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Ubud Art Market Bali is where you eat, admire and shop. This is Bali’s primary art market and has long been a favourite among travellers. In fact, you might be shocked to learn that the Ubud Traditional Art Market is really crowded if you visit around the middle of the day. This place has excellent Balinese handicrafts, superior to those seen in other Southeast Asian art fairs. One of the greatest locations for fantastic art at fair costs is Bali’s creative Central Region. It is the best art market in the area by a wide margin and a crucial shopping destination for domestic and foreign tourists.

Things To Shop At Ubud Art Market Bali

Whether you are interested in buying branded art or local artefacts, the Ubud Art Market Bali will have you covered. This expansive area is full of street shops and vendors that make a living from their daily earnings. So where to begin, you may wonder. Here is our guide on what to buy when here:

1. Clothes

Ubud Art Market Bali is famous for its handmade clothes.

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The expansive area of Ubud Art Market is full of street shops and vendors that make a living out of their daily earnings. You may plan to visit the Ubud Art Market if you need a new outfit or do not bring enough clothes. If you want to get into the proper Bali attire, you will find plenty of inexpensive clothes here.
This market really has everything—dresses, skirts, tops, shorts, the iconic elephant pants, t-shirts, you name it. Most of the clothing at this market is for girls and women, but if you browse a little, you can also discover lots of clothing for men and children. If the first store does not have the colour you are searching for, just visit a few additional stores, and you will almost certainly find it! You will find several businesses offering the same things! So where to begin, you may wonder. Here is our guide on what to buy when here:
Why Shop For This: Good variety and cheap prices
Starting Price: Rs. 150 onward

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2. Jewellery

purchase the handcraft items and bring unique Jewellery of Bali to the home.

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The ideal way to shop at Ubud Traditional Art Market is to look for handicraft items. Jewellery is something that will help you with this choice. Or maybe you are trying to find a little memento to bring home, jewellery shopping at the Ubud Traditional Art Market will suffice.

Numerous vendors offer a variety of silver items, such as necklaces, rings, and bracelets. One will simply adore the minimalistic jewellery at the Ubud Art Market, such as the delicate and simple silver rings. There is something for everyone among the many types of jewellery available. The variety here is endless, from simple earrings to heavy coastal beaded necklaces.

Why Shop For This: Traditional significance, good variety
Starting Price: Rs. 50 onward

3. Bali Handicrafts

A traditional handicraft made with wood and exquisite stone.

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If you are searching for a more traditional memento, take a look at the stunning Balinese handicrafts. The Ubud Art Market has exquisite handcrafted stone and wood carvings, including huge and tiny statues and wooden masks.

In addition to wood and stone carvings, art and craft items can be found at the market. And let us not forget about the exquisite Balinese textiles previously mentioned. A good option here is to look for Ubud Bali Painting. These will serve as a memorable asset to bring home. Various artists are ready to create a Ubud Bali painting with your customised letters or name printed on it.

Why Shop For This: Memento, traditional value
Starting Price: Rs. 250 onward

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4. Homewares

a variety of homewares are available in the Ubud Market at affordable prices

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Ubud Market is ideal for luxury shopping and essentials. Homewares of great value and quality can be found here. Ubud Market is an ideal hub to purchase artisanal, handcrafted trinkets for your travels. Toys, beer openers, macrame dream catchers, bamboo straws, coconut bowls, adorable silverware, toys, and much more are available at fair prices.
Make no mistake, it might be quite overwhelming to choose one from millions of products on display in the Ubud market. Depending on the size and quality, prices might vary significantly, but you should budget between Rs. 250 and Rs. 500. Naturally, the greater your negotiating skills, the better the prices. Some exotic homewares include brass spoons, wooden coasters, pineapple-shaped bowls made of wood, wooden forks and much more.

Why Shop For This: Artistic appeal, wooden items
Starting Price: Rs. 250 onward

5. Sarongs

explore the multiple designs of sarong on your next visit.

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At the Ubud Art Market in Bali, you may also discover exquisite and traditional Balinese sarongs in various designs, like batik and ikat sarongs. From vivid to subdued hues, basic to intricate designs, and some even embellished with golden lines.

Prices for sarongs vary widely. The more basic sarongs are typically found at the lower end, while the more expensive Ikat sarongs are found at the higher end. Make sure that you try bargaining, as there is no fixed price rule here.

Why Shop For This: Cultural appeal, Balinese textiles, memento
Starting Price: Rs. 300 onwards

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6. Handbags

complete your shopping by purchasing the round rattan handbags in Ubud Bali market.

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An all-inclusive travel shopping is incomplete without women buying a couple of handbags. And there are plenty of good reasons to shop for these at Ubud Art Market Bali. Not only do you get cheaper prices, but you also grab iconic designs that represent Balinese culture.

And if you have been wondering if the well-known Bali round rattan bags are also available at this market, you are in for a delight. Nearly every seller at the Ubud Art Market offers these and many more styles. The store carries various bags, whether square, circular, white, black, patterned, or plain plain. There are many different rattan, bamboo and fabric-designed purses in addition to the classic round rattan bags—all of which would make wonderful mementoes for your trip to Bali!

Why Shop For This: Iconic designs, cheap prices
Starting Price: Rs. 300 onward

7. Ikat And Batik

A famous design in bali having attractive colours.

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Bali is well-known for its Ikat and Batik designs, which use wax to imprint negative space patterns on cloth before dying. If you look for these and find them expensive, you can get fair prices at the Ubud Art Market in Bali. In fact, you may find more understated colours and patterns, along with some very pretty prints that would look good in a modern wardrobe.

You can also buy some of the finest souvenirs, such as key rings, figurines, apparel, home goods, and handicrafts. You will love shopping for toys, vividly coloured statues, wall art, and beer openers in every form and size.

Why Shop For This: Mementos, souvenirs
Starting Price: Rs. 30 onward

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The lists above might have just tickled your shopping hormones. It is natural to think and start planning a shopping spree in the magical islands of Bali after realising how worthy it is to travel to Ubud Art Market Bali. It’s better to start planning in advance. Plan your trip to Bali for a memorable vacation with your loved one.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Ubud Art Market Bali

What are Ubud Art Market opening hours?

The Ubud Art Market opening hours are from 10 am to 5 pm. During festivities, these hours may change a bit.

What makes Ubud Art Market famous?

There are many locally produced and sourced goods available in the Ubud Art Market Bali. Beautiful silk scarves, woven baskets, fashionable headgear, breathtaking kites, handwoven bags, paintings, handicrafts in the Balinese style, oil lamps in the Moroccan style, beachwear and much more shop-worthy items are available.

How much time do I need to explore Ubud Art Market Bali?

It is quite impossible to see all of the stores and booths in one day. Therefore, you can return another day to haggle or finalise the transaction if you see anything you are interested in. Usually, a day or two is enough to explore the market.

How is the nightlife of Ubud?

Ubud's nightlife is modern, but it has a cultural element to it as well. Ubud will satisfy your desire for pleasure regardless of your inclinations. You can visit the CP club for drinks and live music, or you can head to the royal palace to see dance performances from Ubud's cultural past.

Why to visit Ubud Art Market during your trip to Bali?

The market is a great place to shop for beautiful silk scarves, airy shirts, statues, kites, caps, baskets and many other handcrafted items. Additionally, it is a great place to experience the culture and local ambience of the area.

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