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The famous Candidasa Beach Resort is located on the east coast of Bali. Even though the area is actively developing for tourism, Candidasa can be considered a calm zone compared with other parts of Bali where tourism is rapidly growing, for instance, Kuta or Seminyak, so everybody who comes to Bali and who wants to spend time not only visiting beaches, parties, clubs, discos but also who wants to relax and feel free, this is your chance to come to Candidasa. To plan a perfect trip in Bali, here’s a summary of why Candidasa Beach Resort is unique and why one should stay there to have the best trip of one’s life.

Things To Do And Places To Visit Around Candidasa Beach Resort

The waters of Candidasa are extremely clear and, therefore, offer a prosperous fishing ground, and they are attracting more and more tourists because of scuba diving and snorkelling, presently. There are other nearby drives and attractive places that visitors can visit, including Tepekong Island, where people can see colourful corals and big marine animals like sharks and turtles, among others, and places such as Blue Lagoon.

1. Water Activities

Do a lot of water activities near the Canadidasa Beach Resort.

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Other activities include water sports, including water sports that involve the use of a motorized boat, kayaking, and fishing. These activities are appropriate for an adventurous vacation and add some thrill and leisure at the shore.

The vicinity of Candidasa is of immense historical and cultural interest. The Bali Aga people have remained in Tenganan Village, which allows tourists to understand how the early Balinese lived. Another place of interest, located a few kilometres from Brooke’s place, is the Goa Lawah—The Bat Cave Temple, which enjoys tremendous popularity as one of the most sacred temples of Bali.

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2. Hiking And Nature Trails

enjoy hiking in the lush greenery and mountains.

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Subsequently, certain hill stations can be enjoyed throughout the area, adding much fun to hiking and exploring. Tracks paved with grass, bushes, and greens take the guests to terrific views, astonishing waterfalls, and typical Balinese towns.

Facilities Provided By Cadidasa Beach Resort

Enjoy the multiple facilities the beach resort provides and have a relaxing vacation. The following is the list of facilities to use on your next trip to Bali.

1. Accommodations

a lavish accommodation at the Cadidasa Beach Resort in Bali.

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There is a wide selection of accommodation in Candidasa because there are hotels ranging from five-star to small guesthouses. Some of the resorts are located near the beaches and offer great sea views, therefore, most of them are strategically located near the water frontline. Sometimes, such resorts provide meals in the hotel and restaurants located around, which serve Mexican and international dishes, beauty therapies, and dip pools.

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2. Eating And Cooking

enjoy your work while eating and cooking.

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At Candidasa, visitors can get restaurants that provide local and international cuisines, fish and meat barbeque and also a Balinese-style fine dining experience. Yummulicious local Balinese food is readily offered by what is termed as ‘warungs’ which are family-managed cafes; there are other slightly expensive places too where tourists can get good meals and a great view of the ocean.

3. Silence And Comfort

Traditional Balinese Gazebo in Canidasa Beach resort

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It is the perfect place, free from hustle and bustle, and this may be one of the many factors that attract visitors to Candidasa. The serenity of the views and the ocean’s cool breeze may make the travellers feel they are finally released from work constraints. Candidasa is ideally suited for a vacation because of its relaxed atmosphere and amazing facilities, such as sunbathing on the beach or receiving SPA procedures.

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4. Availability

enjoy the delicious food on your lavish rooms.

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Candidasa is a 90-minute car drive from Ngurah Rai International Airport in Denpasar. It has a cover of seclusion thus making it one of the quiet getaway holiday destinations that Bali has to offer.

Reasons To Stay At Candidasa Beach Resort

Peaceful sunset view from Candidasa Beach

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Many tourist thinks about the why to choose the Candidasa Beach resort to stay on the next vacation. Look at the various reasons as mentioned below.

1. Peaceful Ambience

This strategic move has grown and developed Candidasa as the most legendary tourist attraction site since it has calm surroundings, unlike other busy centres. It is the perfect place to come and either take a break or boost yourself up.

2. Various Activities

In addition to thrilling moves, tourists can also hike and get themselves introduced to the area, and also take part in activities like scuba diving & snorkelling. There are many archaeological sites that are of huge interest to tourists. There are some thrilling underwater adventures too which can give the tourists a fabulous experience.

3. Range Of Accommodations

It has different classes of facilities with many and variety of hotels and motels ranging from the costly beachside hotels, costly courtesy hotels and guest houses along with bed and breakfasts. Certain facilities like saunas, steam, Jacuzzi etc. which could be considered necessary are also missing in some of the resorts but are available in the Candidasa Beach Resort. Certain luxuries have also been left unattended and they include spa and beach clubs, swimming pools, mouth-watering restaurants and kids clubs among others.

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What Makes Candidasa Beach Resort Unique?

Check out why Candidasa Beach Resort is considered one of the most-visited resorts by travellers worldwide.

1. Authentic Culture

an authentic culture of Bali to enjoy on the next visit.

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One can experience the real Balinese culture through places such as the Tenganan village which dates back to the present ancient Balinese civilisation and is located near to this resort. This is one of the few remaining villages in Bali that kept the typical Balinese culture to this day and many of the original crafts and activities are still used here.

2. Beautiful Hiking Paths

A beautiful hiking path of Bali to experience on a stay at Candidasa Beach Resort.

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Some of the great trails for hiking include the hilly countryside of this region and the neighbouring area that could connect one to viewpoints, waterfalls, and ancient villages. These trails are easily accessible from the resort and are very useful for those who want to go to the area to see it with their own eyes and are eager to enjoy certain types of activities.

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3. Crafts And Art

Explore the crafts and art at the Bali street markets.

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Tenganan Village weavings have their roots traced back to traditional weavings and have the famous ‘ikat weaving’. This shows that visitors who wish to immerse themselves in artistic talents and take home a modern occasional piece, stand the chance to do so while being a customer at the facility.

4. Beautiful Dawns

a mesmerizing view of the dawns, is one of the reasons to stay at Candidasa Beach Resort.

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Unique mornings along with mesmerising facilities and views can be experienced at Candidasa Beach Resort, especially when the sun is out and makes an amazing form of sculpture in the sky. Bird watchers can wake up early in the morning in a good position with good views and great potential for observing birds, making interesting observations and taking photos.

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Make sure you add the Candidasa Beach Resort to your list on your magnificent trip to Bali now that you have upgraded your level of information about this place. The amazing hideaway provides worldly pleasures and astonishing views of the sea. At the soonest possible instance, make your booking so that you will never forget your time at the coast!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Candidasa Beach Resort

What fun activities are available for the tourists?

Tourists can take part in hiking, scuba diving, swimming and even ground activities such as visiting historical sites.

Is Candidasa as congested if it were to be compared with other areas in Bali?

It is the best place if one wants to have a peaceful vacation as it has very few people compared to other destinations in Bali.

What facilities are available at Candidasa Beach Resort?

Some of the facilities include luxury spas and budget restaurants including the expensive and cheap ones.

What kind of eateries are there in Candidasa Indonesia?

It offers diverse restaurants, from international dishes to Balinese cuisine plus fresh fish. You can choose what you want to eat.

Does Candidasa provide wellness services?

Some of the compelling features that are available in the resort include yoga sessions, meditation, and spa treatments.

Can the tourists do water activities in Candidasa?

Tourists can take part in adventurous and fun water activities like fishing and kayaking. This can make their journey memorable and thrilling.

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