Adi Kailash, also known as Shiva Kailash or Chota Kailash is a mountain located in the Himalayan mountain range in the Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand, India. It is the second most important peak among the group of five separate peaks in the Himalayas in separate locations collectively known as the Panch Kailash or “Five Kailashas,” with Mount Kailash in first place, Shikhar Kailash (Shrikhand Mahadev Kailash) in third, Kinnaur Kailash in fourth, and Manimahesh Kailash in fifth place in terms of importance. Gauri Kund (Jolingkong Lake) and Parvati Tal glacial lakes are at the base of the Adi Parvat. The revered mountains of Adi Kailash & OM Parvat are located on the Indo-China border in the Pithoragarh District of Uttarakhand. Both peaks bear significant religious importance for devotees of Lord Shiva. The Vyas Valley, where the Adi Kailash & OM Parvat are located, is a verdant and scenic valley with scenic villages like Gunji, Kuti, and Nabhi.

History Of Adi Kailash

The Holy place Adi Kailash

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Adi Kailash Parvat Yatra is regarded as one of Hinduism’s most important pilgrimage locations, and many Hindu devotees worship there. The village Kuti is named after Pandavas’ mother, Kunti. According to the Puranas, this location is significant because it was the primary impediment to Lord Shiva’s marriage with Mata Parvati, which originated in Kailash Parvat Mansarovar. The renowned Adi Kailash or Chota Kailash, recognized for its spiritual generosity, is one of India’s most reversible mountains. It is stated that the demon king Ravana, one of Lord Shiva’s most furious adherents, pondered here for a long time before being endowed with enormous power, strength, and ten heads. Not only Ravana but, as history says, the Pandava Brothers and the Sage Ved Vyas also meditated here at Adi Kailash for a very long time. It is said and also considered by many devotees that the temple Darshan can make your inner self enlightened and the cosmic energy present here can turn negative thoughts into a positive thinking approach.

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Mythological Significance Of Adi Kailash

View of the Adi Kailash peak

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According to mythology, Adi Kailash is where Lord Shiva is thought to reside to answer to the demands and supplications of those who adore him. It is considered a holy spot to interact with Lord Shiva’s divine presence and seek his blessings. The Adi Kailash Yatra is a trip to a sacred spot where devotees can worship, perform rituals, and connect with the holy energy that exists there. Millions of Hindus’ deep faith and devotion can be seen in their unwavering belief that it is Lord Shiva’s home place. It is thought that one can achieve spiritual emancipation, the fulfilment of wishes, and inner transformation by making this sacred pilgrimage and seeking the blessings of Lord Shiva. This can be done by travelling to India.

The belief that Adi Kailash is Lord Shiva’s dwelling abode is central to Hindu mythology, and it plays a major role in the religious ceremonies and customs associated with the pilgrimage. It is a place where devotees can seek comfort, find direction, and receive Lord Shiva’s heavenly grace, which eventually leads to spiritual development and self-realization. It is believed that paying reverence to Lord Shiva and undertaking the journey to here will result in spiritual enlightenment, cleansing, and blessings. The trek to this holy mountain is more than just a trip from one area to another; it is also a profound introspective journey that allows one to study the innermost parts of one’s faith and dedication.

Popular Attractions Of The Adi Kailash Yatra

There are many places to visit in Adi Kailash that you must include in your itinerary. Check out these places to add an extra dose of charm to your trip:

1. Om Parwat, Uttarakhand

 Om Parwat A popular stop in Yatra

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The Adi Kailash Yatra traverses through the beautiful Vyas Valley of the Kumaon Region of Uttarakhand. Both Adi Kailash and Om Parvat are located in the Pithoragarh District of Uttarakhand, near the Indo-Nepal and Indo-Tibet border. There are some of the most popular stops of the Yatra.

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2. Brahma Parvat

Brahma Parvat Dedicated to the Hindu God Creation

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Uttarakhand is known as the Land of God, i.e. it is the abode of many Hindu gods and goddesses. The Mountains in Uttarakhand have many histories in themselves. One of these mountains is Brahma Parvat. The Brahma Parvat is the mountain dedicated to the Hindu God of Creation- Lord Brahma. While travelling from Kuti village to Jolingkong, you will get to see Brahma Parvat.

