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Chennai Honeymoon Packages

Honeymoon in Chennai: rated 4.2/5 (based on 81 reviews) | Packages starting from ₹19,458/-

Crystal clear waters, clean beaches, scenic view and amazing cuisine: this is Chennai for you. Chennai, the capital of the Southern State Tamil Nadu, is one of the best places to visit in the country. The city brims with culture, beauty and art, and is the educational capital of the state. Owing to its historical roots, the city has a host of temples and beautiful monuments for you to view and visit. Find your Chennai honeymoon package and make the most of your honeymoon in Chennai.

What’s all the fuss about Chennai?

Chennai is mostly known for its famous temples and the clean beaches which attracts visitors from all over the world. The tropical weather makes it suitable for exploring the beautiful city of temples. The capital of Tamil Nadu, Chennai, is eve known for its amazing honeymoon destinations. The Chennai honeymoon packages are made for all those couples who love beaches, sunsets and a peaceful atmosphere. Chennai is known for the scenic views and activities which would keep the couples engaged throughout the honeymoon tour. Spend the tour by exploring the ancient history of the place with your partner beside you. The famous beaches and the wildlife sanctuaries are a must visit while in Chennai. The Chennai honeymoon package consists of all the things which would add love and stronger your bond with your soul mate for sure. The beautiful sunsets from the beaches would bewitch you and would leave you wondering about all the beautiful things. Also make your vacation even more beautiful with the Chennai tour package for couple for once.

What’s special about Chennai honeymoon package?

The Chennai honeymoon package brings you all the things that should be done while in Chennai. There are many places nearby Chennai which are equally beautiful and would give you all the freedom to spend some quality time with your partner. Spend a romantic evening in Puducherry or watch the sunset in the Marina beach; Chennai would never fail to impress you. The beautiful silver baches at Mahabalipuram is the perfect place for a sunbath and a long walk with your beloved. The beautiful silk city Kanchipuram is yet another destination which would enhance your honeymoon. Don’t forget to go for some splendid shopping while in Kanchipuram. Apart from that, the cuisine of Chennai is praiseworthy and should not be missed at any cost. Have the local delicacies from the food stalls which would give you the taste of the actual Chennai. The main perk is that the packages come with customizations. If you are wishing to make your honeymoon evening or the whole vacation even more special, you may ask for the changes to your assigned travel advisor to do so. Enjoy your time with your special one without worrying much about the logistics issues. Chennai unfolds its many colors right in front of your eyes; so experience the charm of the city while you are here.

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Chennai Honeymoon Package For 2 Nights 3 Days

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3 Days & 2 Nights Customizable
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₹ 19,458/-₹ 20,923/-

Per Person on twin sharing

  • Temple
  • Adventure
  • Marina Beach
  • Nature
  • City Tour
  • Religious
  • Romantic
  • landscape

Hotel included in package:


  • Chennai (1D)
  • Mahabalipuram (2D)

South India, the name itself conjures a thousand images, tall coconut trees, unending b....

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    FAQs for Chennai

    Below listed are some of the best Chennai honeymoon packages offered by us:

    Chennai Honeymoon Package For 2 Nights 3 Days

    Yes, the trip would be on road.

    There would be picnics too. Camping in some places are allowed.

    Water activities such as scuba diving, deep sea diving, snorkeling, paragliding, etc are included in the package.

    You can take a flight to Chennai from the nearby airport or even a train from your hometown.

    A trip of 5 night 6 days would be enough to cover all the places in the package.

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    Travelers deal with only the top 10% reviewed agents who are selected after a 23 step rigorous assessment procedure by TravelTriangle.

