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With a bold decision, one can make his wishes come to life and relive them again and again. Even if you have visited the States once, there is still something left behind every time you return. The USA has a large archeological area that will let you visit the continental for a long time.

Our USA tour packages provide most of the places covered in a single tour and can be customized as per needs. In America, you can spend your days roaming around careless about the time and record all the memories inside you.

Your USA Trip includes visiting a lot of renowned cities of America including Buffalo, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York City, Orlando, Chicago, San Francisco, and Phoenix. There is nothing that you cannot do in America. Join the nightlife of Las Vegas for a superb time going inside the casinos, clubs, Vegas Strips and much more. Feel the cool breezes hitting your face above the sea level when reaching the Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco.

10 Best USA Tour Packages of 2019

Packages Name Duration Details
A Unique USA Getaway 9 Night/10 Days View Details
Majestic Destinations in the US 9 Night/10 Days View Details
A Fantastic US Getaway 5 Night/6 Days View Details
An Exquisite US Tour 12 Night/13 Days View Details
An Adventurous USA Holiday 8 Night/9 Days View Details
The Perfect USA Trip 16 Night/17 Days View Details
Memorable Trip to The US 13 Night/14 Days View Details
USA Tour with Cruise 13 Night/14 Days View Details
Natural Wonders of the US 6 Night/7 Days View Details
National Parks of the US 12 Night/13 Days View Details


A lifetime experience that will keep you intended to come again and join the expedition. Visit the great Walt Disney land in Orlando and meet your favorite Disney character. Click some pictures with them and feast on the treats around the land. If you have ever heard about the Grand Canyon and you have the desire to reach the red mountainous land, then do visit the Grand Canyon in Las Vegas for a bird view from up above by flying in a Helicopter.

USA Tour from India can be an opportunity for you to avail and discover the best roads and sights of the world including the incredible visit to the Universal Studios and Beverly Hills where you will be able to see the stunt acts and movies shoot of some great Hollywood movies. Also, you will meet your favorite movie characters as well. Don’t miss a chance that is so close to you for your dreams. Visit the great Niagara Falls and the border between Canada and America. This USA Trip Package from India is everything you need and get all the opportunity to see your desirous places.

An enthralling and mesmerizing USA tour awaits for its visitors every day to be followed and performed. Spend your days among the most developed cities around the globe. A magical USA holiday experience, it can be for you if you devote the time in a good manner.
Each and every package will be unique and well-equipped with all the luxuries and services. You can avail them as per your needs. Get your spirits together and bring them to the most amazing series of USA trips. The US has all its charm for anyone to believe if it’s real or not to travel to this destination. Make your dreams come alive.

1. A Unique USA Getaway

Natural view

Discover the best places on this unique USA tour for 10 days. These days will be your companion for the rest of your life. Visit Orlando and New York in this package. Starting by visiting Kennedy Space Center, NASA’s primary launch center, IMAX space films, and US Astronaut Hall of Fame. Also, visit the mesmerizing Disney world of Orlando where you and your family can meet all your favorite Disney characters. Have an exceptional visit to the theme park of Universal Studios of Orlando. See the panoramic views of skyscrapers of Orlando and then travel to New York for another wonderful experience by visiting Time Square, Manhattan Central Park, and much more.

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2. Majestic Destinations in the US

Mickey mouse

Explore the mesmerizing and majestic America from Hyderabad for 10 days USA Vacation Package covering Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and San Francisco. Las Vegas gives you a life that includes clubbing, casinos, and a lot of other lively activities. Get the opportunity to spend a high-quality time in Universal Studios and the Magic Kingdom where you can experience viewing live theaters, seeing many Disney characters walking around, and meeting some Hollywood stars if you get lucky. Alive yourself by visiting Marine Life Park in Los Angeles, where you can enjoy various water rides and activities along with having an experience of watching live Marine life. Las Vegas will let you have a grand view of the city through Grand Canyon Air Tour. Enjoy visiting Chinese theatre, Beverly Hills, Sunset Strips, and big skyscrapers as well.

