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Cambodia – a land that gives one a chance to witness the finest collision of old-world structures and modern-day lifestyles is a must-visit at least once in a lifetime. Be its dense jungles, pristine cascading waterfalls, stunning temples, or the contemporary cafes, Cambodia leaves no stone unturned to offer an absolute experience.

The deeply-rooted and rich history of the Khmer empire that once reigned in Cambodia can still be felt by virtue of remnants and timeless ruins standing proudly on the grounds. While not everyone is a fan of heavy rain pouring down, Cambodia in August gives one a chance to witness the dramatic changes in the skies.

With hues of pinks, yellows, oranges, and blues clashing, the sky right after the rain can get overwhelming. What else can you experience in the month of August in Cambodia?
Find everything below:

Weather In Cambodia In August

Cambodia is truly paradisiacal place to visit

In the month of August, Cambodia is truly paradisiacal for all those who love the drops of fresh rainwater pouring down, bringing in the pleasantly cool weather along. However, the photogenic, dramatic skies that are painted right after the rain stops is a reason enough to visit this destination. Temperatures usually hover between 25 and 32 degrees Celsius. Thus, with the summer heat long gone and the winter chills taking its time to take over, Cambodia in August experiences just the right climatic conditions.

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Reasons To Visit Cambodia In August

view of the famous temple of cambodia

August is considered the low season in Cambodia and thus, offers a perfect opportunity to grab for the budget travelers. The costs of accommodation, flights, and otherwise overpriced items are at an all-time low by virtue of not everyone being a rain-fan. This is exactly what makes Cambodia a must-visit in the month of August.

The climate in Cambodia usually remains hot and humid. This is what makes the chilly winds and the refreshing rainfall an ideal time to pay a visit to this destination.

August is when Cambodia experiences the heaviest rainfall. This is the time when the level of river water is at an all-time high and makes boating trips as well as waterfall visits more fun.

Right after the rainfall, the colors of the skies, trees, and water makes the whole landscape more picturesque and photo-worthy.

Places To Visit In Cambodia In August

Cambodia gives a little too many reasons for travelers and photographers to pay a visit, with the below mentioned being the top ones.

1. Angkor Wat

one of the major highlights of this land

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Angkor Wat happens to be one of the major highlights of this land. The richness of the Angkorian period oozing out of the architecture of temples in this city tends to inspire awe in every individual. The majestic and ambitious vibes have made this city a must-visit destination at least once in a lifetime. August is the month where one can comfortably and conveniently witness the tree-root clasped Ta Prohm temple or the stone-carved faces in the Bayon Temple.

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2. Ratanakiri

waterfall in ratanakiri

Sitting on the outskirts of Cambodia, Ratanakiri is every explorer’s delight. Red-sand roads leading to the deeply cultured villages that house the ethnic minorities are a treat for adventure junkies. This place happens to be home to the best trekking trails of Cambodia. Right from overnight treks involving drifting off to sleep in a hammock to hiking under the canopies of towering trees in a jungle that is home to the wild, this place keeps the adrenaline always rushing. This destination is a perfect respite for those who have had too much of a temple-cation!

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3. Phnom Penh

capital city of Cambodia

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Phnom Penh is not only the capital city of Cambodia but is also its heart and soul. Ranging from bustling streets with cars to the quiet atmosphere of the most charming cafes, Phnom Penh is the cosmopolitan spot of Cambodia. Apart from this, one also gets to witness the juxtaposed historic sites of this city, which leaves the jaws dropped. The National Museum that traces back to the pre-Angkorian age and the Royal Palace exhibiting the ancient artistry to the modern-day lifestyles, this capital city is absolutely action-packed.

4. Kampot

one of the offbeat towns of Cambodia

Another one of the offbeat towns of Cambodia, Kampot welcomes every individual with its old-world charm. With its grounds being covered by numerous re-stored structures and the shop-houses, Kampot is a tiny village that enjoys being the most laid-back and easy-going land. This destination hides something for everyone. Be it the remnants of a church in the Bokor Hill Station or the mysterious limestone caves of Phnom Chhnork, Kampot is one of its kind.

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Things To Do In Cambodia In August

Cambodia in August might be rainy but the water droplets are never a hindrance. These experiences mentioned below are all-year favorites of locals and tourists alike!