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    Mayur Goswami


    Mayur's 6 days trip to Andaman

    Had an amazing trip to Andaman with 36 students from a Chennai Senior Secondary School. Thanks to the excellent coordination between Rohit from Chennai and local travel agency Destiny Holidays Tours we had a hassle free trip. Our local tour coordinator from Destiny Holidays Tours Allar had been very helpful and punctual with itinerary.We never had to wait for pickup or drop. His polite and always ready to help attitude made him endearing to all. That's what is important to make any beautiful place a dream destination for visitors


    Abhishek Blade


    Abhishek's 6 days trip to Sri Lanka

    I missed my flight from chennai to colombo due to, your improper connecting flight scheduling, Indigo flight from Delhi to Chennai being delayed and due to reschedule of Indigo flight from 5:55am to 5:40am and by the time I reached the checkin gates were already closed.Due to which I have to book another flight from Chennai to Colombo on Sri lankan Airlines that costed me around Rs. 13794.There is no update from your side that what all are you doing to get my money reimbursed from Indigo because of missed flights as there was no fault of mine for the same and your travel agent told me that they are helpless and you your self need to talk to the Indigo Airlines. Secondly I need a complete distribution of my bills explaining me clearly my flights cost, travel cost, hotels and others which ideally should be done before payment even but I have not received it even after payments and even after my trip


    Kshitij Ansingkar


    Kshitij's 8 days trip to Andaman

    Dreamz yatra was the agency that my family of 3 members chose for this 8D/7N trip to Andaman. The itinerary included Port Blair, Baratang caves, Ross and Smith Islands, Havelock and Neill Islands. The overall experience was good with the itinerary properly planned, the cab drivers present at the correct location at the correct time holding placards and waiting for us. But there were a few issues whose absence would have made this trip just amazing. 1. The hotel at Port Blair was just too small to accommodate 3 people. We raised this issue the moment we entered the room. But our tour operator at Port Blair said there was nothing he could do. Finally with patchy network we had to call the support number who then directed us to the correct authority and we were able to get the hotel changed. I am glad that the hotel was changed but if they had booked a proper hotel initially it would have been better. Plus it looked as if there was no communication between the tour operator and the tour agency which should be there. It is also difficult to call someone in Andaman because of Network issues. 2. The cab driver who took us to Baratang Caves and Diglipur was not very punctual. We were ready at the decided time to leave for Baratang Caves. But the cab and the cab driver was not in sight. We waited for 15 minutes and then called the tour operator. He then sorted out the matter. This was still a small issue. But on the last day we had to catch our flight back to Chennai and again he was not there. We called the tour operator again and after 10 minutes of waiting the driver finally arrived. Thankfully we were able to board the flight but the boarding had already started by the time we finished our security check. We could have as easily missed the flight. It was very unprofessional on the agency's part that the tourists had to wait for the driver. Normally it is the other way around! 3. The driver drove the cab too slow. On our trip to Diglipur there were some patches where the road was good. Even on those roads he drove at a speed of 20-30 km/h with the cab always at 4th gear even when the gradient was uphill. So even after leaving for Port Blair at 3:00 am from Diglipur it was after 5 PM that we reached Port Blair. 4. The condition of the cab to Diglipur was not very good. The windows were not working due to some issue with the power window button. We managed with the Air Conditioning for 3 days and expected that they would get the cab serviced. But no when we returned to Port Blair from Neil Island the condition of the cab was still the same. 5. I had specifically asked the agency to guide me in choosing the best location for Scuba Diving. But I am not sure that they did a good job of it. I am still confused whether I should have dived at Neill Island rather than at Havelock. Apart from these issues the tour was well organised. We covered all the points given in the itinerary and nowhere did we feel that we had to rush. The hotels at Neill and Havelock Islands were good and comfortable. Same goes for the cabs at these islands.