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3. A Fantastic US Getaway

city view

Thrill yourself with the outstanding 6 days USA trip to Los Angeles. Find your way through the green palm trees around the roads. The magical world of Hollywood. In Los Angeles, there is a lot you can visit and enjoy like Beverly Hills where you can see the great and big houses of famous movie stars. Visit Universal Studios where you will find all the renowned spots seen in the movies and the live stunts that are so natural in the movies. Feast upon the enthralling sights inside the studios. Move forward to visit the walk of fame, Anaheim Disneyland, Dolby Theatre, and much more. Afterward, visit the Catalina Island for an exotic experience and then towards the Disney Resort and experience all the lavishing luxuries on your own expenses.

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4. An Exquisite US Tour

old bridge

Discover the exquisite parts of America from Chennai for 13 days on a fantastic USA Trip from India. Visit Caesar’s Palace, Bellagio, Casino Resort, Vegas Strip, Downtown, and other famous places of Las Vegas. Don’t forget to visit the Grand Canyon for a thrilling adventurous experience and fulfill your hiking and climbing adventures. Then, travel to the exotic city of San Francisco and wander around the islands of the city and the world famous bridges including Golden Gate Bridge and Deco Suspension Bridge. Also, discover some modern landmarks of the city like Civic Center, Union Square, Castro District, White House, and many more. Take a tour to National Mall and National Air and Space Museum. In New York, you can see Madame Tussauds Wax Museum and many other famed places.

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5. An Adventurous USA Holiday


Munch on a USA Holiday Package from Mumbai for 9 days. The expedition will let you visit the most inspiring cities of the USA like San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas. Experience the life of Las Vegas including the Grand Canyon Air Tour having a bird’s eye view of the Canyon, Ethel M Factory, Las Vegas Strip, and much more. Afterward, continue the tour by traveling to San Francisco and feast on the astonishing views of Golden Gate and Deco Suspension Bridges as well as avail the opportunity of a 3 hour guided tour of the city. The next stop will be Los Angeles which is a place known for Hollywood and their stars.

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6. The Perfect USA Trip

Bridge view

Be a part of the 17 days expedition to America from Delhi. The US Vacation Package will cover the cities including New York, Washington DC, Buffalo, Orlando, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and San Francisco. Get a comfy double-decker bus tour of New York. Visit Madame Tussauds, Times Square, Manhattan, and many more. Later on, move to explore the breakthroughs of Washington DC including the White House. Spend your finest time in Walt Disney Magical Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and Epcot Center. Moving on with the tour and visit Universal Studios and Beverly Hills in Los Angeles and experience the Grand Canyon eagle eye view in Las Vegas. Also, get the opportunity to see the famed Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco including other great places in the city.

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7. Memorable Trip to The US


Join the wonderful 13 days USA tour from Bangalore which will cover New York, Buffalo, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Washington DC, and San Francisco. New York gives the greatest exposure to its visitors. Next, travel to Buffalo for a mesmerizing experience of being on the border of Canada and America. Continue the voyage by heading to a sleepless city of Las Vegas for a luxurious nightlife experience. Moreover, make your next stop to the capital city of America for a formal tour to White House and Pentagon. In the end, enjoy the breathtaking views from the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

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8. USA Tour with Cruise

beautiful view

Take time off your work and busy life and travel with the USA Tour Package for 14 days from India. Explore the beautiful and marvelous parts of America including New York, Washington, Niagara, Chicago, Orlando, and the Bahamas. Visit Manhattan Central Park, 9/11 Memorial, Statue of Liberty, Times Square in New York. Make your move towards Washington for a short tour and visit Lincoln Memorial, Smithsonian Air Museum, and White House. Visit the Hershey’s chocolate world. Have a tour of the Great Niagara Falls and then move to Chicago for a wonderful visit. Experience the exciting visit to Kennedy Space Center and the Magic Kingdom in Orlando. Also, visit Epcot Disney world. Next, move to the Bahamas for a wanderlust cruise ride towards CocoCay Island leading to Nassau and Canaveral for a tropical and exotic visit.

