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Fua Mulaku in Maldives

Fua Mulaku- A Breathtaking Tropical Paradise
Fua Mulaku In Maldives

Rated 4.4/5 (based on 1338 reviews)

About Fua Mulaku in Maldives

For travelers who love to get a glimpse of ethereal beauty, the natural shores of Fua Mulaku in the Maldives are certainly a dream come true. Located at the Southernmost tip of the archipelago, Fua Mulaku, has the largest of the Maldivian islands,and draws travelers from far and wide and offers serenity, beauty and natural charm like none other. In fact, throughout history, Maldivians and visitors have judged this island to be one of the most beautiful islands in the Maldives! For visitors, there is a lot to do in Fua Mulaku, ranging from just lazing out along the serene shores, down to enjoying some amazing water sports in the pristine waters. Natural beauty too abounds here and there are many places to visit. And of course, not to be forgotten is the local cuisine that beckons a sampling!

Things to do in Fua Mulaku

Fua Mulaku is an exceptionally fertile island and produces some of the finest vegetables and fruits in the country. Visitors will love a stroll through the green fields and orchards that boast of a near-paradisiacal aura. The Fuvahmulah city is teeming with things to do, and appears in stark contrast to the first impression one gets of the sunny beaches and rolling waters. Boating and snorkelling is common, and for those who love to feel the rush of the wind, motorcycles are available for hire. For history lovers, old monuments and structures that are true relics of years gone by will be of interest.

Key Spots to Visit in Fua Mulaku

On a visit to Fua Mulaku, one should not miss visiting the Aruffanno, which is the island’s traditional harbor. Some other spots that should definitely be visited here include:

  • Thoondu, a white sand beach that draws hundreds of visitors each day.

  • The Gemmiskiy which is the oldest building in Fuvahmulah and belongs to the pre-Islamic period.

  • The Havitta, which is said to be the ruin of an ancient Buddhist stupa.

  • Hukuru Miskih, which is the only Friday mosque on the island.

  • Diyarehifaando, the ancient island’s lagoon mouth.

A visit to the Maldives is certainly not complete without stopping off for a few days at Fua Mulaku. With its pristine beaches, fine cuisine and lush greenery, this island will definitely make a tourist’s dream come true. With much to offer those who are simply looking at stopping off and unwinding on the shores, down to anyone who would like to explore history or indulge in a bit of adventure sports, there is always something for everyone. The local tourism office is more than willing to help, and the locals are always ready to offer tourism advice so that visitors get the best out of their vacation.


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FAQ's of Maldives

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What is the Fua Mulaku?

It is the smallest of the atolls of Maldives with just one island

What language do the locals speak at Fua Mulaku?

The inhabitants speak a distinctive form of the Dhivehi language, known as Mulaku bas.

What is there to see in Fua Mulaku?

The main thing to see here is the ruin of a Buddhist chaitya whose main feature is its ruined stupa.