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If you are thinking of travelling to Vietnam’s fast-paced capital, Hanoi City in July, then get ready to enjoy the festive spirit. July represents one of the hottest months of summer in Northern Vietnam, characterised by hot and humid weather with occasional showers. However, due to its geographical location, this great city is fully prepared to provide you with an ample amount of indoor and outdoor activities that will engage you fully and allow you to explore the true essence of the city. Whether taking a trip to cultural treasures or enjoying an amazing street food tour, Hanoi in July is an absolute must-visit.

Things To Do In Hanoi In July

Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, really comes alive in July, and there is a lot to see and do. Although June is extremely hot and humid, this month is ideal for exploring the city’s cultural and natural treasures. Going to Hanoi in July, perhaps, would be a vacation worth cherishing in one’s life.

1. Hoan Kiem Lake

Hoan Kiem Lake, serene and vibrant, in Hanoi in July.

Image Credit: Rnt20 for Wikipedia
Hoan Kiem Lake is another cultural and historical centre in Hanoi Vietnam commonly referred to as the Lake of the Returned Sword. Located on the artificial sweet water lake, this is one of the beautiful natural lakes right in the central province of the city that is surrounded by beautiful gardens, temples, and walk/jogging strips. This is a great opportunity to have a walk along the lake and many people rent a boat to facilitate their stay there, as this area is rather similar to the European country.

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2. Temple of Literature

The historic Temple of Literature, a must-visit in Hanoi in July.

Image Credit: Jakub Hałun for Wikimedia Commons

The Temple of Literature Hanoi, one of the most important educational and cultural sites in Vietnam was established in 1070 by Emperor Ly Thanh Tong in honour of Confucius. It was Vietnam’s first national university for Confucian learning established for over seven centuries and lay nestled in the middle of Hanoi. It is the architectural style of both Vietnamese, Chinese, and French with five courtyards symbolising the different aspects of Confucianism. Window and door frames display slender carvings and the decoration is also gorgeously carved and staining around the pond.

3. Hanoi Opera House

The iconic Hanoi Opera House, stunning in Hanoi in July.

Image Credit: Ltn12345 for Wikimedia Commons

The Hanoi Opera House is an outstanding and highly attractive facility located at the Square of August Revolution in the Hanoi district known as the downtown of the city. It was built in 1901-1911 with the help of French architects Broyer, V. Harley, and Francois Lagisquet. The architectural style of the building can be attributed to Neoclassical-Eclectic richly decorated with a vaulted roof in the centre containing beautiful frescoes. The opera house is operated with a seating capacity of 598 and is equipped with modern necessary facilities. It has been considered the venue of important cultural events and performances by both domestic and foreign artists as well as by orchestras.

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4.Bat Trang Pottery Village

Intricate pottery work in Bat Trang Pottery Village, near Hanoi in July.

Image Credit: Vuong Tri Binh for Wikimedia Commons

Bat Trang Pottery Village is situated in Gia Lam District, Hanoi, in the Red River Delta area and the village was established over a thousand years ago. Even though Bat Trang is one of the oldest and most famous handicraft villages in Hanoi, millions of tourists from all over the world visit it annually to observe the skills of the generations of potters. The architectural style of old Vietnam is exemplified in buildings that are seen in the village. The tour also involves observation of artisans creating and demonstrating the different ceramic products that are made in the village.

5. Exploring Old Quarter

Exploring the vibrant Old Quarter, a highlight of Hanoi in July.

Image Credit: Jakub Hałun for Wikimedia Commons

Located to the west and north of the beautiful Hoan Kiem Lake, the Old Quarter, known also as the Hoan Kiem District or the 36 Streets is one of the most ancient parts of Hanoi and definitely among the most visited. This lively district allows you to walk down the small streets with unique souvenirs, food stalls, and historical temples. For tourists, there exists the Dong Xuan Market, street-food culture, cyclo tour, or a simple walk on the street to enjoy the liveliness of the Old Quarter before making it.

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6. A Day trip to Ha Long Bay

A day trip to the stunning Ha Long Bay

Image Credit: xuanduongvan87 for Pixabay

Ha Long Bay is a famous and unique travel destination that is a part of the UNESCO list. The bay is about 165 kilometres away from the central part of Hanoi. It takes around 3-4 hours by car but the natural beauty of the destination contains many gigantic limestone islands and crystal, and the green sea is worth the drive. The well-known bay is rich in possibilities for recreation like kayaking, swimming, walking, and sightseeing in interesting caves, temples, and villages. Filled with breathtaking scenery and vast choices of things to do, Ha Long Bay is a wonderful destination for travelling from Hanoi.

