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Have you ever encountered a secret place in the middle of a busy city? Well, Periamet might just be that for you! While not as popular as some of the areas in Delhi, this place is quite interesting and will leave the guests impressed. For the experienced traveller as well as the novice tourist, the following blog will guide you well.
Periamet has a historical background and exhibits a rudimentary culture, which has come to fame due to the existence of the bangle market. This guide will further explain why the place is important for travellers looking for pretty bangles and those who want to discover an exciting but not so hyped Delhi area. We will also suggest some hotels in Periamet if you need them! Therefore, I ask you, my friend, if you are prepared to step into the world of Periamet.

Top Hotels In Periamet-Overview

Many hotels in Periamet are worth considering for a lavish accommodation experience. These hotels are as follows:

1. Taj Club House

The alluring night view of Taj Club House, one of the best hotels in Periamet

Image Credit: Kushared for Wikimedia Commons

Just imagine how fulfilling it would be to reside in the heart of Chennai’s business district. The Taj Clubhouse is located on Clubhouse Road, which is just a stone’s throw away from the historic Taj Connemara Hotel. As they enter the Taj hotel, the guests will be greeted warmly in a beautifully designed lobby. The rooms of Taj Club House are super spacious and are full of natural lighting, thanks to the large windows. This hotel in Chennai is perfect for those looking for a luxurious stay and wanting to relax, away from the usual life and feeling hungry? Fret not! Taj Club House has a range of dining restaurants that serve delicious food from all over the world. It is one of the best hotels in Periamet.

Address: 2, Club House Rd, Express Estate, Royapettah, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600002
Price: Starting at ₹18,000 onwards

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2. ITC Grand Chola

Eye-gazing view of ITC Grand Chola

Image Credit: Destination8infinity for Wikimedia Commons

Do you have a dream to experience royalty on your vacation? If so, then the ITC Grand Chola should be on your cards! This is a super luxurious hotel that is located just a short distance from Chennai’s business centre. Moreover, this hotel has been awarded the prestigious title of “Luxury Collection Hotel” and it lives up to the name. The hotel has a sprawling garden filled with beautiful flowers and plants, with stunning interiors that will just leave you speechless. The rooms and suites of ITC Grand Chola are just like you’re stepping into heaven. They’re incredibly comfortable and at the same time offer you every amenitie you need during your stay.

Address: 63, Anna Salai, Little Mount, Guindy, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600032
Price: Starting at ₹25,000 onwards

3. Hyatt Regency

The view of Hyatt Chennai , one of the best hotels in Periamet

Image Credit: Hyatt Regency Chennai for Wikimedia Commons

Are you searching for a luxurious hotel that provides you with a luxe feeling while not digging a deep hole in your pocket? Hyatt Regency offers you a perfect blend of modern style and exceptional service. The rooms of this luxe hotel are designed with convenience and comfort in mind while having all the latest amenities. Moreover, thanks to the huge windows of the rooms, they offer stunning city views. It is one of the best hotels in Periamet. The rooms are so comforting that after a busy day of sightseeing or business meetings, you can relax at the pool or even treat yourself to a warm massage at the hotel’s spa centre.

Address: 365, Anna Salai, Rostrevor Garden, Teynampet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600018
Price: Starting from ₹20,000 onwards

4. Hotel Grand Gaayatris

The lobby area in the hotel

Image Credit: Quark Studio for Pexels

This hotel is located near the Chennai International Airport and is Perfect for tourists seeking easy access from the airport. Booking this hotel is just perfect for those with early-morning flights or late-night arrivals. Furthermore, this hotel is ideal for budget-conscious travellers as this is an extremely economical option. Perfect for those whose main motive is to explore the destination while not just enjoying the hotel amenities. But keep in mind that the prices are subject to change during the peak season. The clean rooms provide amenities like Wifi, AC, TV, comfortable beds, and basic toiletries. While not extravagant, these amenities ensure a comfortable stay. It is one of the best hotels in Periamet.

Address:: 95, Grand Southern Trunk Rd, Sunnambu Colony, Pallavaram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600043
Price: Starting from ₹2000 onwards

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5. Saibala Inn

Budget friendly hotels in Periamet

Image Credit: Michael Rivera for Wikimedia Commons

In Tambaram, which is the suburban area of Chennai, Saibala Inn, is a haven-like staying place for budget-conscious travellers. This hotel is ideal for those seeking a simple and affordable place to stay. Moreover, the rates of this hotel are quite reasonable but depend upon the room’s availability. However, guests should not expect many amenities at this budget hotel. But still, you will find clean and well-maintained rooms, comfortable beds, and hot water. This is a good option for those who are seeking value over luxury. So, if you are looking for a basic place to rest your head after a hectic sightseeing day, Saibala Inn would be the ideal hotel. It is one of the best hotels in Periamet.

