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Diving at Manta Point

Dive in to the thrilling depth of oceans at Manta Point
Diving At Manta Point

Rated 4.4/5 (based on 1420 reviews)

About Diving at Manta Point

The Manta point, generically called the ‘Lankan Manta Point’ is a happening dive site on the south eastern side of North Male Atoll. The place comes to life with final months of the south west monsoon season, during the period of May to November. Manta Point is truly the best place to be and it takes its name from an island in the vicinity called Lankanfinolhu (meaning: paradise) and the manta cleaning stations that are located here.

What Manta Point Offers

This dive site is a handsome reef with a considerable slope. To know more about the place, it has three cleaning stations where the mantas queue up to use the services of the cleaner fishes living around the place. Diving at Manta point can be a thrilling experience as you might get to hover slightly above and beneath the cleaning station. That rich experience is a treat to the eyes while watching the mantas roam around. Although, it cannot be denied that the Manta Rays are the major elements of attraction but this sight has a numerous and diversified shoal of fishes adding to the variety of aquatic life you see. Once you go around diving into the point, you reach and gain and experience that you will remember for the rest of your life. There you will see a peculiar phenomenon that the reef itself acts as a huge cleaning station. Regular sightings of white tip reef sharks, eagle rays, hump head wrasse, barracuda and hawksbill turtles is a characteristic phenomenon of the place. As said, the richness of the place is immense and that will be more apparent when you peep in the cracks and crevices and find the lobster, moray eels, shrimp, octopus and other beautiful live jewels of the Indian Ocean.

Richness of Nature

The diving point of Manta is a haven for divers who are comfortable with currents and drift diving. If interested, the place also offers diving training courses for you to experience much more than what the commons do. The average depth of the dive is 45 metre whereas the reefs and corals can be found up till the level of 80 metres down the ocean.


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3-4 Hours

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FAQ's of Maldives

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What is the Manta Point?

Manta Point is an excellent and very popular diving site.

How much does diving at the Manta Point cost?

Be prepared to pay anything from USD 150 to 160 for a single diving trip.

What sort of underwater life can I see at Manta Point?

You can see schools of clown fish, Manta Rays, butterfly fishes and many other species.