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    Buddha Temple

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    Jaffna is a marvelous city located on the northern tip of Sri Lanka. Famous for its enormous Hindu temple of Nallur Kandaswamy that has stunning golden arches as well as an ornate gopuram tower, this city is fast turning into a tourist hotspot and one of the most visit-worthy hubs in Sri Lanka. Other than the temple and beaches, travelers are always thrilled to visit the star-shaped Jaffna Fort by the coast here that had been established by the Portuguese way back in the 17th century and was later occupied by the Dutch and the British. While all these architectural gems help lure tourists to this city, that’s not all that this city offers. It is also known for its various restaurants, hotels, resorts, as well as plenty of shopping arcades. Some of the most popular and highly frequented markets in Jaffna that offer handmade merchandise and Sri Lankan artifacts to visitors have been listed below.

    Grab some unique souvenirs and memorabilia from these beautiful market spaces in Jaffna. Take home a chunk of the distinguished cultural charm and heritage of this city that is reflected greatly in its local art and handicrafts that will remind you of their fabulous holiday experience in Sri Lanka. For a wholesome experience of touring Jaffna, make sure you stop by these local markets and bazaars to get a taste of the vast culture of Sri Lanka in the form of colorful and vivid handicrafts!

    3 Finest Markets In Jaffna, Sri Lanka

    Listed below are a few of the best markets, shopping avenues, and bazaars in the city of Jaffna where you can grab local handmade goods and souvenirs to take home with you in the form of gifts for your friends and family. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to scoop up a few Sri Lankan handicrafts to decorate your own home with so that you may always cherish the time you spent here!

    1. Main Market


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    If you are going to this place, for the first time you will surely enjoy the people and the local market as well. There are many famous restaurants which you must try. Their cuisine resembles Indian food and has their own specific and interesting dishes worth trying. This is a not-to-be-missed thing to do in Jaffna, Sri Lanka


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    2. Jaffna Fish Market


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    See and explore the fish market in Jaffna which is quite a fascinating place to discover at this Sri Lankan town. There are many small fish markets around Jaffna but the one located on the beach road is worth a visit. Bustling with busy fishermen bringing up a variety of sea fish which you can look around and buy.

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    3. Jaffna Local Market

    _Vancouver Farmers’ Holiday Market_

    If you wish to taste some juicy Sri Lankan fruits and vegetables, you better head to the Local Market of Jaffna. You’ll find plenty of fresh fruits, sweet treats, and even traditional utensils that you won’t get in your home country. It’s also a great place for tasting the spicy street food of Sri Lanka in different delicious forms like fried fish, palmyra, buttermilk with red chilies, spiced banana fritters, and much more. The fresh produce that you can buy here includes coconuts, mangoes, grapes, bananas, capsicums, brinjals, jackfruits, onions, grains, spices, and pulses, all brought here straight from the farms. Make sure you arrive here early as the market closes by 6 PM as soon as the sellers have sold every last bit of their local produce. And don’t forget to buy the famous Jaffna Curry Powder, which is a rich blend of roasted and ground red chili, fennel, turmeric, coriander, cumin, fenugreek, and pepper. You can also buy locally produced sweet treats like peanut biscuits, vanilla biscuits, odiyal, jaggery, baskets of woven palmyra leaves, Nelli fruit cordial, and grape wine here.

    Jaffna is a delightful sojourn that offers the best of experiences to visitors be it in terms of sightseeing, adventure, or shopping! So, don’t forget to pay these a visit to these awesome markets in Jaffna during your getaway to Sri Lanka.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Markets In Jaffna Sri Lanka

    Q. Which are some of the famous markets in Jaffna?

    A. Jaffna Fish Market, Jaffna Main Market, and Jaffna local maret are some of the best places to go shopping in Jaffna.

    Q. What can you buy from markets in Jaffna?

    A. Being a coastal town, Jaffna is famous for fresh seafood. You can also buy trinkets like jewelry made from sea shells and pearls. Jaffna curry powder is another essential item to buy while shopping in here.

    Q. What is the best time to visit Jaffna?

    A. January to September is considered to be the best time to visit Jaffna.

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