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Gandhipuram is a lively area known for its vibrancy and strategic position which is located in the heart of Coimbatore. It is the focal point of business, transportation and cultural exchange here, motivating it as an attraction to both the local people and tourists alike. The hotels in Gandhipuram are designed with modern comforts and local charm to give visitors a comfortable and convenient stay. In this neighbourhood, each hotel offers affordable lodgings or luxury retreats to its visitors, who can also be ready to experience kind hospitality besides having access to various nearby attractions. For those wishing to explore the vibrant street food scene, shop at local markets or relax after touring throughout the day. Hotels in Gandhipuram constitute an ideal starting point for experiencing Coimbatore’s beauty and dynamism. Discovering Gandhipuram is an opportunity to plunge into South Indian culture’s greatness while enjoying good standards of hospitality.

Best Hotels In Gandhipuram

Explore the types of hotels available in Gandhipuram, offering various experiences to cater to different preferences:

1. Treebo Sam Residency

Luxurious hotel with fantastic interior

Image Credit: Eddie Maloney for Wikimedia Commons

Ideally nestled at the core of Gandhipuram, Treebo Sam Residency Gandhipuram offers contemporary sophistication combined with cutting-edge conveniences. Unwind in spacious rooms adorned with exquisite furnishings; enjoy fine dining at their exclusive restaurant, or pamper yourself with various amenities like a spa or fitness centre. With all guests receiving flawless service, Treebo Sam Residency
Gandhipuram ensures a luxurious stay amid the vibrant streets of Gandhipuram.

Address: 950, 951, Sathy Rd, opposite GP Theater Complex, near Gandhipuram, Gandhipuram, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641012.
Price Range: Rs 5000 per night onwards


  • Luxurious and spacious rooms
  • Fine dining restaurant serving local and international cuisine
  • Spa and wellness centre
  • Fitness facilities
  • Concierge services
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • 24-hour room service
  • Valet parking

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2. FabHotel Jansi Deluxe

A well-decorated dining room of a hotel

Image Credit: Kurt Kaiser for Wikimedia Commons

Located just off the main road inside the quiet residential areas of Gandhipuram, FabHotel Jansi Deluxe
Gandhipuram provides an escape from the noisy city centre. Guests can relax comfortably in furnished rooms equipped with modern amenities offering vistas of cityscapes through private balconies. Guests will find room services, Wi-Fi, and a helpful staff member who aims to ensure that they have a home away from home. FabHotel Jansi Deluxe Gandhipuram offers peace amid Gandhipuram’s animated environment.

Address: D.No.201, 5th Street, Cross Cut Road, Gandhipuram, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, 641012
Price Range: Rs 3000 per night onwards


  • Comfortable rooms with city views
  • En-suite bathrooms
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Room service
  • Laundry facilities

3. Townhouse 1123 Four-Season

A king-size bed in a hotel room

Image Credit: Kurt Kaiser for Wikimedia Commons

Townhouse 1123 Four Season enjoys a prime location close to the Gandhipuram bus stand. It hosts clean and cozy rooms affording simple pleasures essential for stayovers. The premises also offer the guests opportunities to taste local cuisines in their restaurant and make it easy for them to move around the place through transport availability. Either way, whether travelling for business or leisure, Townhouse 1123 Four Season brings comfort to you at the heart of Gandhipuram.

Address: 1051-1054, 5th Street, Ponnay Street, Gandhipuram, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, 641012.
Price Range: Rs 3000 per night onwards


  • Clean and comfortable rooms
  • Attached bathrooms
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • In-house restaurant serving Indian meals
  • Television in rooms
  • Room service

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4. Venkateswara Residency

A decorated hotel room

Image Credit: JIP for Wikimedia Commons

Venkateswara Residency guest house in Gandhipuram is a convenient and budget place to stay. Here, one can experience a homely atmosphere, authentic local hospitality and traditions in an intimate setting. It provides the visitors with opportunities to connect with locals personally and understand their culture. It is a budget-friendly hotel that does not compromise on comfort in Gandhipuram making it an excellent choice that is value for money. Those who do not want to spend too much but still want a basic accommodation can certainly find solace at Venkateswara Residency.

