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Florence Tourism

Seize the opportunity to see an array of the world's best attractions all in one place
Florence Tourism

Rated 4.4/5 (based on 10 reviews)

Quick Information

Current weather:

Best time to visit:

May - Oct


On Arrival

Ideal Duration:

3-4 Days

Historical Sites Sightseeing Nature

Florence Travel Guide

Florence tourism gives you a taste of culture, art, and monuments. It's a great destination both for the young and old. The city is also home to abundant museums and art galleries including the Uffizi Gallery and the Palazzo Pitti. It is an important city as far as Italian fashion goes and is ranked in the top 15 fashion capitals of the world. Other than being a major tourist and industrial focal point, it's also a key Italian economic center.

  • Famous attractions in Florence

Among the most prominent attractions of tourism in Florence, The Galleria Degli Uffizi is the prominent one. It is a museum housing several masterpieces by famed artists including Leonardo da Vinci Uccello, Caravaggio, and Botticelli.

Another popular gallery is the Accademia Gallery that is home to David, an artwork by Michelangelo. It is the most celebrated sculpture the world over. It also has workings of Alessandro Allori, Giambologna, Perugino, Botticelli and Michelangelo again with the unfinished and dominant Prisoners. Other gallerías include Museo Nazionale del Bargello, Museo De San Marco, Basilica di Santa Croce and Corridoio Vasariano Museum.

  • Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore

The Cathedral of Duomo in Italian is a very big Italian church which is very popular with tourists. It holds 20000 people and has beautiful white, green and pink marbles on the outside. Its main attraction is the Brunelleschi's Dome, a work of sheer genius. It has 463 steps to the top and you pay to go up there.

It's the most famous square in Florence tourism and it is a free open-air display of monuments. It has an iconic and important statue of David that is just a replica by Michelangelo.

  • Bell tower

It's decorated in white, pink, and green marble and has 5 levels. It has 414 steps and from the top, you can get a nice shot of the city. Housed inside the tower are sculptures and also 16 life-size replicas of the original statues created by artists including Andrea Pisano and Donatello.

This popular bridge was Florence's first bridge across the Arno River. Others built after The Ponte Vecchio were destroyed in World War II. Atop the bridge, you get a great view of Arno River and you can get ornaments while you are there since their a many vendors selling gold and silver jewels.

Tips on exploring Florence

Florence is a must see city, if you are an art and architecture enthusiasts. But while being there take care of the tips mentioned below: -

  • Avoid going to Florence during the summer; this time is so hot. You would be sweaty and cranky, especially if you are not used to it.

  • Go on a one-day trip to Siena, Pisa, San Gimignano, etc. This is a great way to see all three of these amazing places in one quick trip.

  • Do not miss out on the Tuscan Countryside, there are loads of tour to Tusan. During the tour, stay at the Mullins Di Firenze hotel, this is probably the nicest hotel anyone can experience in Europe.


How To Reach Florence

Read about the best & quickest routes to save time & money, as suggested by our travelers

By Air

Florence has 2 airports near it. One is Florence International Airport which is 4 kms away from the city. The other is Pisa International Airport which is 85 kms away from the city. Pisa is a major airport and has many flights c...

By Train

The express train network of Rome enables one to reach here from different cities via express trains. There are 3 main railway stations in Florence. Firenze SMN is the most famous. Firenze Campo Di is another and Firenze Refried...

By Road

Florence is a compact city. One can best explore the city by walking. The main historic centre here can be walked around from one end to another in 15 minutes maximum.

Bus routes also operate within the city. The network is sepa...

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FAQ's of Florence

Read on to find out why our customers love us!

What is the official language of Florence?

People generally speak Italian in Florence, but most can understand and speak bits of English.

Does Florence have a city card?

The Firenzecard, depending upon which one you buy, offers access to various attractions of the city and local transport.

Is it safe to visit Florence?

It is absolutely safe to visit Florence, but the usual cautionary points apply here as well, such as not trusting strangers with your luggage and taking care of your wallets.

What festivals are celebrated in Florence?

Although there are several festivals celebrated in the city over the year, one of the most important one is the Carnevale that is held in the month of February. It is a representation of the local culture in a creative manner, through dances, shows and floats.

Is there a dress code for visiting the churches and cathedrals of Florence?

Yes, visitors are required to cover their shoulders and legs up to the knees when visiting any religious place in the city.

Florence Tourism Guide

Tourism in Florence is a beautiful blend of free-to-view churches, palaces, museums full of sculptures and paintings. They are truly a sight to behold having been designed, built and decorated by the most renowned artists of the time among them Brunelleschi to Michelangelo. There are numerous places to eat in Florence with all streets having a restaurant, Trattoria or Enoteca.

The weather in Florence is generally good. July and August are warmest while June and September are pleasant. December and January are cool while October, December, March, and April generally have a good amount of rain.