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If you are looking for a place in South America for an adventurous vacation then Brazil is the perfect place for you. This country is the largest one in South America and takes up about half of the continent. The southern hemisphere is covered with Brazil and you can see the tropical regions that are filled with exotic plants and animals. This country is gifted with a vast coastline that runs about 7400 kilometers and is covered with shimmering gold sand. They also have many minerals hidden beneath this wonderful surface. You can also see that there is a part in Brazil that showcases the past and has colonial architecture displayed through the streets.

Best Brazil Water Parks

Brazil is filled with many museums that showcase the culture and the tradition of this place. Among the adventurous things that you can do in Brazil, waterparks are also something that you can add to this list. There are so many waterparks that are amazing and turn out to be a good family and friend’s getaway plan.

1. Beach Park

Beach Park

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This is a really great water park that you can select from all the options that are available. They also claim to be the best water park there is in Latin America. Everyone loves to be a child and take a day off from the hustle of the city. There are many attractions here that will make you crazy with adrenaline and joy. You can expect the largest wave pool in Latin America here at Beach Park. If you really love rides that are water slides then they have this gigantic water slide which is almost as tall as a 14-floor building. They also have two large seven-meter tall waterfalls that have water flowing at high speed throughout the day.

Location: Fortaleza, Brazil

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2. Thermas dos Laranjais

Thermas dos Laranjais

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This is the coolest Brazil water park as it has about 50 attractions included in its space. These attractions include many water slides, wave pools, saunas, and thermal spring pools. This waterpark is filled with things that you can do to entertain yourself. This park is surrounded by natural vegetation which is very native and dense. They have many landscapes that are filled with natural vegetation and add to the beauty of this place. This place also has many bars and restaurants that you can visit if you need a drink or two.

Location: Olimpia, Brazil

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3. Parque Aguas Claras

Parque Aguas Claras

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This water park was started in the year 1994 and has been a great water park ever since. It is filled with things that you can do with your family and friends. This water park has been rapidly growing since the day it was started. You can explore this place and there are many things that you can do like you can relax, swim, admire nature, look at fishes and have a great time with friends and family. They also have amazing restaurants where you can dine and have great food with your favorite people. They have great snacks and bars with great service.

Location: Matinhos, Brazil

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4. Wet And Wild

Wet And Wild

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This park was started in the year 1998 and has been growing since. They have altogether 25 attractions that are for family and children. This water park was also elected as the most loved water park in the year 2018. This water park is located 72km away from the main highway and you can easily locate this wonderful water park. They have amazing restaurants and bars around here so that you can relax after a day filled with so much adrenaline. They have great service and the staff will guide you properly around this huge water park if you need a little help.

Location: Itupeva, Brazil

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5. Aqua Show Park

Aqua Show Park

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This water park is loved by many people and is known around here. Many customers that have visited this place have given positive reviews. This place has a really good rating on many online channels. This water park is known as a royalty due to this reason among all the water parks. Aquashow Park is very popular and has about 30 rides that are amazing and it also holds many world records. This water park is for all ages and everyone can enjoy and have a great time here.

Location: Ingleses Norte, Brazil

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6. Hot Park

Hot Park

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This is a really popular and known water park and is known as the best water park by many locals. It is a really popular destination among the locals. It is the most visited water park and is loved by many people. This water park acquires about 3.8 hectares of land and is filled with amazing pools and water slides. They have really amazing places surrounding this place and world-class rides that you will love if you are not scared of water slides. This water park isn’t that popular amongst the tourists but it is a really nice getaway plan for a weekend.

Location: Esplanade, Rio Quente

7. Rio Water Planet

Rio Water Planet

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This place is really promoted and is located in Latin America. They have small beaches surrounding this water park where you can relax. There are many swimming pools here so that both children and adults can have a great time. Children seem to love this place as it has many alternatives for children and it is child friendly.

Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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8. Naga Cable Park

Naga Cable Park

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This water park is another addition to some really great water parks that are located in Brazil. These places are great for a family outing and have many attractions that will keep you entertained throughout the day. This place has water skiing that you can try out if you like to. Wakeboarding is another activity that you can try here and have a great time.

Location: Jaguariuna, Brazil

9. Acquamania Foz

Acquamania Foz

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This water park is another kid friendly park where you can have a great time with your children. This water park has a great rating online and is also loved by many visitors. It can be a little expensive but is quiet gigantic. They have many water slides and pools where you can relax and have a peaceful time.

Location: Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil

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These are some of the water parks that you can visit and have a little break from all the hustle bustle of the city. It is a great getaway plan with your friends or family. Plan your trip to Brazil with TravelTriangle and experience the best water-splashing holiday!

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