Address: No.353-354/1-Z, 6th street, Gandhipuram, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641012.

Price Range: Rs 2500 per night onwards


  • Cosy and well-furnished rooms
  • Home-cooked meals showcasing local flavours
  • Cultural activities and interactions with hosts
  • Insightful sessions on local traditions
  • Tranquil surroundings away from the city hustle

5. Fabhotel Prime Royal Castle

Located near Coimbatore Railway Station, FabHotel Prime Royal Castles is a budget hote

Image Credit:Facebook

Located near Coimbatore Railway Station, FabHotel Prime Royal Castles is a budget hotel, suitable for solo travellers, family travellers and business travellers. The rooms are neat and clean and are equipped with necessary modern amenities, such as double bed, wardrobe, bed-side drawers, packaged water, daily housekeeping, wake up calls, on-demand laundry service and more. The attached bathrooms come with all the necessary toiletries. You can enjoy complimentary wi-fi in the hotel to stream your favourite OTT shows or to stay connected with family or work. The hotel offers a 24-hour front desk to its guests. There is self or valet car parking service available as well. There is complimentary breakfast available with your stay. You can pay at the hotel either in cash or through debit or credit cards.

Address: No. 145, 7th St Ext, 7th St Extension, Gandhipuram, Coimbatore
Price range: Rs 2200 per night onwards

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Practical Tips And Recommendations

Gandhipuram can be challenging but with the right preparation, can be made easy

Image Credit: Sodabottle for Wikimedia Commons

In order to cater for every guest’s financial capability and tastes, Gandhipuram boasts numerous choices of residence which range from extravagant hotels with modern amenities to inexpensive resident lodges or houses. Many roads link different parts of Gandhipuram together, making transportation within its area much easier. This means that moving around this tourist destination is quite easy because it has very reliable public means such as buses besides auto-rickshaws or taxis (local). The best period to visit Gandhipuram is winter beginning from November and lasting up to February when the climate is pleasant and good for outdoor sightseeing. The monsoon season from June to September should be avoided because of heavy rainfall.

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The exploration of Gandhipuram, the bustling heart of Coimbatore, opens up a tapestry of experiences where modernity merges with tradition. Choosing luxurious hotels In Gandhipuram, such as The Grand Crest, for pampering experiences will ensure comfort, whereas staying at medium-range hotels like Hotel Greenview would be more beneficial. Alternatively, one can select Hotel Comfort Inn, which is cheap but cosy enough. Plan a trip to Coimbatore and explore from calm parks and ancient forts to teeming markets and bright shrines; something every traveller can get interested in while visiting this city – a cultural jewel of South India.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Hotels In Gandhipuram

What are the major attractions of Gandhipuram?

Gandhipuram Fort, Gandhi Park, VOC Park and Zoo are some major attractions of Gandhipuram.

What types of hotels are available in Gandhipuram?

Gandhipuram offers a range of accommodations including luxury hotels like The Grand Crest, mid-range options such as Hotel Greenview, budget-friendly hotels like Hotel Comfort Inn and guest houses for a more local experience.

When is the best time to visit Gandhipuram?

The best time to visit Gandhipuram is during the winter months (November to February).

How can I get around Gandhipuram?

Gandhipuram has local buses, auto-rickshaws and taxis; visitors may use these modes to visit any number of Gandhipuram tourist attractions at their own leisure.

What amenities can I expect at hotels in Gandhipuram?

Options like fancy spas and restaurants as well as free Wi-Fi services coupled with room attendants provided by budget hostels are typical offers made by hotels throughout various categories in Gandhipuram for quality stay.

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