    Pramod Philip John


    Pramod's 5 days trip to Andaman

    We had an amazing trip at Andaman. We planned for a 4 night 5 day trip from Chennai. Andaman Ocean Tourism offered us a very good itinerary at a reasonable rate as well. They were willing to make adjustments and give additional support with Cabs or scooties wherever required at different islands. Not for once did we feel that they let us down. They planned the timings and gave all the necessary documents on time. The ferry timings were perfect enough for us to cover more locations on our own in different islands. The hotels provided were good enough. Things that one must do at the Andamans include * Scuba diving at Bharatpur beach in Neil * Snorkeling at Elephanta Beach * Visit Laxmanpur Beach Natural coral bridge for sunset * Visit Radhanagar beach at Havelock for sunset * Kalapathar beach at Havelock for sunrise & Sitapur beach at Neil for sunrise * Trek to Elephanta Beach at Havelock


    Nara Asimhan V


    Nara's 5 days trip to Andaman

    We have returned to Chennai around 12.30 noon today after visiting Andaman. It was well planned and enjoyable trip. We don't have much problem. Accommodation in all the places were excellent. Stay was quite comfortable. Though food at Islands we're costly we are prepared for that generally. When we are particular about Veg foods we have to look out for Veg. hotel in all the places and we are successful in getting it. My wife joins with in conveying our appreciation to you to effectively communicate with us right from the beginning and I would like to to place it on record to convey our appreciation to u and your organization. After settling down I will be sending few snaps. Thank you in the meantime. V.Narasimhan


    Thanu Iyer


    Thanu's 7 days trip to Singapore

    A nice and memorable trip to Singapore. The Good: 1. Babu from Dream Tour and Travels was very polite and responsive as always 2. We had a fully packed itinerary and enjoyed with family 3. Complimentary Breakfast at Hotel V Lavender was great 4. Overall a good experience with Air Travel + Hotel Accommodation + touring places within Singapore The Areas for Improvement: 1. Matrix Cellular - They reached us through Travel Triangle and got us a SIM. The SIM did NOT work in Singapore airport-and we couldn't contact our Driver. Only later we realized that the Matrix SIM does NOT work on Samsung phones. Luckily we had an alternate phone where it worked. 2. Matrix Cellular once again - The local Singapore number allocated to us belonged to a pool of numbers-that was previously allocated to some other visitor. It so happened that this previous visitor had already registered this Matrix Number against his email id on apps such as GRAB (for TAXI. food etc)-and we weren't able to register ourselves on it. In hindsight, should have probably just enabled international roaming on my regular cellphone provider in India 3.Food-Didn't know where to find Vegetarian Food in Singapore as soon as we landed in the Hotel. Probably Travel Triangle should provide some suggestions as part of their checklist / planner - especially for first time visitors like us 4. The Hotels (V Lavender and Hotel Boss) were just OK. The rooms were extremely small and bathrooms even smaller. In Hotel Boss-we didn't even have a cupboard to keep our clothes. 5. The Breakfast at Hotel Boss was NOT as good as Hotel V Lavender in terms of options for vegetarians 6. NamHO DMC (the cab operator) was decent-but could have been better. Their Indian drivers are great - but the same can't be said about their Chinese/ Malaysian Drivers - one of whom we found especially impolite. 7. On one of the days - Nam Ho driver dropped us at the wrong place - and it took us some time to figure out. We then had to call the driver back to the correct destination (eventually lost a valuable hour) 8. On another day-Nam Ho taxi service was delayed by 40 minutes - Their vehicle broke down unfortunately. Would have expected them to call us and inform about the delay- which they didn't. This is NOTreally a big deal - but I was surprised they didn't even inform as a courtesy - because these guys are very particular about time-and never hesitate to let us know whenever we are delayed by even 10 minutes to the pickup-drop points. So Double Standards I guess !!! 9. Dec is very crowded in Singapore (I thought these crowds exist only in India) - No excuses here - I should have done my homework. More crowd =Longer Waiting Times. We had to miss out on Cloud Forest - because it had a 90 minute waiting time in peak season - and we just got too tired. 10. The larger crowds also meant that we were waiting on much longer queues for rides in Universal Studio. So that meant we didnt cover a large chunk of Universal Studio. I did notice that a premium ticket is available for Universal Studio with much shorter wait times. I think Travel triangle should provide this as an option. I mean we don't make trips to Singapore - so you may as well spend some extra money having travelled all the way there. The problem was - I didn't even know such an option existed until we entered a ride at Universal (which was too late in the game) 11. You want to make sure that you get Travel Insurance from Babu - It just costs a few extra bucks - and you get peace of mind during travel. Now, Babu didn't tell us that they do Travel Insurance until the final week before the trip. If I had known such an option existed earlier when planning the trip - I would have gone for it. I finally did get a Travel Insurance from Matrix - but perhaps I should have gone through Babu so that I deal with a single person for all arrangements. 12. Visa Processing- No major issues here-but since I was in Chennai-I had to coordinate with a different travel agency suggested by Babu. No big deal-but I would have preferred to keep all communication/ coordination with a single person/ entity-instead of having to deal with multiple people 13. The INR 8000 voucher provided by Travel Triangle-I didnt find the offers exciting enough-and ended up NOT using it. Travel triangle should come up with something better. Overall- I feel optimistic about the trip. Don't look at the long list of Areas for Improvement as a Negative. Look at them as opportunities to further improve customer experience.