1. Indulge In Street Food

street food of cambodia

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The local food of Cambodia plays a major role when someone talks about the culture of this destination. The Cambodians take pride in their cuisine and are true fans of munching throughout the day, which is exactly why indulging in the staple food is a must in this destination. The best way to try true taste is by sampling the food offered by street food vendors. One can be a part of any one of the many food tours available in various cities of Cambodia.

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2. Embrace The Khmer Culture

get to see the culture of cambodia

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Cambodian culture is as intriguing as it can get. The richness of the culture and the deeply-rooted history of Cambodia is what makes Cambodia shine in the limelight. One aspect of the Khmer culture is the classical ballet of Cambodia aka Apsara dancing. It is believed in the Hindu mythology that Apsaras are those female creatures that used to visit Earth from heaven to entertain the Royals. In the present day, one can witness such beautiful art forms in many theatres with the Apsara Theatre of Angkor Village Resort and the Fou Nan of Siem Reap topping the list.

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3. Visit The Wild

get tto see the wide variety of endangered species in jungle

Another thing that makes Cambodia what it is is the wide variety of endangered and rare species of wildlife residing in the jungles and rescue homes. The Wildlife Alliance of this destination aims at rescuing the helpless species from the harms of wildlife trade and give them shelter at the Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Centre. From monkeys to bears, one can witness, pet, and play with an extensive number of animal species. One can also pay a visit to the Mondulkiri’s jungle and spectate the gigantic grey elephants in their natural state.

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4. Get Pampered In The Spa

enjoy the spa to rejuvenate yourself

When in Cambodia, go with a mindset of getting yourself pampered. With rainfall pouring outside, one can simply relax, rejuvenate, and let the spa therapists do their magic. There are endless centers offering traditional Khmer Spa which has a completely different approach to the health and revitalization techniques. There is an extensive variety of treatments offered at the centers such as Hot Stone, Aroma Spa, Traditional Herbal Spa, and many more. Re-energizing is the key here.

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Cambodia in August is the finest example of how heavy pouring rain can never be a hindrance. As a matter of fact, if anything else, it only helps one save some extra bucks. Right from exploring the ancient temples and trekking to various jungles to enjoying a relaxing spa and hogging on scrumptious cuisine, there is no dearth of action-packed experiences awaiting in this destination. What are you waiting for? Plan a vacation to Cambodia in the upcoming months and let its magic get the best of you!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Cambodia In August 

What is the temperature in Cambodia in August?

Cambodia in August welcomes the heaviest monsoon but is also one of the pleasant times to pay a visit. The temperature during the month of August can get as low as 25 degrees Celsius or as high as 32 degrees Celsius. With the cool winds encircling the atmosphere, weather in Cambodia in August gets bearable.

What can one do in Cambodia in August?

Ranging from outdoorsy excursions to indoor re-energizing activities, Cambodia has plenty to offer. If you are an adventure junkie, you can try trekking, hiking, and water sports when in Cambodia. But you prefer staying indoors, you can try out the authentic spa treatments, indulging in local food, and such.

What are some places to visit in Cambodia in August?

Cambodia offers the perfect blend of ancient and modern worlds. With plenty to witness, some of the must-see places include Angkor Wat, Phnom Penh, Kampot, and Ratanakiri.

What is the best time to visit Cambodia?

The best and the most ideal time to pay a visit to Cambodia for those who are not a fan of rainfall is anytime between November to April. The dry season reigns during these months, one can witness clear blue skies, and experience little breeze brushing through the skin.

How can one reach Cambodia?

When traveling from India, reaching Cambodia is not much of a hassle. The best and the quickest way to reach Cambodia is by taking a flight from any of the major cities of the country including Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Chennai.

What are some famous festivals in Cambodia?

Some famous festivals celebrated in Cambodia are Cambodian Independence Day, Magha Puja Day, Angkor Festival, Choul Chhnam Thmey (New Year), Pchum Ben, Sea Festival, and more.

What should one pack for Cambodia in August?

August is the month that experiences the heaviest rainfall. Hence, it is advised that one pack along umbrellas, rain boots, raincoats, comfortable sandals, lightweight clothes, and such. Apart from this, one should also carry a refillable water bottle, travel adaptor that is universal, earplugs, loads of sunscreen, and other necessary medications.

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