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Banjar in Himachal Pradesh. It is part of the Seraj region, including the Jalari Pass and Shikari Devi in Janjehli and the famous Tirthan Valley. Two rivers flow through this region, the Tirthan River and the tributary Pushpabhad, flow from Jalari Pass to Jibhi. The natives and the dialect they speak are both called Serajis. This quaint region is home to 45 small villages surrounded by amazing mountain views, abundant trees, and cool, scenic river flowing. Experience this region’s beauty by participating in fun, thrill-seeking activities like trekking and hiking.

Places To Visit In Banjar In Himachal Pradesh

Banjar is hidden within the Himalayas and has not yet become a tourist hotspot. The region consists of Tirthan Valley, which is a sight to behold. Banjar Mela is one of the biggest attractions in this town, from the breathtakingly beautiful Jibhi and Ghiyagi to the Chehni Kothi. Check out these amazing places to visit in Banjar in Himachal Pradesh.

1. Jibhi And Ghiyagi

Village In Jhibi with misty mountains in the background in Banjar in Himachal Pradesh

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Jhibi is a breathtaking place with its waterfall, only 8 to 10 km away from Banjar. Many hikes are required to reach this place, which is a picture-perfect place to relax and enjoy nature at its best.

Ghiyagi is a very small place, so small that it is easily lost. So make sure to be alert to spot it! It is around 4 to 5 km from Jibhi, but there are not many options for staying there. You can either stay in the few lodgings available there or trek back to Jhibi to stay there.

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2. Sarchi Village And Lambri Top

Devotees celebrating Dussehra in Kullu

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Sarchi village is 2200 m above sea level and is the base camp for the trek to Lambri Top. It is 19 km from Banjar. The road leading up to Sarchi village looks like it has jumped straight out of a fantasy movie. The path is surrounded by tall pine trees and lush greenery. When you start trekking in the morning, the light breaking from the tops of the trees on your path is beautiful and offers a great view of the mountains.

Lambri Top requires hiking up the mountain. It crosses Jamala village, which has incredible architecture, including houses that date back 100-200 years. A nearby meadow has enough space for tourists to camp and enjoy their journey. Once you reach the top, you have a 360-degree panoramic view of the mountain and surrounding ranges.

3. Raghapur Fort And Saryolsar Lake

Tourists camping on their way to Saryolsar Lake

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Saryolsar Lake is a small, mesmerizing lake with cool, clear, and blue waters. It is 6 km from the Jalori Pass. People often trek to the lake. It is a comfortable walk for beginners. The trek takes you through deep, dense valleys and beautiful meadows.

Another spot you must visit if you choose to trek to Saryolsar Lake is the old and mysterious Raghupur Fort. Details on who constructed the fort and when it was built are unknown, making it seem even more intriguing. This ruined fort also has a meadow where tourists can camp during the summers.

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4. Balo Temple

Balo Temple in Banjar in Himachal Pradesh

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Balo Temple is 18.9 km from Banjar, but visiting it is worth the distance. It is situated in the Bahu Village, and to reach it, people often choose trekking. This is a quiet and serene place for people to pray and meditate.

There is an old tree in the temple’s vicinity, surrounded by tri shuls, which are often donated by devotees. They believe doing this will help them fulfil their wishes.

5. Chehni Kothi

Chehni Kothi is known for its twin tower temples, Banjar in Himachal Pradesh

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This fort, located in the village of Chehni, is 7 km from Banjar. It was the residence of King Raja Rana Dhadia and is 1500 years old. It stands 15 feet tall. In 1905, the tower was damaged by the earthquake, and since then, locals have been running a restoration program.

One tower is known as Bhagwati Temple, while the other is known as Shringa Rishi Temple. A courtyard separates these two temples. The Deity of Tirthan-Banjar Valley resides in the latter.

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How To Reach Banjar In Himachal Pradesh

Tourists travelling in Himachal Pradesh

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By Air: The best and the most comfortable way to reach Banjar is by flight. The closest airport to Bhanjar is Bhuntar Airport (KUU/VIBR) in Kulu. It is 42 km away from Banjar. However, the flights are expensive, and the journey can be jarring. Alternatively, you can fly to Delhi and take the Himachal Pradesh Volvo (HTPDC) TO Manali. From Aut, which is 67 km from Manali, you can take a taxi to Banjar.

By Rail: If you want to sit back and enjoy watching the landscape around you, then taking a train is the best option. The nearest station to Kullu is the Joginder Nagar railway station, which is 95 km away. Another train station at a 200 km distance is the Kiratpur railway station, located on the Kullu-Chandigarh highway.

By Road: You can fly to Delhi and start your road trip there. Having a driver with you is advised, as the journey is 455 km long. You should leave early in the morning and use the Manali highway via Chandigarh to reach Banjar.

Best Time To Visit Banjar In Himachal Pradesh

Mountains covered in snow in Jalori Pass , Banjar in Himachal Pradesh

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The peak season in Banjar is from March to June. It is the spring/summer season and the best time for tourists to explore the region’s flora and fauna. If you think you can handle snowfall and cold conditions then visiting around November, December, January, and February is the best time to see the snow-covered mountains and villages.

June, July, and August witness rainfall, and the mountains look very mesmerizing with bright green and lush valleys and meadows. However, visibility is an issue. The rain is heavy, and venturing out with low visibility can be dangerous.

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Now that you have a list of all the important information for your journey to the beautiful and magical mountains of the Himalayas at Banjan in Himachal Pradesh. Don’t forget to book your trip to Himachal Pradesh, to get away from the stresses of daily life and have an amazing time with your loved ones.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Banjar In Himachal Pradesh

Where can you stay in Banjar?

Here are a few places that you can check out - Banjara Retreat, Shoja, Leena’s Place, Jibhi, and Doli Guesthouse in Jibhi are good places for a comfortable stay.

Are you allowed to trek in Banjar?

Absolutely! There are many trails that you can go trekking on like the Balu Nag Trail in Gada Gushaini, the Jibhi-Chaini trail, and the Lamba-Lambhari trek also known as Tragopan Trail.

Any local delicacies to try in Banjar?

The local food of a new place is the best part of the journey. You can learn so much about a place and its people through food. Make sure to try Siddhu, Kullu Dham, Rhododendron Chutney with momos, Stinging Nettle Soup, Lingerie Sabji, and many more.

How many days do you need to visit Banjar?

You can either go for 3 night and 4 day trip or a week-long trip to make the most of your time.

Which are the best hotels in Banjar Himachal Pradesh?

Check out Kudrat - A Boutique Homestay, Doris Mountain Cabins, Tirthan Angler’s Retreat, and many more.

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