    Aki Priya


    “This is Akshaya from Chennai. I booked my honeymoon trip via travel triangle. Miss Jothi and Mr.Pulkit were doing a very good job. Mr. Pulkit was very sincere and dedicative towards his work. He called me and assisted me throughout our travel. The hotel which they have booked was too good . They had all the activities inside the hotel which was of free of cost. Overall the experience was too good.”


    Venkat Eswaran

    Venkat's 5 days trip to North East

    It was a family trip was during the Christmas vacation 5D and 4N. There was a 5 hr delay in flight due to bad weather. Hence we had to miss few places in 1st day. So please plan a day extra on your trip. I being from Chennai with very limited exposure to Hindi wanted a guide who can understand English to little bit for a smooth travel. But to a surprise, the guide cum driver was very fluent in English and cooperative too. Though we initially had a fear of travelling to NE due to political turmoil with curfew etc., Ms Maurima of Siang gave hope for my travel. Added Mr. Prince guide cum driver should few items which are not covered in iternary as well. He really made us the trip very memorable. EC hotel at Shillong is okay, 1st day of my stay, they didn't give us towels the room 205 has problems in bathroom door and will not close as it got bloated to moisture. 2nd day at EC hotel was good and they changed the room and it was okay. Had to pay extra for heater. The breakfast spread at EC hotel is really good covers continental, South Indian, North Indian 3 day at cordial hotel at chirapunjee was exceptional, the heater was included in it. The hotel was neater than EC at Shillong. The breakfast spread is very limited but it was good.. 4th day at hotel viswaratna at Guwahati. Wonderful stay. Breakfast spread was very good. Must visit places: laittium canyon, Weisawdong falls & Trek, Nohkalikai falls & trek, zip lining on the way to chirapunjee from Shillong, arwah and Mawsmai cave, Umngot river at Dawki, Bangladesh border checkpost, Mawlynnong village and live root bridge, Krang Suri waterfall. If possible do chirapunjee double decker root bridge 3700 steps. I have to miss due to time constraints. Finally not to forget photo with khasi traditional dress.. At Guwahati Umanada temple, ferry in Brahmaputra, fancy bazaar.. Rest all are okay items.. I thank Ms Maurima and Mr. Prince in making the trip more memorable. Recommend both and I would travel again to see other NE places (Kaziranga and Arunachal Pradesh)


