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Essential Information About Thekkady

Explore the best of this little slice of paradise as recommended by our travelers
Tourism In Thekkady

Rated 4.1/5 (based on 7450 reviews)

Quick Information

Current weather:

Best time to visit:

Nov - Jul



Ideal Duration:

2 - 3 Days

Honeymoon Road Trip Ideal for families

Thekkady Tourist Information

Here's some important information as recommended by Lakhs of our travelers

Tourists visiting the area require certain Thekkady tourist information to help them optimize their holiday as best they can. Being an area close to nature and fairly far from the urbanized areas of the state, it is a little different to what most tourists are used to. Keeping that in mind and considering the important questions like where to eat and where to stay, these are some of the relevant facts about Thekkady.

Stay in Thekkady:

The places to visit in Thekkady are a little far away from one another and dispersed around the countryside, thus figuring out where to stay is a bit of a tricky proposition for the average traveller. Tourist maps of Thekkady are available online to help you decide where to stay. A large portion of where to stay depends on what the tourists are looking for from their visit.

If you want to visit the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, staying close to it is ideal. Also, it is important to knowwhether you want a luxurious resort or something more homely. Luxury resorts and homestays are both available in this tourist oriented area. Thekkady tourist maps are also available and can be procured at some resorts with good tips and knowledge from the locals to be obtained as well.

Food in Thekkady:

Influenced by both the states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu, the local food in Thekkady has dishes from both cuisines and sometimes combining the two to create something wonderful. The local cuisine of Kerala is found here, so the beautifully spiced meat and seafood can be found here along with delicious idli, dosas and appam. There is no particular special food of Thekkady with the combination of the two cuisines giving the food here it’s unique taste. Some of the nice restaurants to eat at in Thekkady include the Bamboo Cafe, the Spice Garden Restaurant and the Thekkady cafe.

Weather in Thekkady:

Weather in Thekkady is relatively pleasant throughout the year thanks to the heavy forest cover in the area and the preserved natural environment. In summers, the climate of Thekkady tends to get a little hotter and more humid as well with the temperature reaching 36 degrees, but mornings and evenings still tend to be pleasant during this time. Thekkady is at it’s best during the winters, with the climate being ideal for hikes and treks and such. The temperature stays between 15 to 24 degrees, making it ideal. Rainfall in the region is quite heavy but the monsoon has it’s own romantic charm in this area.

Local Customs in Thekkady:

The local language of Thekkady is Malayalam which is spoken through the entire state. However, the literacy in Kerala is quite high and Thekkady being a tourist destination, the locals mostly do understand English as well. There are a number of small festivals celebrated in Thekkady during the winters with the Sabarimala Temple Festival and the Thaipusam festival being two of them. The most famous of the festivals of Thekkady is the Chithra Purnami celebrations which take place in the summer and is the only time that the Mangaladevi temple is open to devotees.


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FAQ's of Thekkady

Read on to find out why our customers love us!

Ideally, how long should someone stay in Thekkady?

The ideal amount of time spent in Thekkady would depend on the traveller's reason for going there. While there are quite a few places around that are not to be missed to see the true beauty of the place, one can ideally see most of them in 3 or 4 days. However, as the biggest attraction is Periyar National Park, anyone visiting Thekkady to spend a few days observing the animals could do with staying a week and seeing some of the other nearby attractions as well.

What should someone pack when going to Thekkady?

In terms of clothes, muted colours like green, brown, grey are recommended as the national park is a main attraction. The clothes should ideally also be comfortable and easy to walk around in. Since the other attractions around Thekkady are nature oriented as well, it makes packing the essentials of mosquito repellent, flashlight and good shoes necessary as well.

How much do elephant rides cost in Thekkady?

In Thekkady the cost of a one and a half hour ride from the Elephant Junction is roughly Rs. 1300. 

Is it better to visit Thekkady with friends or family?

Thekkady is a place that you would visit to be close to nature and as such, it is a peaceful and luxurious experience. A visit with family is ideal and it is an excellent place to spend some down-time with the family and relax. Of course, if you have friends that share a common interest with you, for example, wildlife/nature photography, then it is a great place to visit with them as well.

What safari is available in Thekkady?

There is boating, border hiking, Bamboo rafting and Jungle safari to Gavi. The safari includes trekking, pedal boating, visit to cardamon plantations as well as the museum.