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Jamaica Tour Packages

Jamaica Holiday Packages: rated 4/5 (based on 11 reviews)

Jamaica Holiday Packages

The island country of rhythm and spice, Jamaica, resides in the Caribbean Sea. It is famous for its Reggae music, Rastafarian lifestyle, breathtaking beaches, Blue Mountain Coffee, pirate history, Jamaican Rum, and spicy food.
Kingston, the largest city in Jamaica, is also the country’s capital.

Plan a trip to Jamaica by choosing one of the Jamaica Tour Packages offered by TravelTriangle. Specially mapped out by our travel experts, these travel packages provide a hassle-free experience. They are easily customizable according to your convenience. You would want to go back again once you explore these places.

Best Tourist Places To Explore In Jamaica

1. Bob Marley Museum

What’s Special: Collectables

Timings: 9:30 am to 4 pm (for the tour), Monday to Saturday, closed on Sundays

Transportation Option: Taxi, rented vehicle, bus

Designated a protected National heritage site in 2001, Bob Marley Museum is a tribute to Bob Marley, for his contribution to the establishment of Reggae music, as a part of Jamaica’s cultural heritage. The museum was a residence and headquarters of Bob Marley’s record company, which later opened for public viewing. It houses his music records, awards, photographs, writings, and memorabilia, viewed during the guided tour. Apart from the main house is an exhibition hall, gift shop, theatre, and the One Love Cafe. A visit to the museum is at the top of everyone’s Jamaica Tour Packages, and yours should be no different.

2. Barney’s Flower & Hummingbird Garden

What’s Special: Intriguing flowers and avifauna

Timings: 8:30 am to 12 pm, 2 pm to 6 pm

Transportation Option: Rented vehicle, taxi

A privately owned property, Barney’s Flower & Hummingbird Garden, houses indigenous plants on which endangered hummingbirds inhabit. The flowers seen in the garden include Thunbergia, Heliconias, Ginger Lilies, Firecrackers, Bromeliads, and more. Birds like Mango Quit, Red-billed Streamertail, Vervain, and more, can be spotted on the premises. Subject to prior booking, a guided tour is available, in which one receives information about the history, flora, fauna, and culture. Surrounded by lush greenery and mesmerizing views, the garden must be on your bucket list in Jamaica trip packages.

3. Appleton Estate

What’s Special: Jamaican Rum

Timings: 9 am to 3:30 pm (for the tour), Tuesday to Saturday

Transportation Option: Taxi, rented vehicle

Appleton Estate lets you explore the history of rum and witness the different processes of rum making, especially Jamaican Rum. A guided tour of growing practices, distillation, storage, flavor profiles, and rum aging, is provided, along with the rum sampling. A gift shop on the premises sells Appleton Estate Jamaican Rum, branded merchandise, local crafts, and limited edition rums. Avail of the option of visiting this estate while getting your Jamaica vacation packages customized.

4. Dunn’s River Falls

What’s Special: Natural beauty

Timings: 8:30 am to 4 pm

Transportation Option: Rented vehicle, taxi

Situated on the Island’s North Coast, Dunn’s River Falls is the most famous waterfall in Jamaica. Climbing the waterfalls, swimming in natural pools, and enjoying falling water on one’s back as a form of massage, are popular tourist activities in the falls. As for children, there is a splash park with water slides and a play area. The terraced waterfalls offer picturesque views of the surrounding. It is a must-visit spot in Jamaica holiday packages. Little Dunn’s River Beach, an alternative to its famous sister Dunn’s River Falls, is a less-known spot that also resides in Ocho Rios.

5. National Hero’s Park

What’s Special: Historical significance

Timings: 6 am to 6 pm

Transportation Option: Taxi, rented vehicle

Formerly known as King George VI Memorial Park, National Hero’s Park reflects Jamaica’s history and foundation. Maintained by the Parks Division of Jamaica’s National Solid Waste Management Authority, the park is the largest public space in Kingston. Separate fields for Soccer and Cricket, and burial spots for national heroes and ex-Prime Ministers, reside on the premises. Every year on Remembrance Day, the Jamaica War Memorial conducts a ceremony honoring those killed in the armed services.

Best Time To Visit Jamaica

March to May

The spring season is an ideal time to visit Jamaica. The weather is suitable for sightseeing and indulging in adventurous activities.

June to August

The summer season is the hottest time of the year in Jamaica, making it difficult to enjoy sightseeing. Sometimes, thunderstorms occur unexpectedly. The amount of rainfall decreases in August.

