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Often called heaven on Earth, Mauritius is an impeccable island placed in the heart of the Indian Ocean. Known for its beaches, temples, waterfalls, national parks, and various other outstanding tourist attractions, the country must be on every traveler’s bucket list. For those who love exploring the culture and traditions of the destination they travel to, Mauritius is an abode to many pristine churches that you must pay a visit to! If you are wondering how to decide which churches in Mauritius to visit, let’s make it simple for you.

Visit the prime cities of Mauritius which have many renowned churches. To help you explore these churches, here is a list of the most famous ones which will surely provide you the desired serenity and tranquility on your vacation. The people of Mauritius are quite religious and follow different religions. So, when you visit the churches try respecting the piousness of these places. Hope this list helps you on your journey of finding the much-needed break from the hustle and bustle of your daily life!

4 Churches In Mauritius

Here is the perfect list of best churches in Mauritius that you should definitely visit on your vacation. Keep scrolling down and get to know more about it!



  • St. Louis Cathedral
  • Ste Thérèse Church
  • Notre Dame Des Anges Church Of Mahébourg
  • Cap Malheur



1. St. Louis Cathedral


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Mauritius is a multicultural and multi-religious country and so there are many eminent religious places in the country. St. Louis Cathedral located in Port Louis, is counted among one of the most important religious places that you must visit. This church is the seat of the bishop in Port Louis. Restored by Sir Robert Townsend Farquhar, the first British governor, this cathedral is quite famous among the locals. Witness the beautiful architecture of the cathedral by paying a visit to it.

Location: Bourbon St, Port Louis, Mauritius
Timings: NA
Entry Fee: No entry fee

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2. Ste Thérèse Church

Ste Thérèse Church

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Built-in 1872 by famous architects Mr. Rampan and Sir Virgile Naz, Ste Therese is located in Curepipe. With vibrant windows and simple interiors, the church is surely a delight to the eye for those who love to witness the wonders of architecture. You can also attend the services held every Saturday. While you are strolling around the city to visit various places, do pay a visit to this church. Though the church looks gothic but the interiors are mesmerizing enough to hold your attention. The best part of this church is that it’s mostly quiet and not that crowded. Head here to attain solace and calm.

Location: A 10, Curepipe, Mauritius
Timings: NA
Entry Fee: No entry fee

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3. Notre Dame Des Anges Church Of Mahébourg

Notre Chruch

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The next destination for you gets a bit on the religious side, not to worry, if you are not into it for the spiritual aspects of it, you can at least expect some of the magnificence of its architecture and heritage. It boasts the uniquely painted butter-colored tower of the church that called the Notre Dame des Anges. The silhouette of this church dominates the skyline of Mahebourg. You can visit it throughout the day and make an offering to the stature of the beloved missionary P-re Laval.

4. Cap Malheur


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Cap Malheureux is again one of the most popular tourist spots in Mauritius. This place gets its beauty from the little church with the red roof close to the blue lagoon. Also, from Cap, you can get some really nice views on the North Islands. You can shoot romantic couple shoots over here as the whole environment gives that vibe. Also, people can get their pre-wedding shoots done here. You have the church and other locations.

Location: Cap Malheureux, Mauritius
Timings: NA
Entry Fee: No entry fee

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These churches in Mauritius are popular among all travelers and the locals as well. When you visit Mauritius, you can add these churches to your list of places you can visit on your vacation. Getting to know the culture and traditions of a country and exploring the places that depict them is the best way to spend your holiday. Looking for some peace? Get packed, pick this mini guide, plan your Mauritius vacay and leave right away to visit the most peaceful places in the marvelous island country!

Frequently Asked Questions About Churches In Mauritius

What are the church timings in Manutius?

Most of the churches are open from 09:00 Am to 07:00 PM. The rest of the small church timings vary according to the mass only. They are not open all week.

In what architectural styles the churches in Manutius Island are built?

Churches in Mauritius are built-in Modern, Post Modern, and Semi-Gothic architectural style.

Are there any admission fees to visit the churches present in Mauritius by foreign tourists?

No, the foreign tourists can visit any churches present in Manutius without paying any admission fee. Church entrance is free during the peak tourist season in Manutius too.

Is there any special dress code for foreign tourists necessary to visit in the churches of Mauritius?

No, you can visit the churches in Mauritius in casual and formal dressing.

Do photo cameras are allowed inside the churches present in Mauritius?

Yes, tourists can take photos of the churches in Mauritius. Yet, you can take photos of the church interiors during the church timings only.

Which is the cute beachfront church in Mauritius Island, which is the best to take postcard-sized photos?

The Cap Malheur is the cute beachfront church in Mauritius Island, which is the best to take postcard size photos. You can find most of the international wedding photo secession-taking place here.

Can tourists of any religion and ethnicity visit the churches present in Mauritius Island?

Yes, tourists of any religion and ethnicity visit the churches present in Mauritius Island. Mauritius follows religious pluralism.

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