    Yokesh Elangovan


    Yokesh's 5 days trip to Kerala

    Hi , We travel from Chennai to Ernakulam by Train from there Cab we had nice experience we plan 5 days kerala trip . As promised by Mr. Anuj of Be-touristo our Car was waiting in the railwaystation before we reach Ernakulam station. We procced to Munnar which was nice experience there we stay in Hotel Spice jungle which is located in the peace full area while going to the hotel itself a thrill experience but food in this hotel is costly while compare in that place you wont get any other hotels also so we need to go for that only. Hotel complementary break fast is totally worst service and they have only totally 3 items one will be bread, Jam,Butter as one and Dosa with sambar , Chappathi with some curry that also their service is worst if we ask Sugar for Tea also it will take 20 min to supply for them this is the one bad thing I never seen in my life as a complementary break fast. so My request to Anuj not to book this hotel for any other customer anymore. Then I need to say Thekkady hotel we stay is Summit Hamilton which is really nice and so kind and humble staff which is really located in main area where we enjoyed lot like Kathakali, Kalaripatu shows Driver who came for us is MR.Abbas he is so kind and very informative as my Wife had vomit many times so we stopped vehicle fin may places he dint show any hesitation and he was motivating my wife . then Allapeey Boat house it was nice experience for us we had separate boat for us and all of them enjoyed very much . In Cochin we went to Fort cochi and Palace there also Driver gave us different experience by drive the Car in the Ship so we crossed the one side shore to Other side shore by that ship which is a different experience to all .We enjoyed the trip over all I really thank Mr. Anuj of (Be-touristo) and Mr.Abbas (Car driver) who came for the trip.


    Hv Sharma


    Hv's 6 days trip to Tamil Nadu

    It was good experience to visit Chennai and other places. Tirupati Darshan on time

    Places To Visit In Tamil Nadu

    Let the experts guide you to the best of this mesmerizing destination

    View All
    • Ariyaman Beach in Rameshwaram

      Ariyaman Beach also known as Kushi Beach is situated on the side of the Palk Bay in the Ramanathapuram District, Tamil Nadu. The beach extends to a stretch of 2 km, measures around 150 km in width, and is located at a distance of 27 km from the city. This well-maintained beach is a much loved spot for relaxation and enjoyin...

      • Nature
      • Beach Walk
      • Sightseeing
      Read More
    • Dhanushkodi Beach in Rameshwaram

      The Dhanushkodi Beach, is among the most beautiful places in Rameshwaram that command a visit. It is a vast stretch of silvery sand with crystal clear water and age old relics. This beach in Rameshwaram, imparts a glimpse of the mighty Indian Ocean spread out in a vast expanse. Known as Archal Munai by locals, the beach was...

      • Beach Walk
      • Nature
      • Ideal for families
      Read More
    • Dhanushkodi in Rameshwaram

      Tucked at the south eastern tip of Pamban Island, Dhanushkodi is a small town, which is frozen in time since the disastrous cyclone hit it in 1964. It is the land border between Sri Lanka and India. Once a town, teeming with all facilities, Dhanushkodi in Rameshwaram is now just a sandy shoreline with Bay of Bengal on one s...

      • Adventure
      • Sightseeing
      • Nature
      Read More
    • Pamban Bridge in Rameshwaram

      The Pamban Bridge a massive structure over the Indian Ocean and the first sea as well as cantilever bridge constructed in India. Built as a part of South Indian Railway project, this bridge is an engineering marvel and was completed in 1911. The bridge connects Rameswaram on Pamban Island to mainland India.

      With 143 piers...

      • Adventure
      • Sightseeing
      • Family
      Read More
    • Dolphin's Nose in Coonoor

      Dolphin's Nose Coonoor is one of the favourite places in Coonoor for families and honeymooners. Set amidst the rolling hills of the Nilgiris Hills or Blue Mountains of Tamil Nadu, Dolphin’s Nose View Point in Coonoor is a popular natural attraction for tourists. With an altitude of 1,550 metres, this stunning viewpoint in C...

      • Nature
      • Hills
      • Waterfalls
      Read More

    Things To Do In Tamil Nadu

    Your list of the best things to do, compiled on the basis of actual traveler experiences

    View All
    • Camping in Kodaikanal

      Blessed by Mother Nature, Kodaikanal is among the most scenic spots of India. Among many other sightseeing attractions and things to do, camping in Kodaikanal is one of the most preferred activities. it is an experience to treasure amidst dense jungles with exotic flora and fauna and a favorable environment. There are sever...

