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Green is the new gold. The more one conserves it, the more number of years one is adding to this planet. Kadoorie farm and botanic garden is a farm and probably the greenest place one would have ever seen or visited on earth. A farm is generally an agricultural place where fruits, vegetables, flowers, ornamental plants are grown. Whereas a botanical garden is one where the old, new and emerging species of the plants are grown and preserved. These may be due to some educational purpose or scientific purpose or simply preservation of the plants which are degraded.

Visiting such places could increase your knowledge, or give you your next business idea. It could induce your interest in conserving the plants and you could come up with some green and frugal idea. Whatever the idea, it is always good to be around nature and learn a lot from it.

About Kadoorie Farm And Botanic Garden

About Kadoorie Farm And Botanic Garden

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This farm is situated near the Lam Tsuen area, Tai Po in Hong Kong. It was established in the year 1956 and since then it has been a constant source of knowledge and inspiration. Originally the aim of setting this entity was to help the poor farmers but later on it grew into a conservation center. It now sports varieties of plant species native to the area. It also adorns the native animals of that region to give a comprehensive look to the farm and the botanic garden.

Whatever the idea, ultimately it conserves the biodiversity of the area. It is a place with multi-purpose qualities. It can be your next picnic spot or an educational tour. Its location with scenic views around makes the journey too a memorable and fascinating one.

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Best Time To Visit Kadoorie Farm And Botanic Garden

Best Time To Visit Kadoorie Farm And Botanic Garden

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If one goes by the estimates, there are around 3000 to 5000 visitors who visit this fantastic place. If one has to find specifically the best time to visit this garden, it could be in the months starting from May to August. This time will get the best floral bloom and the freshest and greenest leaves to look at. It remains open from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm. It is best to book a tour in advance if the number of people are more than 20.

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Places To Stay Near Kadoorie Farm And Botanic Garden

Places To Stay Near Kadoorie Farm And Botanic Garden

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The farm does not have a residing place. But one can easily find many hotels and accommodations near the farm. They are all located near it or even if they are a bit far away, proper transport is available to reach at that place. One can easily get himself a decent residing accommodation. If you want a luxury stay, you can choose the OZO Wesley or the Panda Hotel. For budget accommodation, there’s the Jiayue Boutique hotel and the Home Inn near the Shenzhen Railway Station.

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Things To Do At Kadoorie Farm And Botanic Garden


There a lot of tours and attraction points available. They have vivid guided tours for all age groups. One can easily spend a whole day or more as per one’s convenience. And then one can easily spot your favorite dish in the fantastic café available there. Enjoy the super delicious food after the tiring tour. Few tours worth mentioning are:

  • Guided tours: It consists of two parts. One of this guided tour is eco-tour and is compulsory if you opt for the guided tours. The second part is an optional tour consisting of a few activities. These activities are available only for selective days of the week. The itinerary of this tour is so well planned that one needs to buy himself or your group only the tickets and the rest will follow.
  • Picnic areas: If you are in a group, you can plan your picnic in the picnic zone of this amazing place. The management team guides you to have your picnic in the most fun-loving way.
  • Heritage sites and viewpoints: Under this, so many interesting places and points of interests are clubbed together that it becomes a tour in itself. There are shops, summits, pillars, and more such places to visit.
  • Educational tour: They have a fascinating educational display of flora and fauna. So one can always arrange for an educational trip for the students of their school. The team will guide you in a pleasant manner so that you experience the most comfortable trip.
  • Trekking and hiking: There is an option of trekking or hiking here. You can take the interesting and specially curated walking trails to get to your destination. The best part is that you can choose your path out of the ones available.
  • Self-guided tours: This is one of the highlights of visiting this place. Even if you are not with a group and wish to travel solo, there is a planned itinerary in the self – guided tours.

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Places like the Kadoorie Farm And Botanic Garden, are great places for some guided and systematic studies of the flora available in a particular region. One can find huge advantages in visiting such places. The only thing to remember is the closing time and days which one must keep in mind. So visiting such a place is not only another sightseeing activity to do in Hong Kong but is much more than that. Book your trip to Hong Kong with TravelTriangle now and escape to the green world of Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden.

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