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Merta city is an ancient city which was also known as Medantak. It is here that Meerabai, the poetess and most famous devotee of Lord Krishna, was born. So, this city also holds religious significance for Hindus. Merta is renowned for the Charbuja Temple located in the city centre. The Mertia clan established this temple and took it to its glory. The Rajputs, Marathas and the Mughals ruled Merta. So this city has seen several battles. After one such batter emperor Aurangzeb constructed a mosque over a ruined Shiva Temple. The mosque and other Hindu shrines form an important tourist attraction in Merta.

History Of Merta City

Meera Smarak in Merta City

Image Credit: Aaku Mehra for Wikimedia Commons

Merta, a small town in the Nagaur district of Rajasthan, is steeped in cultural heritage and has impressive historical significance. Although Merta is less known compared to other tourist destinations in Rajasthan, it has its unique charm. Merta is the birthplace of the famous mystic poetess Meera Bai, an ardent Krishna devotee. Over the years, tourists interested in exploring the spiritual and poetic legacy of Meera Bai have visited this town, enhancing its tourism history. The history of tourism in Merta is closely tied to religious and cultural events. The presence of the Meera Bai Temple, where she is said to have worshipped Lord Krishna, attracts devotees from all around. The town’s history is further augmented by its association with the historic battle of Merta during the era of Rao Maldeo Rathore in the 16th century. This battle site has drawn history enthusiasts to explore the town’s past further.

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Pushkar Is A Nearby Town To Merta City

The ariel view of the city of Pushkar nearby town to Merta City

Image Credit: VyacheslavArgenberg for Wikimedia Commons

Adjacent to Merta is Pushkar, a town that holds a significant place in India’s religious tourism map. Pushkar is one of the oldest cities in India, with a history that dates back to legends mentioned in ancient Hindu scriptures. The city is home to one of the few temples dedicated to Lord Brahma in the world, the Pushkar Brahma Temple, which makes it a unique destination for pilgrims. Pushkar is famously known for the Pushkar Lake, which is surrounded by 52 bathing ghats. Pilgrims from all over the country flock to this town to take a holy dip in the sacred waters of Pushkar Lake, particularly during the Kartik Poornima festival. Moreover, the annual Pushkar Camel Fair has become a major cultural and tourist attraction, bringing in a large number of international visitors excited to witness the vibrant spectacle featuring livestock trading, cultural performances, and various competitions.

The latest tourism trend in Pushkar revolves around boutique accommodations, experiential travel, and responsible tourism. Visitors are increasingly looking for authentic experiences that allow them to immerse themselves in local culture, cuisine, and traditions. There’s a growing interest in staying at heritage properties, participating in local festivals, and engaging in activities like hot air ballooning over desert landscapes. Moreover, with the rise of social media, Pushkar’s picturesque ghats, colourful markets, and rustic charm have attracted a newer generation of travellers who are keen to capture and share their travel experiences online. This trend has brought a fresh wave of visibility and interest, encouraging sustainable practices and community tourism initiatives to preserve the cultural and environmental integrity of the region.

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Places To Visit Near Merta City

There are plethora of places in and near the vicinity of Merta, Here is a well curated list of captivating places to make your trip most memorable.

1. Naga Pahar

Naga Pahar

Image Credit: Rameshchaudhari1 for Wikimedia Commons

Pushkar and Ajmer are divided by a hill — known as Naga Pahar. As per the legends, the hills at Naga Pahar continue to diminish till date and will eventually disappear totally. These hills are believed to be the residence of the famous Sage Agastya. The hills also house a lake called Nag Kund. Naga Pahar offers a spectacular view of Pushkar city from its top and has often been used as a vantage point for photographers. It is one of the best Pushkar places to visit for a memorable holiday.

