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Museums of Florence

Explore the Museums of Florence
Museums Of Florence

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Museums of Florence

Florence is the city where history lives. The city center is completely covered with historic monuments, palaces and museums. It would not be wrong to call this city itself as a museum because you may find ancient artifacts everywhere being exhibited. Here are the most popular museums one should not miss while visiting Florence.

Bargello Museum

It is one among the first museums of Italy and was established in the year 1865. It is a premier sculpture gallery. The busts and statues, which are exhibited at this museum, are the works of the popular renaissance artists like Giambologna, Verrochio, Donatello and Michelangelo. The 13th century building, which houses the museum, now was the city hall and the prison and then converted to police headquarters.

Museo dell’Opera Del Duomo

It is the museum, which houses so many original works, and blueprints of arts and the architecture related to the Florence’s Duomo complex that has cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, Campanile and Baptistery. The museum displays original statues and carvings from the three buildings that include Lorenzo Ghiberti’s panels for Baptistery doors. It is possible for finding exhibits from Duomo architect Brunelleschi’s plans and the Renaissance era tools, which are meant for building Duomo.

Museo di San Macro

Musuem of the San Macro Monastery features work of Fra Angelico who is the early renaissance painter and the monk. Fra Angelico lived at San Macro, the monastery where his paintings are there for the best-known frescoes on the walls and in the cells. San Macro is the monastery where firebrand monk Savonarola lived. Museum has many of the personal assets of Fra Angelico and the popular portrait painted by the fellow monk Fra Bartolomeo.

La Specola

La Specola or the Musuem for the natural history houses the collection of medici family. One can find this museum near to the Pitti Palace. This museum has 34 zoological themed rooms and 10 rooms, which are meant for exhibiting anatomic waxes.

The Palazzo Vecchio

It is the great symbol of the Florentine civic power and constructed in the end of 13th century. This has gone through many restorations. This museum stands near to Piazza della Signoria and it houses so many frescoed rooms and courtyards that are rich with statues and artworks.

Salvatore Ferragamo Museum

One should visit this museum if the person is passionate about fashion. It is located in Palazzo Spini Feroni. The talent of popular designers are showcased here through gigantic shoe collection, impressive photos, sketches and drawings.

The city of Florence have so many museums, which are themed on various things related with life. Arts and architecture are the major themes that are found in the exhibits of most of the museums.


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FAQ's of Florence

Read on to find out why our customers love us!

Which Florence museums are a must visit?

The Uffizi Gallery, the Galleria dell'Accademia, the Palazzo Vecchio and the Museo Opera del Duomo are must visit museums.

Do all Florence museums require entry tickets?

No, some museums in Florence are free to enter.

How much time would be required to cover the main museums of Florence?

A day would be enough to cover the main museums of Florence.