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Travelling always makes your soul happy. Now, if it is a road trip, it creates an opportunity to explore the places to some extent. If you want to visit Gujarat, you can always arrange a Gujarat road trip from Mumbai. The landscapes and scenic beauty of the road will keep you mesmerised. On the other hand, you can visit the outstanding historical relics and live the past for a moment. With so many places for sightseeing and the joints to get refreshments, the journey will be adorable. If you want to add a bit of adventure to your life and take a road trip from Mumbai to Gujarat, this guide will help you plan well. Get ready to have a memorable journey ahead.

Best Time To Plan Your Gujarat Road Trip From Mumbai

A stunning view of Modhera sun temple during Gujarat road trip from Mumbai

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A road trip often gets tiring as you must cover a long distance by car. So, making it during the best time of the year is always preferable. The best time to make a Gujarat road trip from Mumbai is during the rainy season. Furthermore, you can enjoy your journey the most from July to September. The weather is soothing and moist while the lush greenery of the surroundings can completely wipe off all your tiredness. Winter is also worth exploring the journey, but you must be ready for the chilly weather. Moreover, avoid summer as the arid weather makes driving such a long distance very difficult.

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Route For Mumbai To Gujarat Road Trip

It will take 4-days to make a memorable Gujarat road trip from Mumbai. So, a weekend will be good to have this trip. This itinerary will also help other travellers who want to go to Gujarat by road from Mumbai. So, put on your seat belts, as the next 4 days will be a joy ride for you! Here is the breakdown of your journey-

1. Mumbai To Daman

Daman road that you can witness during Gujarat road trip from Mumbai

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You can cross this 170km through NH-8. It is a quaint town that will give you exotic beach views. It will be the first destination to reach while making a road trip to Gujarat from Mumbai. At Daman, you will find lots of places to live. So, be there and enjoy the enchanting beauty of this beach town.

2. Daman To Vadodara

A mesmerising view of Vadodara

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It will take 4 hours to reach Vadodara from Daman. The scenic beauty of the road will make you spellbound. You will cover around 248 km. while making this journey. So, stop in between at the wonderful sightseeing spots. You will cross Surat on your journey. So, visit Sai Baba Temple and Tithal Beach to rejuvenate yourself and back on the journey.

3. Vadodara To Nadiad

A gorgeous view of hills that you can witness during Gujarat road trip from Mumbai

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You have entered Gujarat. Now, let’s go ahead to hit the capital city, Ahmedabad. To do that, you must go to Nadiad from Vadodara. It is a small journey as you need to cover only 63 km.

4. Nadiad To Ahmedabad

A mesmerising view of Ahmedabad

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It is only 57 km. more to reach your destination. You will reach Manek Chowk in between your journeys. Stay there for an hour. Take your final refreshments and go ahead to reach Ahmedabad. It will take 5 minutes more to drive from Manek Chowk to Ahmedabad.

Must Visit Places Route Mumbai To Gujarat

A breathtaking view of the Laxmi Vilas Palace during a Gujarat road trip from Mumbai

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The road trip from Mumbai to Gujarat becomes more eventful, with many adorable sightseeing spots. The road is full of historical relics and natural extravaganza. Throughout your journey, you will find waterfalls, national parks, temples, and ruins. Though you can’t stop at every spot, you can’t ignore some of them too. Here are some of the best places to go sightseeing on a Gujarat road trip from Mumbai. Have a look-

1. Mandapeshwar Caves

A mesmerising view of Mandapeshwar Caves during a Gujarat road trip from Mumbai

Image Source: Grv rtd490 for wikimedia commons

This ancient cave will take you back to the 8th Century. The beautiful relics on the walls of the cave temple will mesmerise you. Also, the stone carvings of Hindu gods are worth watching.

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2. Pandavkada Falls

A stunning view of Pandavkada Falls

Image Source: Samruddhishetty for wikimedia commons

This is a stunning waterfall in Navi Mumbai. The cascade falls from 100 metres to create a pool below. If you are having your road trip during the monsoon, the jaw-dropping beauty of the waterfalls with the background of lush greenery will leave you stunned.

3. Tungareshwar National Park

A majestic view of the National Park during a Gujarat road trip from Mumbai

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It is a part of Borivali National Park that houses several natural trails and exotic wildlife. You can stop here for a quick refreshment. Also, if you have time, go hiking and trekking over here.

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4. Silvassa Vasona Lion Safari

A thrilling view of lion Safari during Gujarat road trip from Mumbai

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Located in Silvassa, this lion safari park offers a natural habitat for wild animals. You can see lions in their best form here. The majestic animals are just within a short distance of you. Exciting, isn’t it?

5. Vanganga Garden

A gorgeous view of Vanganga Garden

Image Source: Raman Patel for wikimedia commons

The beautiful landscape of this garden will amaze you to the fullest. The lush greenery around and the large water body can refresh you quickly after a tiring drive. You can also go boating here.

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6. Baroda Museum And Picture Gallery

A mesmerising view of Baroda Museum

Image Source: Cutekutty_rk for wikimedia commons

This public museum shows the 19th Century Saracenic architecture. Also, you can visit several types of housing historical artefacts, sculpture, art, and more.

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Here you get a detailed account of the Gujarat road trip from Mumbai. Enjoy your journey to the fullest. You are travelling between two different states and cities. So, the cultural difference will charm you. Also, the roadside beauty and the sightseeing spots will vanish all your tiredness from the journey. So, next time you plan your trip to Gujarat, you can choose this road trip to have an enjoyable experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Gujarat Road Trip from Mumbai

How long does it take to complete the Gujarat Road Trip from Mumbai?

The road distance from Mumbai to Gujarat is 519.8km. It takes around 12 hours to make the journey by road. If you want to stop in between and relax, 4 days is the best time to take the road trip. You can visit the best of both places.

What are the best places to visit during this road trip?

You can visit the best places in both the states during your journey. You will find awesome natural phenomena like waterfalls, caves, beach towns, etc. Also, the historical ruins can woo you with their existence. The best places to visit during the road trip are Tungareshwar National Park, Mandapeshwar Caves, Golden Bridge, Mahuli Fort, etc.

Can you make a Mumbai to Gujarat road trip during the summer?

Avoid this road trip during summer due to the arid climate. It will make you exhausted, and you will not enjoy much. The best time for the Mumbai to Gujarat road trip is during the monsoon.

Which is the best route from Mumbai to Gujarat?

You can take NH48 to have a smooth experience of a road trip from Mumbai to Gujarat. It is the shortest and fastest route between two cities and travellers mainly use this road.

What are the essential things to carry during the trip?

You should carry extra tyres, medicines, additional clothes, water, food, etc. Thus, you can have a stress-free journey.

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