, on the other hand, boasts its on-site spa and wellness center which excels in its traditional Balinese and island healing techniques, that will relax one’s body an rejuvenate it. With the assurances of the longevity of youth, this wellness sanctuary uses local herbs and roots by the hands of its well- versed and experienced specialists. Known for its traditional spa and wellness center as well, the Kayumanis has an exotic preference of mud spa, rose water therapy and its acclaimed Jimbaran private estate, whose methods are said to penetrate the mind, soul, and body. These Nusa Dua beach hotels give the guests every facility imaginable to make sure their stay is amazing.


The Balinese cuisine is a specialty at almost all the Nusa Dua beach hotels, sticking to its traditional roots as a variety of inclusions in its dishes- mostly of herbs, rice, and fish. Sate little- the margination of skewered and grilled meat, Nasi Ayam- chicken rice and Nasi Goreng- the Indonesian friend rice are its famous delicacies. The Grand Hyatt resplendent Garden café is an on-site diner specializing in classical Asiana and European cuisine. Salsa Verde, their Italian restaurant is exclusive in its array of wood-fired pizzas, seafood, and platters. The Novotel Nusa Dua beach hotel has its fair share of bars, each distinct and varied from the other. The Beach club specializes in international cuisine, often ideal for formal social evenings; whereas the Square restaurant overlooks the expansive emerald waters of the swimming pool while handing out more local and authentic servings of the dishes.


Q1. What are some of the free services available at Nusa Dua beach hotels?

A. Wifi, room cleaning, access to the gym and wellness centre, swimming pools and all the pool related equipment, air conditioning inside the rooms, activities inside the hotel like indoor games and play equipment are some of the free services offered by the hotels.

Q2. Do Nusa Dua beach hotels have an on-premise pool or rooms with attached pools?

A. Most hotels in Bali have a pool on premises for the luxury of guests. Some hotels even have rooms attached to a pool. But it may vary from one property to another. Check the hotel facilities online before making the booking.

Q3. Do Nusa Dua beach hotels have wheelchair access?

A. Yes, almost all hotels have wheelchair access. There are a few hotels where the entire area of the hotel is wheelchair accessible.

Q4. Can one shop inside the hotel itself?

A. There are gift shops inside the hotels and as such the in-house guests at these hotels can avail some fantastic discounts at these shops within the Bali hotels.

Q5. Do these hotels offer currency exchange services to the guests?

A. Yes, most hotels do provide currency exchange services while almost all the hotels accept foreign currency.

The town is decorated with get-away spots and different social attractions, that reflect its natural heritage. Nusa Dua beach hotels are into development and undertaking to oblige the necessities of outside voyagers. While the number of top of the line and comfortable lodgings and resorts are tremendous, there is moreover a large number of budget-friendly and cheap hotels in Bali, that offer the best of their workplaces, organization, and kindnesses. There are also classic beach resorts in Nusa Dua that travelers can explore if they feel the need to stretch their legs and get away from the towering hotelier complexes. one is sure to have a memorable holiday here whether it is a family vacation or a romantic one.

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