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Things To Do In Thekkady

Explore the best of this little slice of paradise as recommended by our travelers
Tourism In Thekkady

Rated 4.1/5 (based on 7600 reviews)

Quick Information

Current weather:

Best time to visit:

Nov - Jul



Ideal Duration:

2 - 3 Days

Honeymoon Road Trip Ideal for families

Top Things To Do In Thekkady

Your list of the best things to do, compiled on the basis of actual traveler experiences

There are a number of things to do in Thekkady for visitors and travellers. There is a focus on nature related activities as most of the tourist places in Thekkady are related to nature in one way or another. From the various kinds of safaris that can be embarked upon through the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary to the treks and nature walks across the spice plantations, Thekkady offers a catalog of activities for nature lovers. For those seeking adventure, there are a couple of activities in Thekkady for them as well.

Again, the main attraction being the Periyar Tiger Reserve, a lot of the things to do in Thekkady revolve around it. There are different safaris and walks that travellers can go on to view the various animals in their natural habitats. Options like the regular jeep safari through the forest and elephant safaris are available to see the reserve. The Periyar Tiger Trail is a trail running through the forest and visitors can get a package and trek on this trail. It can be for 2 or 3 days and there is an escort of local guides and guards for the same. It is as ideal as an activity gets in Thekkady with trekkers exposed to the various species of flora and fauna that are found and preserved here. It should be noted that this is recommended only for people between the age of 15-65 only as it can get strenuous.

For the more adventurous kind, there is an opportunity to go bamboo rafting in Thekkady. This is an all day activity with rafting taking place in some of the forest’s most dense areas. For those who enjoy bird watching and bird photography, the bamboo rafting is a must do as well, with this being the best way to get good pictures of birds and smaller mammals like the Nilgiri Langur and the giant flying squirrel. Another one of the adventure activities in Thekkady is going boating in Periyar lake. Much like the bamboo rafting, this too provides an excellent view of the verdant forests and hills around.


Adventurous bamboo rafting in Periyar River
View Details

Bamboo Rafting In Thekkady


Periyar Tiger Reserve, Idukki and Pathanamthitta Districts...

Thekkady or Periyar, as it is sometimes known, is famous for its backwaters. And bamboo rafting in Thekkady is one activity that lets you witness the beauty of backwaters at its best!

This activity...

Bamboo Rafting Backwaters Nature Adventure Ideal for friends Ideal for couples Ideal for families
Treat your wild side with a jeep safari
View Details

Jeep Safari In Thekkady

Jeep safari in Thekkady through the rocky terrains is a thrilling experience. It is a must do for those in love with adrenaline rush. It is a very popular activity in Thekkady, and tourists and nature lovers always opt for this. The safari covers the dense and lush forests, waterfalls, spice plantations and the rich green v...

Jeep Safari Nature Wildlife
Enjoy wandering into the wild, looking for the elusive tiger
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Periyar Tiger Trail In Thekkady

The Periyar Tiger Reserve in Thekkady is one of the biggest and most well maintained wildlife reserves in India. The Reserve is full of picturesque scenery. You are not required to pay any entry fee here. The Periyar Tiger Trail is an exciting project started by the forest department. It gives all the thrill-seeking indiv...

Periyar Tiger Reserve Wildlife Nature Adventure
Feel the joy of an Elephant Ride in Thekkady
View Details

Elephant Ride In Thekkady

Elephant ride in Thekkady is one of the most popular activity for tourists in the city. A Thekkady elephant ride offers a chance to enjoy a breathtaking view of the tea and cardamom plantations to tourists. While on an elephant, you can access the otherwise inaccessible areas of the Periyar National Park, due to the rough t...

Elephant rides Nature Wildlife Adventure

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FAQ's of Thekkady

Read on to find out why our customers love us!

Ideally, how long should someone stay in Thekkady?

The ideal amount of time spent in Thekkady would depend on the traveller's reason for going there. While there are quite a few places around that are not to be missed to see the true beauty of the place, one can ideally see most of them in 3 or 4 days. However, as the biggest attraction is Periyar National Park, anyone visiting Thekkady to spend a few days observing the animals could do with staying a week and seeing some of the other nearby attractions as well.

What should someone pack when going to Thekkady?

In terms of clothes, muted colours like green, brown, grey are recommended as the national park is a main attraction. The clothes should ideally also be comfortable and easy to walk around in. Since the other attractions around Thekkady are nature oriented as well, it makes packing the essentials of mosquito repellent, flashlight and good shoes necessary as well.

How much do elephant rides cost in Thekkady?

In Thekkady the cost of a one and a half hour ride from the Elephant Junction is roughly Rs. 1300. 

Is it better to visit Thekkady with friends or family?

Thekkady is a place that you would visit to be close to nature and as such, it is a peaceful and luxurious experience. A visit with family is ideal and it is an excellent place to spend some down-time with the family and relax. Of course, if you have friends that share a common interest with you, for example, wildlife/nature photography, then it is a great place to visit with them as well.

What safari is available in Thekkady?

There is boating, border hiking, Bamboo rafting and Jungle safari to Gavi. The safari includes trekking, pedal boating, visit to cardamon plantations as well as the museum.

Best Things to do in Thekkady

Outside the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, there are a few other things to do in Thekkady as well. Going on a tour of the spice plantations is one of them. Thekkady is famous for various spice plantations, most notably, cardamom. These tours allow the traveller to observe the workers in the plantations at work while enjoying the beautiful scent of spices in the air and the relaxed state of mind that comes from being around nature. Furthermore, buying spices at the local spice markets is one of the best things to do in Thekkady. Hiking and trekking through the beautiful area around Chellarkovil with green hills and waterfalls is another enjoyable activity. The art form of Kathakali and the martial art of Kalarippayattu are both still alive in Thekkady and can be witnessed here. Among other things, this is a basic list of the top things to do in Thekkady.