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About Treasure Hunt in Florence

Explore Florence through Treasure Hunt
Treasure Hunt In Florence

Rated 4.4/5 (based on 10 reviews)

About Treasure Hunt in Florence

Florence has an intimidating look with the historical monuments covering the major area of the city. Many of the monuments in this beautiful place has so many mysteries and secrets tagged with them. The treasure hunt in Florence is an amazing experience for the people who visit here as it gives the experience of being in the past centuries as one explore the places with a task and not as a visitor. It also boosts one’s pace and let them cover maximum places in the short span of the treasure hunt. There are many tours and events organizing agencies that help in gathering it so that it become a great experience for the travelers.

How the Treasure Hunt is Organized?

The treasure hunt is usually organized as an unguided activity for the families and friends to discover the city in an entirely new perspective and have fun. There are people who even use the scavenger hunt as an opportunity to get introduced to new people in this beautiful city of arts and architecture.

The agency that organizes this activity will meet the participants at a place and then explain the rules they have and also provide the participants with the hunt booklet along with the map of the city. The place where to meet gets informed to the ones who book through email. The way they have organized the game also has a secret and mysterious look. Most of the agency who organize the team even choose such places to meet which adds on to the secrecy of the game.

Fun in the Game

The questions in the treasure hunt will be as riddles which needs to be solved to get the idea of the destination the team needs to head to so that they can collect an item from there. Solving the clues and riddles collaboratively as a team is the best way one can enjoy being in Florence. The treasure hunts have always proven as the most entertaining and engaging activity one can choose if they have visited the place with kids. Reaching the different locations in search of some item and clicking the picture at each point are memories that one can cherish for lifetime. The hunt book also might have details on the time limit of the game. Sticking to the time and finishing in the task is a great challenge in a place where the sites are not familiar to the participants. The hunt book has the point at which the participants should meet the organizing team after the stipulated time. It is at this location the activities, task completed are assessed to calculate the points gained.

Treasure hunt in Florence is an experience that helps you know the place deeper. The game can be played with just one team or more and it is a package of fun.


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FAQ's of Florence

Read on to find out why our customers love us!

What is the Florence Treasure Hunt?

The Florence Treasure Hunt is an activity that tourists can go on to look for hidden objects.

Where can I arrange to go on a Florence Treasure Hunt?

It is advisable to talk to the manager of your hotel for arranging a treasure hunt.

How much will the Florence Treasure Hunt cost?

A treasure hunt in Florence will cost anything from INR 2000 to INR 3000.