3. Pandav Parvat

 Padavs stayed in the region known as Pandav Parvat

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During the 12 years of exile as mentioned in Mahabharata, the Pandavas stayed in the region that is known as Uttarakhand today. You will get to see many places dedicated to them and one such place is Pandav Parvat. The Pandav Parvat is a group of five similar-looking mountains near Mount Adi Kailash which are considered to be the five Pandava brothers.

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4. Mount Adi Kailash

Replica of Adi Kailash

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Mount Adi Kailash is the replica of Mount Kailash and is the second Kailash of the Panch Kailash. It was the main stoppage for the marriage of Lord Shiva & Maa Parwati and is considered to be the resting abode of Shiva- Parvati Pariwar. Jolingkong is the base and viewpoint of Mount Adi Kailash where you can meditate as shouting isn’t allowed here because it is believed that Lord Shiva meditates here.

5. Parvati Sarovar

 Situated on the elevation of Adi Kailash

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It is said that Parvati Sarovar or Parvati Kund is a lake in which Goddess Parvati used to take baths. You can see the reflection of Mount Adi Kailash in the Parvati Sarovar. It is situated at an elevation of 4501m above sea level at a 2-3 km approx trek from Jolingkong. You can dip in the Parvati Sarovar and carry the holy water from the Parvati Kund while coming back.

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6. Gauri Kund

 Gauri Kund indicates the presence of Lord shiva

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It is believed that wherever Lord Shiva is present, there is a Gauri kund present at all those locations. Located at the base of Mount Adi Kailash, Gauri Kund is a small water body that remains chilled throughout the year. Gauri Kund is located at an elevation of 5000 metres approx. You can visit the kund after a trek of 3-4 km approx from Jolingkong- the base camp of Mount Adi Kailash.

How To Reach

Easy accessibility

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The base camp of the Adi Kailash Yatra is Tawaghat, however, Dharchula is the nearby location where you can easily get accommodation and basic facilities. Here are several ways to reach Adi Kailash.

By Air :
The nearest airport to Dharchula is Pantnagar Civil Aerodrome, located approximately 301 kilometres away.

By Rail:
Tanakpur is the nearest railway station, approximately 239 kilometres from Pithoragarh.

By Road :
Direct buses are available from ISBT New Delhi to other Kunaon regions, including Champawat, Almore, and Tanakpur. Local taxis can then be hired to reach Dharchula for a more convenient mode of transportation.

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Now that you have a list of things to keep in mind for your next vacation to see the majestic peaks of Adi Kailash, make sure you plan your trip to Uttarakhand  to these fabulous spots for the experience of a lifetime. Don’t miss out on these opportunities and book your tickets now!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Adi Kailash

How to reach Uttarakhand?

One can reach Uttarakhand by air, train, and road. Uttarakhand has two airports, one of them is The Jolly Grant Airport, which is located near Dehradun. The other airport is Pantnagar Airport, which is located near Nainital. For budget-friendly travellers, Uttarakhand also has railway stations that provide rail connectivity with all the major cities and towns in India. The state also has approximately 1,328 km of national highways, thus making it easily accessible via road transport such as buses and private cars.

Which is the most beautiful place in Uttarakhand?

Some of the beautiful places to visit here are Mussoorie known as the Queen of the Hills, Auli which is the skiing destination, and Nainital for its beautiful Naini Lake and mesmerising sunset views.

Which is better, Auli or Nainital?

Auli is a skiing destination, and if one wants to have an adventurous trip, then one can find a lot of exciting things to do in Auli in winter. If a tranquil vacation is on the mind, then one can have an amazing time by the Naini Lake in Nainital.

Does Uttarakhand have snow?

Yes, it snows in a lot of places during winter in Uttarakhand. The top destinations to enjoy snow in the state are Auli, Dhanaulti, and Chakrata.

What are some weekend getaways in Uttarakhand from Delhi?

Some weekend getaways from Delhi in Uttarakhand are Nainital at a distance of around 335 km, Jim Corbett National Park at a distance of 280 km, Lansdowne at a distance of 288 km, Rishikesh at a distance of 268 and Ranikhet which is around 390 km from Delhi.

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