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Thiruvalla, a healthy town in central Kerala has plenty of unveiled natural beauty, archaeological importance, tourist spots, and commercial significance apart from its antiquity. In case one is going for a holy tour, for business purposes, or even for a vacation, you should always select the right type of accommodation that will ensure that your journey is made even more interesting. It is quite easy for every single individual who is travelling, to find various luxurious or cheap hotels in Thiruvalla along with adequate conveniences and comfort and, of course, the local traditions and delicious food.

Significance Of Thiruvalla

Shree Vallabha Temple, Kerala

Image Credit: Ssriram mt for Wikipedia

Fondly nicknamed ‘The Place of Temples’, Thiruvalla is well known for the number of temples that exist and the number of religious ceremonials and festivals celebrated, which attracts the maximum number of devotees and tourists. The Sree Vallabha Temple of Krishna is the most important architectural structure of Sundargarh and is both, a religious as well as a social entity, used for worship and also for cultural activities to be held for the people. Not only is Thiruvalla a rapidly developing business city, but, it possesses modern highways, and huge markets, and it is alive and lively. Mainly, its economic importance is because of its close proximal contact with the Thiruvananthapuram Kochi Highway, which joins major cities. There are medical and educational facilities available too in Thiruvalla, along with cultural events; thus Thiruvalla is a balanced tourist attraction, which captures the old and the new Kerala.

Thiruvalla has inherent resources such as scenic beauty, religious sites, and historical importance which keep on attracting tourists to the destination. Thiruvalla is one of the most sought pilgrimage centres of Hindu temples established in the southern state of India known as, Kerala. Another famous tourist attraction is the Sree Vallabha Temple for Lord Krishna and everyone around the world comes to the holy shrine for its religious events and yummy food.

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Why Visit Thiruvalla

Kottayam, Kerala

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In Thiruvalla, friendly faces are available to welcome the travellers, and the location provided adds beauty to the area. Leisure and comfort are readily available to the inhabitants since the town is situated in one of the most beautiful regions with nice terrains and rich vegetation. As a tourism destination, Thiruvalla is a must-see because nowhere else can one get a touch of real countryside with its charming villages and backwaters.

It has easy access to roads and transport to the neighbouring places thus promoting tourism. Every traveller in Thiruvalla is sure to find what he seeks: be it a newfound religion, an experience of culture like never before or just a much-awaited vacation in the middle of nature, which can be enjoyed at large.

Top Hotels Near Thiruvalla

From Hotel Ambadi to Hotel Indraprastha, here is a complete list of amazing hotels near Thiruvalla that are sure to make your trip even more memorable.

1. Hotel Ambadi

Kathakali artists performing in Thiruvalla, Kerala.

Image Credit: Hotel Ambadi for Facebook

This hotel is situated in a quiet area, hence it is a perfect shelter for those people who would like to stay away from noise and haste. It is most suitable for a comfortable and relaxed stay in Thiruvalla with clean and comfortable staying rooms, varieties of sumptuous meals in different restaurants and good services.

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2. KTDC Nandanam

Celebration of a festival in Thiruvalla

Image Credit: KTDC HOTEL Nandanam for Facebook

Most of the prominent tourism facilities are easily accessible as the hotel is located in the heart of Thiruvalla town. Customers may choose from a variety of options for comfortable rooms that this hotel has to offer. There are some restaurants located on the roof, offering great views of the city along with friendly staff.

3. Hotel Bliss

Pumba boat race in Thiruvalla Hotels Near Thiruvalla

Image Credit: The Bliss Hotel for Facebook

Featuring hospitable rooms, business people and tourists have expressed their satisfaction with their stay at Hotel Bliss. Thiruvalla’s Hotel Bliss offers its guests neat and polite employees, international cuisines, and ample spacious apartment-like accommodations.

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4. Club 7 Hotel

Thiruvalla during monsoon Hotels Near Thiruvalla

Image Credit: Club 7 Hotel, Thiruvalla for Facebook

This hotel is particularly famous for its location; all aspects of the Club 7 Hotel, right from the interior quality to the fixtures to the design, everything from top to bottom is modern. There are various categories of meals served, a blue-tinted outdoor swimming pool, exercise facilities, and luxurious rooms, which ensure that visitors get the best services during their stay.

