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Bodu Beru Show in Maldives

Attend Bodu Beru Show to enjoy Maldivian Music
Bodu Beru Show In Maldives

Rated 4.4/5 (based on 1420 reviews)

About the Bodu Beru Show

If one has planned to visit Maldives, there will be no way out to miss the popular Bodu Beru Show which is a major tourist attraction in Maldives. Bodu Beru means “big drum” and is one of the oldest surviving aspects of Dhivehi Culture. It was brought to Maldives by African slaves who used to travel with their masters from Arabian Peninsula. The beats made their way to Maldives in the eighteenth century and the musicians kept on passing their knowledge and passion for music to keep this culture alive.

The drum is made of coconut wood and has a traditional design. However, the drum heads are traditionally made of Manta Ray skin or goat skin. The beat comes out when the drummer hammers his bare hands on the drum. Boduberu is a dance music that starts with a low beat and becomes energetic. The group has around fifteen to twenty people that include drummers and singers.

Bodu beru is a very energetic form of music, where everyone is invited to dance and clap. Bodu Beru Show brings people together as people get to dance together. People also make friends while dancing together. This soulful music is quite serene and one enjoys while tapping the feet over this beautiful music. One gets to join the chorus, clapping, singing, and dancing to the music.

Bodu Beru, being the heart of Maldivian Music, is played every night in all of the resorts to display the rich Maldivian Culture. Having come to Maldives, being a part of the Bodu Beru show becomes imperative as knowing the culture of the destination is as important as exploring the major locations of that place. Bodu Beru can rejuvenate everyone’s soul.


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FAQ's of Maldives

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What is the Bodu Beru Show?

It is a local traditional type of song and dance routine famed in Maldives.

Where can I watch the Bodu Beru Show?

They perform the Bodu Beru at various hotels or concert halls.

Would I need a ticket for the Bodu Beru Show?

Tickets are required. If your travel package doesn’t already cover it, then you need to ask your tour manager about the expenses.