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Want to spend your holidays and tour vacation in a calm place surrounded by green trees and cool mountains? If you wish to have a taste of true Iranian hospitality, a homestays in Shoghi is what you are looking for. This beautiful town is located in the state of Himachal Pradesh and is famous for some of the best homestays that have comfort mixed with luxury and a good dollop of nature. Today, we will take you through 5 magnificent mountain getaways that will surely give you an enchanted experience. This way, if you are on a tight budget, you will be looking for the cheapest homestay in Shoghi, or if you are after the best homestay in Shoghi, we have got you sorted.

Wonderful 5 Homestays In Shoghi

The list of the outstanding 5 homestays in Shoghi provided below will help you get your vacation planning just right. These homestays not only provide a comfortable night’s stay but also introduce guests to local traditions and habits. They also entertain guests by hiking the surrounding mountains, bird watching, and even engaging in other activities around the nearby attractions.

These mountains in Shoghi will add charisma to your vacation, be it for business travel, a family vacation, a friend’s reunion, or simply for a ‘me’ trip. Here, we have listed every single one of the options, starting from the budget homestay in Shoghi to the luxury homestay in Shoghi, so that one can find further convenience to accommodate according to their requirement and conveniences. Discover these delightful homestays and plan to run to the mountains.

1. Oakwood Homestay

Cosy interior of Oakwood

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Oakwood Homestay symbolises class, luxury, comfort, and class at its best. This is built in a very serene setting, situated amidst vast tracts of virgin oakes, yet comes with all the trappings of a modern hotel facility. It offers picturesque outlooks, mouthwatering home-cooked meals, and a welcoming atmosphere for all the guests.

Oakwood Homestay offers fully equipped rooms with all the comforts. The host teams are always friendly, ensuring all guests feel welcome when they are on the premises. The deluxe of the unemployed setting makes it an excellent place to rest and refresh.

Room Price: Prices start at INR 3500 per night, including breakfast.
Address: Oakwood Homestay, Shoghi, Himachal Pradesh, India.

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2. Mountain View Homestay

Scenic view from Mountain View Homestay in Shoghi.

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The name and location of this homestay easily point to the fact that it has beautiful scenes of Shoghi Hills mountain views. For lovers of nature, it is ideal for a break and vacation, aiming at having a perfect vacation and relaxing.

Offering a family atmosphere, this homestay has comfortable rooms with balconies and breathtaking mountain views. The accommodating hosts provide customer services according to your preferred needs with the aim of ensuring your comfortable stay. Further, the homestay offers a guided service to other sites and interesting hikes for the more adventurous tourists.

Room Price: The cost per night starts at INR 2500, including breakfast.
Address: Mountain View Homestay, Shoghi, Himachal Pradesh, India.

3. Shoghi Valley Homestay

Beautiful landscape surrounding

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Shoghi Valley Homestay is a luxury homestay located in Shoghi, touted for its well-constructed home away from the hustle and bustle of city life. This is especially suitable for families and couples in search of quiet time, especially those who love the serene countryside.

Ever had dreams of your dream home with spacious and lavish rooms equipped with modern amenities? Activities such as bird watching, hiking, and sightseeing around the area are undertaken to entertain the guests. The laid-back hosts go out of their way to ensure that their guests have the most pleasant and comfortable stay possible.

Room Price: Prices start at INR 4000 per night, including breakfast and dinner.
Address: Shoghi Valley Homestay, Shoghi, Himachal Pradesh, India.

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4. The Pine Retreat

Tranquil environment at the best rooms in the homestay in Shoghi.

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Pine Retreat is the place where one is assured of solitude and natural scenery. Since it’s located next to pine trees, it provides a perfect opportunity to find solace from the noisy world of the urban environment.

The Pine Retreat offers spacious guest rooms with good accommodation amenities and large windows with a view of the pine trees. The meals served attract the local flavour, and there are ample recreational facilities such as fireside arrangements and nature walks, among others.

Room Price: Prices start at INR 3000 per night, including breakfast and dinner.
Address: The Pine Retreat, Shoghi, Himachal Pradesh, India.

5. Forest Edge Homestay

Exterior view of Forest Edge room of Homestay in Shoghi.

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Staying at Forest Edge Homestay accommodation provides a lifestyle blend of a traditional cottage and some creature comforts thrown in. Sitting at the entrance of a large forest, the camp is ideal for those interested in the natural world.

Various accommodations are available for guests during a visit; well-equipped rooms have everything that can make their stay as comfortable as possible. This aspect shows that the homestay engages in several activities, such as forest walks and bird-watching activities, which makes it preferred by tourists with the spirit of adventure.

Room Price: Prices start at INR 2800 per night, including breakfast.
Address: Forest Edge Homestay, Shoghi, Himachal Pradesh, India.

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Selecting an appropriate homestay in Shoghi will help you to make your trip even more wonderful. These are the best homestays that you need to know about in the Shoghi area so that you can plan your next trip to Himachal Pradesh. Whether you want the most expensive homestay accommodation in Shoghi or you want the type of homestay accommodation in Shoghi that is the most affordable, you will find it all here. So go ahead and savour this magical trip!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Homestays In Shoghi

What is the best time to visit Shoghi?

The best time to visit Shoghi is from March to June and September to November for tourists preferring moderate climate and other activities that require good weather during their visit.

Are there budget-friendly homestays in Shoghi?

Many cheap ones are available for booking and are really good, for instance, Mountain View Homestay, Freehold Homestay, Forest Edge Homestay, and many others.

What activities can I do while staying at a homestay in Shoghi?

Some of the activities that guests can participate in while at the camp include hiking, bird watching, local tours, nature walks, and bonfire events.

Do homestays in Shoghi provide meals?

Regarding the meals, it should be noted that most of the homestays in Shoghi have their kitchens, and they cook delicious local dishes; they may be included in the overall price or served at an extra charge.

How do I book a homestay in Shoghi?

One can search for a homestay in Shoghi by logging into any travel portal or approaching the concerned homestay directly by visiting a homestay's website or by making a phone call to numbers listed on any homestay listing website.

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