Address: Starting from ₹1,300 onwards
Price: 5, Vadivel Street, Iyyappan Nagar, HL Colony, Pammal, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600075

6. Allamanda Abode Apartments

A room in a hotel

Image Credit: Hakim Santoso for Pexels

This hotel in Periamet, Chennai offers guests unique advantages for families. These apartments provide more space and privacy than traditional budget-friendly hotels. Moreover, these family-friendly apartments can be a life changer for families, mainly those travelling with kids. The price of these apartments is super affordable, but they are subject to change during the peak months. Moreover, the prices of the apartments depend completely upon the size you choose. Choosing a smaller apartment’ll cost you less than the larger one, as it would naturally cost you more.

Address: 241 2, Vaithiyalingam St, Vaithiyalingam Nagar, Nanmangalam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600117
Price: Starting from ₹1,200 onwards

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Must-See Attractions To Witness In Periamet

Here is the list of some of the best places that you can visit in Periamet and plan your visit:

1. Victory War Memorial

Victory-War-Memorial, one of the best places located near hotels in Periamat

Image Credit: Irfanahmed605 for Wikimedia Commons

Located right in the centre of Periamet, the Victory War Memorial is a symbol of the bravery of Indian soldiers who fought in World War I and Afghan wars. Its concrete exterior is composed of polished granite, giving it a dignified look. As soon as you enter, you get a feeling of calmness. Outside the room, warm sunlight falls through coloured glass, and on the exhibits are clothes, weapons, and photos of the war. Imprinted messages leading to the fallen heroes’ histories make people feel thankful for their loss of lives. The quietness is deafening, thus making the Victory War Memorial a place of honour and respect.

2. Five Lights Junction

Five Lights Junction , Chennai

Image Credit: Jaggery for Wikimedia Commons

Explore the essence of the liveliest commercial hub of Periamet in the Five Lights Junction. This very busy intersection will make anyone with a sensitive stomach lose it completely in the most entertaining way possible. There is a colonial clock tower at the centre of the gallery with perfectly designed hands that help in recording the correct time. This creates the buzzing of car horns, vendors shouting, and chatting people in the background. Stalls of clothes and other products occupy every corner of the street, while people walk through the assortment. But a perfect way is to find yourself a corner at a tea stall and, with a cup of chai in your hand, watch the liveness of Periamet.

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3. Periamet Bangle Market

The view of the bangle shop, one of the best places located near hotels in Periamat

Image Credit: Wikiprem for Wikimedia Commons

To completely feel the native atmosphere of the place while shopping, the gracefulness of Periamet Bangle Market awaits. The narrow corridors available are filled with many blinks of the bangle in different colours and materials. Every store has its variety – fine glass ones glitter like diamonds in the sun, beautiful wood ones have a country feel, and shiny metal ones dazzle with their engravings. Look at the professional and creative approach used by local artists as they fashion these excellent trinkets. Enjoy haggling and get lost in this shopper’s heaven because bargaining is still widely practised in this country.

Practical tips to keep in mind

Hence, to seize the day and unravel the charms of Periamet, it’s useful to have several pieces of pragmatically wise advice in mind. Given that Delhi’s heat is intense, wear casual, loose, non-restricting and light-coloured fabrics. Even while some shops are shifting to electronic payments, cash is handy, especially during a haggle that is a tradition and enjoyed at the Bangle Market. Do not forget to negotiate with a smile. Comfortable shoes for the walk are required, and so is a personal water bottle in case of the hot weather especially during the height of summer.

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Chennai: A Small-Scale Study of the Periamet neighbourhood reveals what is truly at the web’s centre. From the awe-inspiring monuments in the formally structured Victory War Memorial to the vivid colours of Bangle Market each forms a rich layer of the canvas of this otherwise unheard city. Therefore, be ready to get a feel of Five Lights Junction, let the history speak in hushed tones at Freemason Hall and look up in wonderment at the colossal Arignar Anna Statue. This web has told you why your should visit Periamet and about the worthy things that you may find there with the intended aim of offering you the key facts to consider during your visit. Tighten up all your schedules and book a trip to chennai because it is the perfect place to be.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Hotels In Periamet

Is the Bangle Market open every day?

Yes, the Bangle Market bustles most days, sunrise to evening, with some shops adjusting timings on Sundays/holidays.

Can I find traditional Tamil Nadu souvenirs besides bangles?

Sure! Find handcrafted toys, bronze sculptures, and colourful lungi cloths alongside bangles. You can also choose to buy some regional spices for yourself or as gift for others.

How do I reach the Freemasons' Hall?

Freemasons' Hall isn't open to the public, but admire its exterior near Periamet Bazaar Road and China Bazaar Road intersection.

Are there any local festivals celebrated in Periamet?

Periamet joins Chennai in celebrating major festivals like Pongal and Diwali with decorations, special stalls, and a festive spirit.

What are some vegetarian options available for food in Periamet?

South Indian restaurants offer dosa, idli, and sambar, and many street vendors have vegetarian samosas and pakoras.

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