September to November

Autumns in Jamaica have a probability of the occurrence of hurricanes. Heavy rainfall adds to hindrance in sightseeing. Not being a peak season, the flight and accommodation prices are low.

December to February

The arrival of the winter season leads to a drop in the temperature. January and February are the coldest months in Jamaica, but the cool weather is not too harsh.

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Vihaan's 6 days trip to Kashmir

a year ago
We had an awesome time in kashmir through kashmir boulevard. Duration - 5 nights 6 days Kashmir is an amazing, picturesque location and people are also very warm and nice. Overall was an awesome experience, except for a few hiccups here and there. ** Hotels: we had a very good experience in both Gurcoo residency(2N) and the houseboat Jamaica by shahnaz group of houseboats.. with cozy stay, proper hot water[basic necessity in that cold weather, especially for people who are not used to such cold temperatures] and good food and most importantly we could carry out the day's plan according to the itinerary, because the staff made sure that we got our breakfast ready, according to the time requested by us... * However, We did not have the best experience at holiday inn in pehalgam - could not get hot water throughout our 2 day stay there (just warm water on the 2nd day, that too after a lot of complaining )[and it was raining and cold throughout] and the staff were least bothered about our plan for the day, inspite of prior intimation about our need to leave early... with nobody at the reception even after 8.30 am and the gates still locked at that time... had a bad time here.. *Services of travel agent : We were in correspondence with Henat mam of kashmir boulevard - who was very courteous and helpful throughout (even post 8pm, she used to answer with the same zeal). She helped us in finding the best flights, at a very short notice. She also ensured that we got the guide of our choice throughout the journey, which was very helpful. The only problem was her endorsing holiday inn, inspite of us repeatedly asking her about their poor reviews, we wouldn't have booked that for 2 nights, if not for her assurance.. except for this issue, very happy with her service and guidance. . Just a suggestion- do include type of clothing for the prevalent weather conditions in the brochure. **Cab and driver - The highlight of the trip (other than ofcourse, the scenic beauty of kashmir ) was our guide and driver Imran bhai. He made sure that we made the best of our time and gave us timely, useful advice regarding all the places. Was always patient & punctual and made sure that we could cover all the places, that were intended. Also clicked some really good pictures. Not just driving us around, but also making sure that we were comfortable at all times, right from getting us a place to change (after getting completely drenched), to even getting us medicines when we weren't feeling well.. Thank you Imran bhai for your hospitality. All the places - pehalgam, gulmarg, sonmarg(the best) and srinagar were amazing. Big thanks to everyone involved in making our journey smooth and memorable. Sonmarg with fresh snow topped mountains - THE BEST

Vihaan Park


Ashish's 5 days trip to Kashmir

4 years ago
Really Excellent Experience In All Criteria....No Words to Explain it Just Fantastic...All Things Was Really Memorable...Hotel Was Fantastic and Specially Driver Aijaz was Really Helpful and Supportive as Well as that Jamaica Houseboat was Excellent....From My Side 5/5 Stars. Houseboat Stay, Driver As well as Hotel