      • Adventure
      • Nature
      • Hills
      Read More
    • Trekking in Kodaikanal

      Trekking in Kodaikanal is truly a trekker’s delight as the city is blessed by several exquisite locales that offer trekking opportunities to both – beginners and professionals. Also known as Princess of Hill stations, the city’s name in Tamil means ‘Gift of the Forest’. So whether, it is about the Princess of Hill stations ...

      • Hills
      • Adventure
      • Nature
      Read More
    • Scuba Diving in Rameshwaram

      Located in the Pamban Island, the city of Rameshwaram is home to numerous beaches. These beaches form a hub for various adventure sports like snorkeling, kitesurfing, jet skiing, kayaking, and scuba diving in Rameshwaram.

      Even though Rameshwaram is a pilgrim destination known for its holy temples but many travelers who fl...

      • Adventure
      • Watersports
      • Water Activities
      Read More
    • Snorkeling in Rameshwaram

      Adorning the coastline of India, the town of Rameshwaram is not only a pilgrim destination but also a hub for various adventure sports. Home to numerous beaches, the city of Rameshwaram makes a perfect destination for indulging in water sports like Kayaking, jet skiing, stand up board, windsurfing, snorkeling, coral watchin...

      • Adventure
      • Watersports
      • Water Activities
      Read More
    • Nilgiri Mountain Railway Ride in Coonoor

      Featured in several Bollywood films such as Dil Se and Sadma, the Nilgiri Mountain Railway (NMR) is a metre gauge railway in Tamil Nadu. Built under British rule in 1908, Nilgiri Mountain Railway runs up and down a scenic route in the Nilgiri Hills.

      Hop on a train with a lavish interior and enjoy the view, from the window...

      • Nature
      • Unlimited Fun
      • ToyTrain
      Read More

    Chennai’s beauty is marked by its wondrous temples, majestic beaches and a host of wonderful cuisines to taste and relish. Formerly called Madras, the city has a lot to offer to you and to any person who is looking for a vacation. Plan a visit or find a Chennai honeymoon package, marvel at the wondrous temples or relax on the beaches, this city will help you de-stress!

    Tourist attractions that can be covered with these Chennai honeymoon packages.

    There are many places that would be covered in this splendid Chennai honeymoon package. There would be a visit to the East Coast road which is the busiest road of the country also which extends up to Mahabalipuram. The famous artist’s village which the road covers is a must visit. The village would show you the famous works of the artists and the craftsmen in here. The handlooms and the handmade items would leave you in awe that such beautiful things can be crafted with hands. There are certain beaches too which falls on the road. There would also be a trip to the Mahabalipuram temple which would give you peace. The temple was built during the reign of the Indian rulers and the idols in here are worshipped with great devotion. There would also be a trip to the theosophical society which is famous for its libraries and historical importance. You can get access to some of the great literary works in the Adyar library situated here. The famous Besant Nagar beach is also included in the Chennai honeymoon package where you can take a long walk with your partner and have some local delicacies too. If you want to experience the wildlife out here, then the Guindy national park is for you. You would get to experience the beautiful wildlife in the natural habitats. You can even go for bird watching in this beautiful park. There would also be a trip to Dakshinachitra where you can go for craft lessons and learn the various art forms famous in Chennai.

    Other perks of availing a Chennai honeymoon package

    As stated, Chennai is the perfect place to honeymoon at the beaches. The tropical weather and the clean beaches would welcome you on your arrival. The rich culture and the diversity in her would make you believe that India is no doubt one of the most diverse country with rich culture and history connected in here. The Chennai honeymoon package comes with a lot of adventure too. There are many outdoor activities too which you can opt for. Try water sports which is quite famous in here. Go for snorkeling with your partner and watch the beautiful world under the ea. There would also be paragliding, scuba diving and many more. Chennai is a complete package for the couples who love beaches, temples and sports. Chennai would add magic to your bonding and make it even stronger.

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