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9. Natural Wonders of the US – The Perfect Itinerary


Join the 7 days US Vacation Package. The tour includes Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. In Los Angeles, visit the original Universal Studios and Beverly Hills. Also, get a chance to see Hollywood sign from so close and a lot of other things in the city. Make your nights available for the fun and excitement when traveling to Las Vegas. A world of all the fun that wakes the world all night and never let them sleep. Experience the Grand Canyon West Rim Bus tour for all time sake. Next, take a lead to San Francisco which is famous for its bridges and Fisherman’s Wharf. Experience the boat cruise on the Golden Gate Bay. Also, you will be able to have a thorough city tour on the double-decker bus.

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10. National Parks of the US

city view

Book the 13 days USA Trip Package. Rapid City, Gillette, West Yellowstone, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and San Francisco are the covering cities of the tour. Starting by Rapid City which is mainly famous for the sculptures of its 42 presidents. Moving towards the Mount Rushmore for a thrilling experience then towards the Yellowstone National Park where you will find Lush spots, Yellowstone Canyon, hot springs, Grand Prismatic Spring, gushing geysers, Mud Volcano, and much more. Move towards Phoenix and visit the multi-city metropolitan area that is famed as the Valley of the Sun, Grand Ruins National Monument, and a lot more. Proceed to Las Vegas for its nightlife by going to the Strips and Downtown. Then, proceed to Los Angeles for a magical experience of Hollywood and the Universal Studios and meet your favorite stars there. In the end, visit San Francisco and behold for the views of Golden Gate Bridge.

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You are provided with so many diverse options for USA holiday trip from India that will allow you to choose any one of them and feast the voyage according to the plans. We have offered every single package according to the needs and demands of visitors based on the outcomes of formerly performed tours. Many of our former clients have requested to add features and made changes in the packages, so we made them more advanced and feasible Vacations in the US for the next term.

Out of many other places, the USA is a place with a large area that cannot be covered with one tour so we have made a series of packages that will let you select the best one that suits you. The prices and the amount of the USA Travel Packages are fair so that you won’t feel any burden. The best that we can offer is already has been offered. Make your mind and select the best USA trip package for you and your family. Along with some other packages, we have also created some family packages as well.

Family packages are desirable for the people who need places to travel to like Disney World, Sea World, Theme Parks, Universal Studios, Disney Resorts, and all the places that they can enjoy together. So, make your plans and book the finest USA Tour Package that is perfect for you. We have made it so much convenient for you to select and book by reading the details of the packages.

Frequently Asked Questions About USA Tour Packages

What is the best place to go shopping in Los Angeles?

There is a lot of options like shopping hubs, Beverly Hills, Abbot Kinney, 4th Street, L.A Fashion District, and some others.

Do we get the liberty to fly in a Helicopter included in the package?

You can easily find and hire a helicopter for a wonderful ride, but the cost is not included in the package amount.

Can we customize the tours as per our needs?

Yes, it is possible, you just have to arrange a meeting with your agent and let him know about your needs and changes.

What else can we do in the Grand Canyon?

Besides the bird’s eye view, you can do biking, hiking, Rim Walk, Rock Climbing, and much more.

How to find the best and affordable restaurants in New York?

You can find the restaurants on Google maps and also, you can ask your guide for the best and suitable restaurants in New York.

What is the validity of a US tourist Visa?

The normal tourist visa is valid for 3 months and the B-2 type visa is valid for 6 months.

When should we travel to the USA?

From May to June are the perfect months for a visit to the USA. The weather is pleasant and the cities are less crowded.

Do we have the availability of medical emergency on this tour?

You can receive immediate medical attention, but you will have to bear all the expenses yourself.

Is it safe to be at the border of Canada and America?

Yes, it’s completely safe for us to be there with a valid visa and required permit papers.

Do we receive travel insurance on this package?

No, we don’t offer any insurance included in this package. But if you need one, then you can ask your travel agent.

What quality do we get for the residence?

Every accommodation will be different for every different package. You can ask these details from your travel agent.

How to hire cabs and private vehicles for personal use?

It’s very easy to hire a cab. You can download the cab-hailing app or you can search for the rent a car service provider on Google.

What if we wake up late any day?

Time punctuality is very important because it will affect the tour and will delay the plans.

Would we have to travel separately or along with all the tour members?

You can travel either way. It all depends on you completely.

Can pregnant women travel easily to the USA?

We don’t recommend pregnant women to travel this long because of the medical conditions and complications.

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