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Hong Kong Tourism

Get ready to experience sky-high buildings, a legacy of cuisines, and virgin nature
Hong Kong Tourism

Rated 4.1/5 (based on 310 reviews)

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5 - 6 Days



Disneyland Nature Sightseeing

Hong Kong Travel Guide

Hong Kong, with its thriving capital, Central, is the heartthrob of China and a shopping paradise. Hong Kong capital, Central, is known for its swanky malls and luxury hotels. It has spiced up its roots with all sorts of outstanding additions right from the legendary buildings to the historical transportation, all depict the saga of Communist China. The Hong Kong tourism crowns the place as the one-stop destination. From bespoke apparels to malls, all have the diverse flavor to feed your vacation mood.

Places To Visit In Hong Kong:

This Hong Kong travel guide will take you past some of the most popular tourist attractions in the city. Well, let's see what fun the Hong Kong tourism arranges for you all. Here’s a list of some breathtaking places to visit in Hong Kong

1. Hong Kong tourism includes a list of mind-boggling spots that will simply put you in awe. While trailing through the names, the first one that flashes is the Central or the central business district of China. Predominantly it serves all kind of imperative financial work.

2. The Lion Pavilion is regarded as the crown of Hong Kong tourism board  as it offers \ panoramic sight of the city which is a visual treat for the tourists.

3. While visiting Hong Kong, you simply cannot miss out on Victoria Peak, one of the major Hong Kong points of interest for tourists. Victoria peak is a mountain on the Hong Kong island from where one can capture that one perfect shot which would include each and every aspect of this picturesque island.

4. A trip to Hong Kong will always be incomplete without a visit to the much famed Disneyland which has now become a part of every Hong Kong tour package.

Moving to the next category, the Hong Kong travel guide includes Lantau Country Park, the amazing location gives you the insight of the gigantic Buddha sculpture. Now just be prepared to get some memorable clicks at the Hong Kong Geo Park. Altogether you will get to discover interests like Ninepin Island, double haven, Port Island and Sharp Island etc.

Hong Kong and its rich historical sites:

Whether it's Tian tan Buddha, the Wong Tai Sin temple, Che Kung temple or the Yau Ma Tei Tin Hau temple, all exhibits a composed serene ambiance. The tourism in Hong Kong will arrange a peaceful journey through these temples, at the traditional Yau Ma Tei Tin Hau, you will be able to get the view of the God who fortifies the fisherman.

Besides the engineering elegance, the Wong Tai Sin temple is the favorite of the visitors. The Hong Kong tourism plans for a tour to the Che Kung temple, here you will not only feel the blossom of serenity but will also feel exasperated to get the blessing of the martial deity. Apart from all these, the feature that steals the eyeballs is the intertwined Cantonese architecture.

The sight of the magnificent museums:

To get the view of some pronounced museums in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong travel guide begins with the Hong Kong Museum of History; here you will get all explanatory details highlighting the history of Hong Kong. Next, you will be landed up to the maritime museum, where you will get detailed knowledge on the sea trades, information on sharks etc. Thereafter the Hong Kong tourism also heads for the Museum of Coastal defense as well as the discovery heritage center.


How To Reach Hong kong

Read about the best & quickest routes to save time & money, as suggested by our travelers

By Air

There are only 2 airports in Hong Kong. One is the Hong Kong International Airport in Chek Lap Kok. The other one is in Sheh Kong which is the Sheh Kong Airfield. Many flights operate from and to here. The most common flights here...

By Train

Traveling to Hong Kong by train is not currently possible.

By Road

Hong Kong has the best train and bus transport system. The system is very convenient and inexpensive. The train services are very good and cover a large aspect of the city.  The train routes are as follows:-

Disneyland Line: - Fr...

Read more

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FAQ's of Hong kong

Read on to find out why our customers love us!

When is the best time to visit Hong Kong?

The best part about Hong Kong is that it is a year-round destination.

What is the most widely spoken language in Hong Kong?

Although Chinese is the most widely spoken language in Hong Kong, English is also widely spoken. Most information boards and restaurant menus are also available in English.

Is tipping at the restaurants of Hong Kong customary?

It is not customary to tip at the restaurants of Hong Kong, because a 10% service charge is already added to all bills.

What sort of food can I hope to enjoy in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong offers food lovers a chance to enjoy global cuisine. From Michelin star restaurants to street food, Hong Kong offers it all.

Is Hong Kong safe for a visit?

Hong Kong is one of the safest places to visit in the world. The usual precautions of minding your luggage and wallets should be taken.

What to do in Hong Kong in 4 days?

Hiking, shopping, cable car ride, cruise rides, and exploring places like Victoria Peak, Disneyland, Ocean Park, and Ten Thousand Buddhas Temple are some of the best things to do in Hong Kong in 4 days. 

Hong Kong Tour Guide

Hong Kong is an authentic addition to China. It offers you amazing diversity on the same platter. The Hong Kong Tourism focuses on the high-octane culture of Hong Kong that is quite colorful indeed. As you are permitted to eye through a couplet or swing your head to the dragon drumbeat or simply sit for hours and engulf the tranquility in the opera.

Strolling through the streets, you will discover some traditional all-time favorite Chinese ambrosia. The culinary capital won't let you starve and will satiate your gastronomic need with mouthful noodles to steamed rice. Besides that, they also incorporate the other lip-smacking moreish tastes from French to Cantonese. Once your tongue is sated with all these culinary, it is time to say adieu to Hong Kong.