Ashish Anand

Rameshbandimatha's 3 days trip to Kashmir

4 years ago
We recently have availed Travel Triangle's (and Kashmir Boulevard - the local travel agency) service to visit Srinagar and other places around, here's a summary of our experience: First off, thanks to Travel Triangle for their excellent support throughout the trip. Their support stopped us from getting ripped off by the travel agents and tour guides at Gulmarg. Miss Deepti and her manager (forgot his name, sorry!) have been a great support for us throughout. Coming to Kashmir Boulevard - the local travel agency that co-ordinated at ground level. We had to face many last moment itinerary changes which we were not informed by the travel agent - Miss Saba. On our very first day, we had to stay at Gulmarg in a 3-star hotel (or we were informed so). But we were not even notified that we were to stay at a different hotel. We only realized it when the driver took us to the alternative - Mama's Palace. No offense to Mama's Palace, the hospitality was extremely good. Staff was really polite and supportive. On our second day, our schedule was to stay at Young Golden Palace Houseboat. Instead, we were taken to a houseboat called Jamaica. In both of these cases, we were not even given the courtesy of informing us (forget an apology) in advance about the change. Just after the first change of hotel, we confronted the matter with Miss Saba and we were told that it was an 'upgrade' and no need to worry about it. We had no other choice than trusting that. But when it happened the second time, after seeing that houseboat, we really doubt that it was actually an upgrade. We felt we were taken for granted - the last thing you expect when you paid that huge sum. And at last, I really feel the urge to use the strongest vocab to describe the driver we were assigned to! Mr.Bilal, supposedly the owner of the travel chain who happens to manage 11 other guests the same day! Anyway, right after he picked us from the airport while taking us to Gulmarg, he dominated us. He overrode our travel choices, insisted on his own. He stopped his car at the base of Gulmarg hill, told that his car is not allowed up there, and we need to take another cab, also rent gumboots, jackets, and gloves (though we had jackets and gloves, he told us that it has snowed heavily and we really need gumboots), and that we require a guide to roam there. Even before we think, he had already spoken to of the guides (a pure conman, I tell you!) and arranged 'a special vehicle' that took us to the hilltop. We later observed that all vehicles were plying to the hilltop (including private vehicles. Forget SUVs, we even saw a couple of Omnis). It was at that moment we realized that we were being bluffed. But it was too late. The special vehicle demanded 700 rupees, the guide took another 700, rented gumboots cost 400. While I accept that it was informed to us before in the T&C of Travel Triangle that guides are not necessary, the driver insisted so much so that I now feel he was part of those con artists, all along. Right at that moment, we stopped trusting the driver, called up TT, spoke regarding the issue, escalated and finally we made an arrangement that we pay 700 rupees less than what we had to pay (because the driver didn't take us to the hilltop when he had to). The driver was not punctual at all. We wanted to cover as many places as we could right after breakfast, but he came only by 10-11 every day. Nothing changed after repeated requests to be on time. He was very dominating, had a legit reason (at least he thinks so) for his unpunctuality. As per the itinerary, he should have been available to us all day for the local sightseeing. But this 'family man' drove straight to his home after dropping us at the city center. An auto-rickshaw back to the hotel cost us another 200. Incidents like this kept happening (unpunctuality, dishonesty, bluffing). At some point, we were so frustrated with him that we started generalizing that attitude with all Kashmiris (that changed eventually when we interacted with other people). On the last day, he demanded that he needs the remaining amount in cash (the one we owed to the agency). We told him that we'd transfer online but he insisted. When we drew money from the nearest ATM and went to pay, he demanded us to add the 700 back giving us some bullshit reason why the car couldn't go there. We lost it at that moment and called up a Kashmir Boulevard staff and we were surprised to hear her agreeing with the driver. We just hated how the lady suddenly changed her stance. Then I threatened them that I'll call TT, suddenly he bowed down and accepted the money (we could see the enraging anger on his face :D ). Overall, we are happy with the Travel Triangle for their continuous support throughout the trip. And I thank you for that. And Kashmiri Boulevard - you really need to stand up to the promises you make to the guests. You showed us 3-star hotels on the brochure and made our stay at an average houseboat which did not even have a heater. And the driver! - Phew, I have nothing more to say. He ruined our opinion we had on Kashmiris.


Md's 6 days trip to Kashmir

5 years ago
First of all i would like thanks Tanzeela from gr travels for making my journey memorable. From the point of hotel selection to any guidance i required at any point of my trip to kashmir she was always there to answer. Driver Farooq to whom we were calling him farooq chacha was always on time. Hotel selection in srinagar ( hotel royal batoo), Gulamarg ( Hotel affarwat), Pahalgam ( Hamdard Resort), & Jamaica houseboat was excellect with great food & view. Special thanks to Mr. Ashraf & his wife ( owner of jamiaca houseboat) for giving there personal & family touch while our stay in house boat. Again lots of thanks to Tanzeela & team gr travels for giving me such a memorable trip of kashmir. Gardens of srinagar with lots of colorful flowers and extreamly beautiful tulip garden makes me and my wife again fall in love in such kind of environment. Great view from the second phase of gulmarg gandola. we realy feels there that if there is any heaven on earth then its in india and that is kashmir. Beautiful places of pahalgam wins our heart. innocent and loving nature of kashmir makes us proude that they part of our own country. This is my second booking my Travel triangle ( Kerala & Kashmir). Yet to explore many places in India & will definetly choose travel triangle for this. Thanks a lots to Tanzeela, Farooq chacha, Mr. ashraf once again with lots of love.