2. Pushkar Lake

Pushkar Lake, a famous hindu pilgrimage

Image Credit: Jakub Hałun for Wikimedia Commons

Pushkar Lake is closest to the temple of God Brahma and one of the most serene places to see in Pushkar. As per mythology, this place is where Brahma and Savitri offered their prayers. A dip in this holy river is believed to be the harbinger of Moksha — freedom from birth. The lake has several ghats designed especially for bathing and offering prayers. Brahma Ghat is the most famous among many others like Varaha, Dadhich, Saptarishi, Gwalior, Kota, Gau, Yag, Jaipur, Karni and Gangaur Ghat.

3. Kishangarh


Image Credit: Ramesh Lalwani for Wikimedia Commons

A municipality on the outskirts of Pushkar, Kishangarh is famous for its magnificent forts and marble mines. The Phool Mahal and Roopangarh Fort here are a peep into the rich history of this region. The marble mines in Kishangarh are also worth visiting as they help you understand the processes involved behind those marble slabs in your home.

Best Time To Visit Merta City

Bhujnath Temple at Merta City

Image Credit: Shemaroo for Wikimedia Commons

Pushkar, a town in the Ajmer district of Rajasthan, is a destination renowned for its picturesque landscapes, sacred sites, and vibrant cultural festivals. The peak tourist season in Pushkar is during the cooler months of October to March when the weather is most pleasant for exploring the town’s attractions. During this time, daytime temperatures are comfortably warm, and nights can be cool, ideal for enjoying Pushkar’s outdoor activities and sightseeing without the intense heat that characterizes the summer months.

The most celebrated event in Pushkar is the Pushkar Camel Fair, which typically takes place in November during the auspicious Kartik Purnima. This fair draws thousands of tourists and pilgrims from around the world who come to witness the vibrant spectacle of cattle trading, cultural performances, and religious ceremonies. While this period is the most exciting time to visit, it’s also the busiest, so advance accommodation booking is highly recommended. Travelers seeking a quieter experience might consider visiting just before or after the festival period.

How To Reach Merta City

Glorious view of a temple

Image Credit: Sharvarism for Wikimedia Commons

You have several options to reach Merta City. The nearest airport is Jodhpur Airport, located about 40 km away, from where you can take a taxi or bus to the city. If you prefer rail travel, Merta Road Railway Station is well-connected to major cities, with trains from Jodhpur, Jaipur, and other nearby urban centres. For those driving or taking a bus, Merta City is accessible via NH 65 and state highways, with regular bus services from surrounding towns. It’s approximately 90 km from Jodhpur (about 2 hours by road) and 270 km from Jaipur (roughly 5-6 hours driving). Taxis and private vehicles are also a feasible option for reaching the city.

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When you’re in Rajasthan, you must visit Merta City. It’s extraordinary and beautiful. The Grand Palace is nearby, showing off Thai culture and fantastic artwork. This place is famous in Rajasthan and teaches you about India’s exciting past and traditions. It’s a great time to plan your and see Merta City and other cool places to learn about Indian culture! Now that you go to know about Merta City, Plan your trip to Rajasthan to explore the city of Merta.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Merta City

How can tourists reach Merta?

Tourists can reach Merta by road or rail. The town has good connectivity with major cities in Rajasthan via state-run buses and private transport. The nearest major railway station is in Ajmer, which is well-connected to other parts of the country. From there, tourists can take a local train or bus to reach Merta.

Are there any accommodation options in Merta for tourists?

The accommodation options in Merta may be limited compared to other tourist destinations. However, there are some guesthouses, budget hotels, and homestays available. Visitors looking for more amenities may choose to stay in nearby cities like Ajmer or Pushkar, which offer a wider range of accommodation choices.

Are there any cultural norms or customs that tourists should be aware of while visiting Merta and Pushkar?

Tourists should dress modestly, especially when visiting religious sites. Leather products are not allowed in many temples, and alcohol and non-vegetarian food are generally prohibited in Pushkar. Visitors should respect local customs and traditions to ensure a harmonious experience.

What are the options for travelling between Merta and Pushkar?

For local travel within Merta and Pushkar, tourists can use auto-rickshaws, cycle-rickshaws, or hire taxis. Pushkar is relatively small and can be explored on foot or by bicycle.

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