5. The Hotel Hills Park

Mesmerising picture of the mountains in Kerala Hotels Near Thiruvalla

Image Credit: The Hills Hotel for Facebook

This lodge has the added benefit of being located just a few steps away from the expansive forest; providing a perfect place to have a relaxing vacation. This makes this particular hotel the perfect place to adventure and vane especially if you have an interest in the natural world and peace.

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6. Krishna Inn

Beautiful aerial view of a river in Kerala

Image Credit: Krishna Inn , Hotel for Facebook

Tourists are provided with pleasing facilities and comfortable accommodations in Krishna Inn. It means that the travellers can greatly enjoy Thiruvalla with more facilities, comfort and cordiality of the hotel without any inconvenience.

7. Hotel Surya

Snake-boarding in Kerala Hotels Near Thiruvalla

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Due to the location, tourists will find it suitable especially if they are travelling on a tight budget as the Hotel Surya will offer comfort to those visiting Dharamsala without having to compromise on quality. This hotel is equipped with clean and comfy rooms, situated in the heart of Thiruvalla, staffed with friendly personnel that’s why it is considered to be the favourite hotel among the guests.

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8. BTH Sarovaram

Elephants from the Western Ghats in Kerala

Image Credit: BTH Sarovaram for Facebook

With beautiful scenery all around, this lodge is ideal for those who prefer to stay amid a few people and low chaos during their vacation. It has big proper houses, room service, and areas of peacefulness, thus suitable for individuals and families who need to find a place to relax.

9. Hotel Wetzlar

Thrissur Puram being celebrated in Kerala Hotels Near Thiruvalla

Image Credit: Wetzlar Resorts and Hotels for Facebook

When it comes to comfort and discreet service, Hotel Wetzlar offers several amenities for tourists to select from, and is relatively more sophisticated than in many hotels. Most guests choose this stay because of the comfortable beds, good food from the restaurant on site, and the peaceful location.

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10. Hotel Indraprastha

This is one of the best Hotels Near Thiruvalla

Image Credit: Hotel Indraprastha Kottayam for Facebook

This is a friendly hotel that gives the guests the possibility to feel like they are at home because the food and accommodations that they provide are rather homelike. The hotel provides quality rooms, good services, and favourable locations which makes this hotel suitable for tourists or business travellers, travelling around Thiruvalla. Thus, it is one of the best hotels near Thiruvalla for a budget-friendly hotel.

Tips To Keep In Mind While Looking For A Stay Near Thiruvalla

Royal Bengal Tiger in Kerala forest

Image Credit: Challiyan for Wikimedia Commons

  • When looking for more information, one should search for opinions and reviews of people who have visited the particular facility.
  • When it comes to the hotel’s accommodation features, one might need to consider the parking space available, restaurants in the hotel, and Wi-Fi.
  • It is also essential to analyze the set rates and promotions done by these local hotels.
  • If you are going for a vacation, it is advised that you select a hotel that has a free breakfast or any other kind of discount.
  • One should always know if the particular hotel is maintained and cleaned well or poorly/maintained poorly and dirty, before booking it.
  • Inquire whether the hotel makes provisions for amenities such as a spa service, a swimming pool, or even a gym, if one is looking for such facilities during their stay.
  • However, travel schedules and hotel cancellation policies have to be compatible.
  • Questions or ideas concerning the hotel should be directed to the hotel manager or the staff present.

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Here are some useful tips and recommended stays for choosing hotels near Thiruvalla and making your trip to Kerala as smooth and perfect as possible, according to your desires and requirements. Do not hesitate to book your stay in this pretty town of Kerala and enjoy your vacation that will be filled with warm, cordial and comforting service.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Hotels Near Thiruvalla

What are the popular well-known hotels around Thiruvalla?

The Hotels and residencies that are located near Thiruvalla are Hotel Bliss, Hotel Ambadi, and KTDC Nandanam are popular among tourists.

What features and services are offered by these hotels?

Some of them include parking spaces, food joints, internet cafés, and other forms of entertainment.

Is it possible to find an average or low-cost lodge in the vicinity of Thiruvalla?

Yes, there are cheap hotels and motels in Guesthouse Suryah and there are cheap hotels in Indraprastha also.

In the vicinity of Thiruvalla, which are the high-end hotels?

The Club 7 Hotel and Grand Hotel Wetzlar are among those hotels, which provide guests with a range of luxuries and are considered to be of high-eng.

How can I make a booking to reserve a room?

The information on the preferred hotels can be obtained on their official website or their booking website, and by contacting them directly via call.

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