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While in the north coast of Mauritius, finding a good resort can become quite a challenging task. There are lots of hotels and resorts that can be found while in the North Coast of Mauritius. The Mauritius North Coast resorts are available with lots of facilities that would make the stay worthwhile.
The resorts in North Mauritius come with amazing views from the rooms, lots of outdoor activities and a relaxing stay for calming down the nerves away from the hustle of usual life. The resorts come with facilities like spa, massages, tennis court, swimming pool and many more. Some of the famous 5-star Mauritius North Coast resorts are the Azuri resort, Villa Narmada, Villa Osoleil, the Westin Turtle Bay resort & spa, the Angsana Balaclava Mauritius and many more. These resorts have become a favorite of the visitors due to high-quality facilities and services.
A stay in these resorts while in north Mauritius would make a holiday experience a splendid one, as it would bring one closer to the natural aspect of the place with its scenic views from the balconies and fresh fruits for snacks. The facilities provided in these resorts would make one’s stay comfortable and one can easily spend a day at leisure while on a vacation. The aesthetic spa sessions and the relaxing massages that would be provided in the resorts would make the body and mind relaxed. Apart from that, even the cuisine would be a delightful one.

Special Experiences

There are certain unique facilities or experiences which are provided by Mauritius North Coast resorts. These special services make them one of a kind due to which the visitors get attracted to these resorts. The Azuri resort has special facilities like tennis court, spa and wellness center, fishing, hiking, and even diving. While guests can enjoy a game of golf if it interests them if staying at the Westin Turtle Bay resort & spa. In addition to that, the Westin Turtle Bay resort & spa even has facilities for a calming spa and massage. One can even experience a Sauna in here. The Angsana Balaclava Mauritius has special services such as fishing and even has a fitness center so that one doesn’t have to miss out on the exercise routine while on a vacation. The Villa Narmada is famous for its outdoor pool and sun loungers or beach chairs which helps the visitors in having a relaxing sunbath after a hectic day. One can easily spend a day at leisure while in these resorts.


The Mauritius North Coast resorts provide high-quality services that are highly appreciated by the customers. Guests can get free Wi-Fi which would help them in staying connecting to their social life. The resorts even come with airport pickup and drop off services which means one does not have to worry about taking a cab to reach the hotel. Apart from that, the rooms are spacious enough and come with hygienic bathroom conditions. The balcony view from the room would bring in the fresh ocean air from the beaches at North Mauritius. The hotels even provide clean bathrobes and bed sheets. One can even find an in-room refrigerator and room services are 24*7 available.


The Mauritius north coast resorts are famous for their cuisine. One can find cuisine from different parts of the world. Top chefs are allocated for the making of the dishes and hygienic conditions are maintained in the kitchen as well. One can find Indian, Chinese, European and even continental cuisine in here. The local cuisine can also be availed and should not be missed. While in Mauritius, one should try the seafood in here as the dishes would enhance the taste buds.


Q1. When should one book for rooms at Mauritius North Coast resorts?

A. It is advisable to book the resorts at least one month before the visit.

Q2. What are the free resort services?

A. The free services include Wi-Fi, fitness centers, outdoor pools, board games, bathroom accessories, and room service.

Q3. Which language does the staff at these resorts understand?

A. The staff is well trained to converse in English with the customers.

Q4. Are last minute bookings available at these resorts in the north coast?

A. Though most of the resorts are booked in advance, most of the resorts are available for last minute booking.

Q5. What kind of cuisine can one expect in these resorts?

A. One can expect Indian, Chinese, Europe and even local cuisine in the resorts.

A good accommodation is necessary for a holiday to be perfect and the Mauritius North Coast resorts make sure that each customer has a perfect stay while here. The facilities provided are up to mark and the staff is well trained so that the customers won’t find any difficulty during their stay. There is a plethora of amenities that guests can avail while staying at these resorts. The dining facility available at these resorts is another attraction. Guests can choose from a variety of cuisines according to their taste. One will never run out of new food option to try. There are also a number of entertainment options for guests to ensure that they spend a fun-filled vacation in Mauritius.

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