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When you go on a tour to any place in the world the first thing you would search is about how is the place and what can we see there and the second thing is probably where to live when we come back at night. And if you are planning on a tour to Cape Town or place near it. Then we are here for helping you choose one of the best guest houses in Cape Town. Get ready to explore this stunning capital city of South Africa for a memorable holiday.

8 Best Guest Houses In Cape Town

You could probably choose one from the 9 which are going to be shown here. so, check each and every guest house in the list and choose 1 from them.

1. Newlands Guest House

Newlands Guest House

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If your location is somewhere around new lands district then you could probably stay at this guest house. This is one of the nicest guest houses in Newland Cape Town you can find if you want it too near new lands. Are you in love with outdoor pools lately then this has one. And this also has a sun terrace. You could also get free Wi-Fi connection in here. it also comes with a T.V in the room. And this guest house takes only 13km to Cape Town international airport. So, when you return home this will make your journey easier.

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2. 29 On Buxton Guest House

29 On Buxton Guest House

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This is also another guest house that has an outdoor pool and it also has a part nearby if you would like to visit it then it’s a walkable distance. The dining room window leads to the pool and garden outside. So, when you eat you could enjoy the scenery of it as well. This is also one of the affordable guesthouses in Cape Town you can probably go for. It looks very luxurious and it is also. And you will be mind blown with this guest house.

3. The Greenhouse Boutique

The Greenhouse Boutique

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Greenhouse boutique is one of the guest houses in Cape Town that also has a WIFI connection with it. It has many types of equipment that include flat screen TV, air conditioner, shower, private bathroom and also has a 24 hours front desk property. And they make sure that you have no problem living there. This is also one of the guest houses in green point Cape Town. It is approximately 18km far from the Cape Town international airport. This also a kind of cheap guesthouses in Cape Town.

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4. The Buddha Garden

The Buddha Garden

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This is also a guest house that has a seasonal pool at the outside. When you get into the house you will probably feel amazed and will never ever like to come out of it again. It has a garden too as the name says. And once you come out of the house and get into the garden you will be the happiest person ever because of the awesome view of it. You will probably find everything you wish for here. it has normal tiling and can be a point b guesthouse in Cape Town. It also has many facilities like the TV and other stuff for your entertainment as well as comfort. And you also have a seating area.

5. The Manor House

The Manor House

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If your budget is low then this can be the choice of yours. But it just looks more like a normal house from the front but has all sorts of facilities. If you would like to take a guest house that has all sorts of facilities that include having a garden and pool then your choice may not be this guest house. And when you have to pick from the previous 4 and this one then this will not be the choice of many people. But if it the matter of money with you then this is not bad. When you have to pick it can be exceptional but not superb.

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6. Cinnamon House Bed And Breakfast

Cinnamon House Bed And Breakfast

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This is probably a superb quality guest house you could choose if you need a guest house with garden and pool. And this like the most awesome guest houses in panorama Cape Town. And this guest house can stand as a competitor for that. This is a guest house that can make you feel much more awesome then what you feel between the city. The beautiful garden available allows you to feel the fresh air. In all the different rooms provided, there is a flat screen TV’s present. They serve the most delicious breakfast ever and this will be done every morning. There are many locations you could go for if you choose this guest house in Cape Town. The things like the sofa and other things are really very nice and the surface of the guest house is a lot more awesome.

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7. Green Point Guest House

Green Point Guest House

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Green point guest house is also a superb guest house you could go for in Cape Town, South Africa. It also has a communal kitchen which is also very nice. There are many types of equipment in this guest house like fans, beds of course and some awesome additional stuff. If you go to this place in winter don’t worry about the fireplace because it also has that. And the beds in it are really very soft and bumpy. If you are outside for a long time and want to rest. And if you get on this bed you will be sleeping once you get on it.

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8. Au Pear Boutique Guest House

Au Pear Boutique Guest House

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If you are a fan of guest houses with a garden then this can be your choice because this guest house goes to the next level with the awesome garden in it. This is not that big but really very nice. And the courtyard it is surrounded by has grapevine plants. So, if they allow you, you can probably munch on these gapes as many as you can. But if they won’t let you then better get some from the outside. This is really a superb guest house that is completely drowning in garden beauty. as this is really very affordable you could also take this for this reason. In addition to the garden, the things they provide are also very nice. They have many facilities like TV and they also give you a facility for making tea or coffee here.

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So, these were some of the most amazing guest houses in Cape Town. There are some with gardens and a few without them. All the facilities they give are also provided in this article so that you can know everything and then only select the one that suites you. Plan your trip to Cape Town with TravelTriangle and know what this city has in store for you!

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