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Feydhoo Island in Maldives

Feydhoo - Explore the beauty of Maldives
Feydhoo Island In Maldives

Rated 4.4/5 (based on 1376 reviews)

About Feydhoo Island in Maldives

Located in the South province of the Maldives, Feydhoo is one of the archipelago’s inhabited islands and abounds in flora and fauna. The people who reside here were formerly of Gan, and are self-sufficient. While not as fertile as Gan, Feydhoo Island is luxurious with rich trees, green vegetation and shorelines that captivate the soul. The leafy streets that line the tight-knit housing blocks bear testament to the unique culture, history and natural heritage of Feydhoo Island.

The neighboring island Maradhoo along with Feydhoo, and some smaller islands between the two, form the Maradhoo-Feydhoo district since they both share the same natural island. Feydhoo Island, by itself, is home to a lovely blend of laid-back life, semi-urbanization and tourism, all wrapped into one delightful conglomeration.

Geography of Feydhoo Island

Feydhoo Island covers an area of 49.20 hectares and lies around 537 kilometers away from Malé, the Maldivian capital. It lies 5 meters above sea level and enjoys a pleasant climate. The best time to visit Feydhoo is between December and April. During this period the weather is dry with little or no rain, making it perfect for tourists. Winding walkways are aplenty on this island, and so are fun activities such as snorkelling, diving and fishing, with bicycling being an option for the less adventurous.

Ecology of Feydhoo

Feydhoo is rich in natural beauty and abounds with greenery that blends beautifully with its ceaseless shorelines. The people of Gan who moved here after the Second World War lent Feydhoo a touch of the lush nature that they were accustomed to, leaving the island with beautiful trees and natural beauty that beckon visitors from far and wide. From tall trees swaying in gentle wafts of sea breeze, to underwater ecology that beckons admiration, Feydhoo’s natural beauty has been preserved, and personifies the attraction of all Maldivian islands.

The Gan international airport lies not far away from Feydhoo, and is shared by this island as well as others in the district. Tourism is one of the mainstays of Feydhoo Island, with many guest houses and holiday homes dotting the island. White sand-topped streets dotted with coconut and palm trees keep the island cool even on sunny days, painting a really pretty picture of Maldivian life. There are many food joints throughout the island that offer brilliant seafood curries and cuisine native to the Maldivians, which attract tourists almost as much as the natural beauty of this island does. It is undoubtedly one such place that offers an excellent holiday experience to the tourists. Travellers will surely bring some great memories home after visiting Feydhoo Island in Maldives.


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FAQ's of Maldives

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Where is Feydhoo Island located?

Feydhoo is located in South Province of Maldives.

What can I do at Feydhoo Island?

You can enjoy watersports and amazing sunsets at the beach.

Can I stay at the Feydhoo Island?

Yes, but it is best to make arrangements beforehand.