7. Shopping at Dong Xuan Market

Shopping at Dong Xuan Market, a lively experience

Image Credit:DucTuanNguyen for Pixabay

Dong Xuan Market can be classified as one of the largest interior markets that sell numerous products. It is located in the District of Hoan Kiem, in Hanoi’s iconic area known as the Old Quarter. Other divisions provide souvenirs & gifts, accessories, wear, electronics, utensils & appliances, foods, ornaments, and others originating from Vietnam. Currently, the market has 1995 shops occupying an area of 14,000 Sqm. Thus the visitors can get a first-hand feel of the market from 6 am to 6 pm every day and haggle for the items that they require.

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8. Exploring The Museum Of Ethnology

Exploring the Museum of Ethnology, a cultural highlight in Hanoi in July.

Image Credit: Rungbachduong for Wikimedia Commons

The Museum of Ethnology came into existence in 1997 and specialises in collecting and studying Vietnamese ethnological materials. This museum introduces visitors to a microcosm of the Vietnamese Ministry of Culture’s 54 ethnic groups through sections of typical houses, and villages, as well as performances of traditional songs, dances, etc. Located in Bao La commune in the Bac Ha district, the Ha Duc Linh and Veronique Dollfus designed interior and outdoor displays that present traditional farming implements and processes, along with the multiple ethnicities of Vietnam’s population.

Is July A Good Time To Visit Hanoi?

Witness The Skyline Of Hanoi In July

Image Credit: Ntml4507 for Wikimedia Commons

July in Hanoi marks the maximum summer temperature between 30° and 35°C (86° and 95° F), with an average humidity level of about 72% and an average rainfall of about 250mm (10 inches). Otherwise, the number of sunny hours in a day is pretty high for a tropical climate, being around 6 hours a day.
Due to July being still in the summer vacation, be prepared for huge crowds and expensive prices in many attractions and accommodations. Thus, use an appropriate dress code that is light clothing that can easily dry up in case of rain and comfortable shoes to suit the wet surface. It is extremely hot during the daytime.

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How To Reach Hanoi

Hanoi’s main airport is the Noi Bai International Airport located about 35 km from the city.

Image Credit: Lưu Ly for wikipedia

There are several ways people can travel to the capital city of Vietnam, Hanoi.

By Air: Hanoi’s main airport is the Noi Bai International Airport, which is about 35 km from the city. Several carrier companies offer their services to travellers coming to Hanoi from Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and many other cities.

By Train: The train network throughout the country is quite developed, and Hanoi boasts a main railway station within the city. Taking a train from other provinces in Vietnam can take time, sometimes several hours depending on the distance.

By Bus: Buses run from different provinces across northern Vietnam, but foreign visitors should avoid this mode of transport because it is very tiresome and uncomfortable.

By Road: As can be expected, buses and taxis can be utilised to get to Hanoi from the neighbouring cities despite it not being a popular mode of transport amongst foreigners.

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Hanoi in July is notably humid and quite hot. However, there are several things to do outside such as touring the loud streets of Hanoi, trying authentic Vietnamese food from stalls, and observing the old city’s architecture. Light and comfortable rainwear is advisable as the climate will be unpredictable, with some rainfall expected. Despite the hot summer, a trip to Vietnam in July can be very exciting due to active social activities, including night markets and the beautiful compound of Hanoi, including lakes.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Hanoi In July

Which month is good to visit Hanoi?

The finest times to visit Hanoi are seen to be during the spring, which runs from February to April, and the fall, which runs from October to November. The city is not overly hot from February to April, making it easy to visit all of the lovely tourist attractions.

What festivals or events are there in Hanoi in July?

Join the lively Lim festival of Dao ethnic people which is annually celebrated in Ba Vi National Park close by.

What are some offbeat tourist spots that are worth a visit in Hanoi?

Discover the Ceramic Mosaic Mural or the equally interesting Hoa Lo Prison Museum of Hanoi.

Is there any restaurant or stall that you would recommend for enjoying authentic Hanoian street food?

Visit places like Houses of N.getRandom() or Bustanbul for a taste of Vietnam’s famous street foods.

What are the other day tours possible in Hanoi aside from Ha Long Bay?

Among the Dinosaurs of Vietnamese landscapes, Ninh Binh province is a terrain of sensational limestone and reefs often referred to locally as the “Ha Long Bay inland”.

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