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    Beautiful Mexico in November

    A country in the southern portion of North America, Mexico is surrounded in the north by the United States and in the south and west by the beautiful Pacific Ocean. A trip to the city of Mexico in November is perfect for many reasons. In this comprehensive guide, you will get to know why November is the ideal month to visit this amazing city.

    Best Time To Visit Mexico

    The best time to visit Mexico city starts from the month of November and lasts until March. In this pleasant weather, the temperature in Mexico in November is definitely on its visitor’s favor. With lower humidity and warm days, this is the best season to roam around Mexico.

    Why You Should Visit Mexico In November

    The weather is ideal for hitting the coasts of Mexico.
    November invites millions of butterflies in the monarch butterfly reserve of Mexico.
    The Annual Day of the Dead festival is celebrated in the month of November.
    The festive and New Year mood is on from the month of November.

    How To Reach Mexico

    The nearest airport to Mexico City is the Benito Juarez International Airport which is just 6km away from Mexico City.

    Places To Visit In Mexico In November

    Here are some of the amazing places that you must-visit in Mexico city to make your November holiday getaway a memorable and astounding one. Go ahead!

    1. Witch Market

    Witch Market

    Image Source

    In Mexico City, the Witch market gives people a surreal experience. Here, you will a lot of magical items and medicinal herbs as well. Stroll through the lanes while you see the statues related to the Saint of Death. Experience the amusing activities such as crystal ball exploration, tarot card readings, and spooky ouija board sessions.

    Location: Fray Servando Teresa de Mier 419, Merced Balbuena, 15810 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico
    Opening hours: 9 AM – 7 PM

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    2. Chapultepec Castle

    Chapultepec Castle View

    Image Source

    In the heart of Mexico City resides the Chapultepec Castle which is known to be the one and only the real castle all over North America. Now home to the National Museum of history, you are most welcome to this beautiful attraction in Mexico City. The lovely garden beside this castle is perfect for those who love to capture memories in their camera roll.

    Location: Bosque de Chapultepec I Secc, 11100 Mexico City, CDMX, Mexico
    Opening hours: 9 PM – 5 PM

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    3. Monarch Butterfly Reserve

    Butterfly Reserve

    Image Source

    In winters, millions of monarch butterflies migrate to the border to Michoacán and the State of Mexico. Hence, the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve in Mexico is an area made for protecting a large number of butterflies annually. On your trip to Mexico in November 2019, this place is a must-visit to witness a variety of butterflies roaming in nature’s paradise.

    Location: Michoacán, Mexico

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    Things To Do In Mexico In November

    Are you wondering what to do in the city of Mexico? Here are a few things that you must add in your list and get an experience of while enjoying your trip.

    1. The Day Of The Dead Festival – Be A Part

    The Day Of The Dead Festival

    Image Source

    Held annually at the Mexico city, the Day of the Dead is an extraordinary holiday which is celebrated more merrily than the Christmas festival. Meant to honour the dead people, this festival is not just meant as Halloween. It is celebrated from ancient times and includes people dressed in painted skulls, artificial skeletons and evil costumes. On your trip to Mexico in November, this annual festival is worth celebrating.

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    2. Chichen Itza – Explore

    Chichen Itza In Mexico

    Image Source

    Chichen Itza is one of the most famous sights in Mexico. The Kukulkan Pyramid here attracts a lot of visitors each year for its picturesque views and remarkable architecture. While you wonder where to go in Mexico in November, this place should be included in your list.

    Location: Yucatan, Mexico
    Opening hours: 8 AM – 4:30 PM

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    3. Guadalajara – Roam Around

    Guadalajara In Mexico

    Image Source

    Guadalajara is Mexico’s 2nd largest capital and has a number of fun things in store. In the pleasant Mexico weather in November 2019, go for a night out or feast on some delicious Mexican dishes at one of the fancy restaurants. On weekends, the place is sparkles with life.

    Location: Jalisco, Mexico

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    Tips For Visiting Mexico In November

    • Make sure to pack layers of clothes to avoid the November cold of Mexico.
    • Be friendly to the locals and if you don’t get anything, ask questions.
    • Book your trip in advance and get to know about the available discounts and offers.

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    This was the guide to the beautiful city of Mexico in November. We hope this enticed you to plan a trip to Mexico. If yes, then pack up your bags and get ready to hit the streets of Mexico in the best time of the year. Happy traveling!

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