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Homestaying at any destination is the perfect way to immerse yourself in a place. This stands true for Jispa in Himachal Pradesh. This sparsely populated land witnessed the harshest climatic conditions, yet many travellers brave the storm to reach it. They are not doing this for a cosy stay at Jispa homestays. Jispa is a scenic beauty with beautiful campgrounds and adventure trails. This beautiful village is a pit stop for many travelling from Manali to Leh. This blog will provide the perfect guide to choosing the top Jispa homestay to make your trip comfortable.

Top Jispa Homestays

.As Jispa is one of the most underrated towns in Himachal Pradesh, finding a secluded and peaceful homestay would not be impossible. You’re likely to get many other perks when you book the best Jispa homestays. Some of the prominent ones that you must choose are as follows:

1. Gemoor Khar- Manor House

Homestays in Jispa are cozy and relaxing

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This is considered the most popular Jispa homestay for a big group. You can book the entire house, which has around eight bedrooms. The homestay has twelve bedrooms capable of accommodating up to fifteen guests. This is a lovely homestay to choose from if you also wish to explore the nearby areas. Gemroor Khar- Manor House also offers a garden where you can observe the beauty of the surrounding areas. The host offers free WiFi and parking for the convenience of everyone visiting. They have an in-house restaurant, wherein the cook can prepare several cuisines for you while you enjoy your stay here.

Address: Gemur, Himachal Pradesh
Pricing: Rs 5600 onwards

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2. Bhrigu Camps Jispa

You can select the perfect Jispa homestay by looking at its reviews online

Image Credit: Yurii-mr for Wikimedia Commons

Although not necessarily a homestay, this place is nothing less than that. If you’re travelling with your friends or family, Bhrigu Camps Jispa will surely be one of the best places to explore. There’s one bedroom in the homestay that can accommodate around three guests. Each room has two beds for the convenience of visitors. The homestay offers free private parking and a shared garden space wherein you can relax. You will be provided with a continental breakfast in your luxury tent. It is a child-friendly property that also has wheelchair accessibility. Once you book the homestay, you can get the entire luxury tent.

Address: Jispa, Himachal Pradesh
Pricing: Rs 2,912 onwards

3. TIH Siramani Standard Cottage

Summer and autumn are the best seasons to explore a Jispa homestay

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TIH Siramani Standard Cottage is situated in Keylong, very close to Jispa. There are 15 guest rooms in this destination, offering a wide range of luxury and comfort. They also have bathrooms and toiletries available for the guests. Room service is available at the TIH Siramani Standard Cottage homestay for people of all sizes. If extra guests are travelling, you should request an extra rollaway and additional beds for everyone. This is a non-smoking space with the daily housekeeping feature available.

Address: Keylong, Himachal Pradesh
Pricing: Rs 5599 onwards

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4. Kalinga Abode

Relax at Cosy rooms

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A spacious room is available at the Kalinga Abode, which ensures everyone’s comfort and luxury. The host is always available to offer maximum support, especially in travelling and exploring the true beauty of the place. There is also a tiny garden in Kalinga Abode where you can sit back and enjoy a comfortable space. Staying in Kalinga Abode would give you access to home-cooked delicious meals, as they offer breakfast and lunch facilities. They also offer dinner facilities as well. The homestay also has a dedicated smoking zone for the guests visiting.

Address: Lahoul & New Bus stand Road, Distt, Keylong, Himachal Pradesh
Pricing: Rs 1720 onwards

5. Valley View Homestay Fuktal

Enjoy the rich and diverse fauna of the mountains

Image Credit: Max Vakhtbovycn for Pexels

If you want a comfortable and fabulous stay in Lahaul, especially around Jispa, you should stay at Valley View Homestay Futkal. With an extensive and beautiful view of the valleys, this homestay is the perfect Jispa Homestays, especially if you want some comfort with a touch of luxury for your stay. The rooms at Valley View Homestay Futkal are spacious, with big windows offering a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains. Homemade food is available at this destination, and the hosts are accommodating. They have great hospitality and a lovely atmosphere.

Address: Phugtal, Himachal Pradesh
Pricing: Rs 2240 onwards

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Jispa homestays is a beautiful way to familiarise yourself with Indo-Tibetan culture. Amidst the glacial lakes, proud Himalayas, and chilly air, the love of the locals will keep you warm. A secluded village away from the city’s hustling, Jispa is the perfect place to sit down and enjoy some hot Thupka while gazing at the stars. Plan your trip to Himachal Pradesh today and soak in the blissful experience Jispa has to offer!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Jispa Homestays

How do I get to Jispa?

You can reach Jispa by road, rail, or air. Choosing your preferred mode of transportation helps in providing you with a seamless experience.

Do I need a permit for Jispa?

Indian nationals do not require any special permit for Jispa. Foreign nationals may need an Inner Line Permit.

What is the best time to visit Jispa?

The best time to visit Jispa is between April and September. The summer months are pleasant and it is easy to travel during this time.

What can I do in Jispa?

During your stay in Jispa, you can go camping and trekking. This destination is also popular for stargazing.

What will I need during my trip to Jispa?

Warm clothing is a must in Jispa, no matter the season. You will need a medical kit, extra cash, sunscreen, good trekking gear and essentials for personal use.

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