Mohammad Shaquim

New delhi

Anish's 6 days trip to Kashmir

5 years ago
Overall trip was good. Kashmir was more beautiful than we expected. We travelled 8'Dec to 13'Dec. Pros: 1. Special Shout out to Mr. Aijaz, He was an excellent guide and driver. He treated us like family. We were delighted by his good behavior and politeness. 2. Hotels we shortlisted were good. Service, food , cleanliness were upto the mark. Cons: 1. We finalized Freshwater Resort which was cancelled last moment, infact Agency confirmed me on 5th that we have our bookings there but it wasn't. We asked to compromise to Himalayan Hill Resort which was in a isolated area so we decided to change that and later checked into Regency Resort which was decent enough. 2. On the last day, we were having booking in Mahajong Houseboats, but again we were asked to stay in Jamaica houseboat which was in an isolated place. Our shikara rider didn't move for half hour because we don't want to check in to Jamaica. After having a lot of arguments with Muzzafar, when I insisted to go to mahajong we got to know that we weren't having any bookings there. Our voucher having Mahajong booking was nothing but just a fake one. But somehow we managed to stay at Mahajong only and things went right way. In such a chilly weather in the middle of Dal, we were asked to wait in shikara. It was extremely hostile. Advice: Please don't make fake promises, if you don't book a property then how could you give a voucher? Absolutely gross-management. You just want to acquire customer but giving fake promises to them. We had a very good starting but ending doesn't went that well. You can go through Kashmir Boulevard, but I strongly recommend to confirm with each hotel for confirmation, else you'll get into a situation like us.

Anish Tyagi

New delhi

Saurav's 4 days trip to Kashmir

6 years ago
It was a memorable journey and awesome service from travel agents. Food and stay at houseboat Jamaica

Saurav Pathak


Vighnesh's 7 days trip to Kashmir

6 years ago
Best trip organizing.. very patient cab driver. House Boat Jamaica was the best

Vighnesh Baskaran


Raghuraman's 3 days trip to Kashmir

6 years ago
The trip was planned very well as per my customized request. The travel planner Mr. Danish was very professional & assured that everything was in place ontime. The Houseboat Jamaica stay was amazing.

Raghuraman Nadar


Raj's 7 days trip to Kashmir

6 years ago
Kashmir tour arranged by travel Traingle and travel home was excellent tour till now. Safa from travel home had planned trip meticulously for us... our driver cum guide come dost Imran was really a humble guy who was always on his toes to help us out in every aspect of our tour ...... Kashmir we can't express in words .... one should visit and experience the melody of nature played for you...... Srinagar is a town in laps of sankarachrya chesmashai as it's fur in cap ..... then dal lake it's is heart ..... excellent view from all side .... as a mumbaikar we really felt we where in lap of nature bestowing us with its all beauty at its best ..... Gulmarg was best part of trip we where not so luck to travel top aparvat ... but enjoyed kalohi garden hotel stay..... Ary valley and betab valley in pehalgam are good place to visit .... again at kalohi resort was good stay at pahalgam.... dal lake house boat Jamaica stay was memorable and its owner ashraf had really great hospitality...... Only bad event happened was shikara ride the fellow whose taken us for ride was too arrogant and rude ..... don't remember his name ... but will advise to beware of this shikara ride they are promising one thing and not delevering .... will force you to visit floating shops which you will never wish to do ..... Over all trip was excellent .... thanks to Imran ...:)

Rajesh Adkar


Mehul's 8 days trip to Kashmir

6 years ago
over all it was the good experience. request travel home not to give Alpine Ridge Resort in Pahalgam. one of the pathetic hotel I have ever seen. Food quality was very bad. don't have heating facilities, hot case for food, microwave, lighting facilities. Staff is not well trained about how to give good customer services. water for shower in the bathroom was pale yellowish and disgusting. not recommences at all. Jamaica House boat, Snow glacier, gandola ride, skiing, sledging, amusement park, shikara ride at Dal lake, garden with beautiful flowers....all good and awesome.

Mehul Surti


How To Reach Jamaica?

By Air

Sir Donald Sangster Airport in Montego Bay and Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston have connecting flights to and from India. Flights to Jamaica are available from cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Ahmedabad.

By Rail

Railways as a mode of transportation are not so popular in Jamaica. The last passenger services were operational in August 2012. After that, railways transport bauxite instead of passengers.

By Road

Jamaica has a great network of roads connecting nearby areas. It connects Kingston to Saint Ann’s Bay, Lucea, and the A3 junction west of Annotto Bay; Savanna-Ia-Mar to Spanish Town and Lucea; Clark’s Town to Duncans and Green Park.