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Mountain ranges and lush green-covered rolling hills are a staple across Sri Lanka. Among the many you witness in the country, one that deserves to be explored is Namunukula. It is the mountain you witness as a backdrop of Badulla district in Sri Lanka. Located 2035 metres above sea level, Namunukula is one of the highest mountains in the eastern part of Sri Lanka. It is also near Spring Valley, a prime sightseeing spot in Sri Lanka’s Badulla district, known for its tea plantations. Translating to “Nine Peaks” in Sinhalese, Namunukula is one of the most offbeat but must-visit attractions the next time you are in Sri Lanka.

Where Is Namunukula Located?

 scenic view of the Namunukula in Sri Lanka

Image Credit: Oshan7 for Wikimedia Commons

Namunukula, meaning “Nine Peaks” in Sinhala, is situated in the Badulla District of Sri Lanka’s Uva Province. To be more specific, the mountain is located in the southeastern part of the island and offers panoramic views of the nearby towns, tea estates and distant horizons.
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Interesting Facts About Namunukula

Essential facts to know about this place.

Image Credit:Oshan7 for Wikimedia Commons

Namunukula is filled with interesting facts which will add more value to your trip if you know them beforehand. Some of the important ones are mentioned below:
Historical significance: The area surrounding Namunukula is renowned for its rich cultural heritage that features a wide range of ancient temples, colonial-era plantations, and traditional villages. Legends also suggest that the mountain is historically important and is associated with the indigenous communities living there.
Biodiversity: Beyond the lush greenery and dense forests leading to the top of the mountain, it is also filled with rich biodiversity, including various bird species, mammals, reptiles, and insects. If you are a wildlife and nature enthusiast, you will find exploring the mountain a lot intriguing.
Namunukula timings: There are no specific Namunukula timings. Tourists are free to explore any time of the day. However, due to safety reasons and since the surroundings get dark quickly, it is ideal to avoid visiting after sunset.
Namunukula entry fees: There is no formal entry fee to access Namunukula. However, if you opt for guided tours or use facilities provided by local tour operators, there may be associated costs.

Things To Do At Namunukula

There are various Namunukula activities that you need to embark on the next time you are visiting on your vacation in Sri Lanka.

Hiking And Trekking

Hiking and trekking at Namunukula

Image Credit: RAVENA LAGES for Pexels

Namunukula is a hiker’s paradise, with several trails catering to different levels of experience and stamina. The most rewarding hiking experience is the one from the base of the mountain to the summit. This challenging trail starts at the village of Spring Valley and takes approximately 4-5 hours to reach the summit. You do have to walk and trek through rugged terrains and a steep climb, so ensure that you are in your best physical health. The trek takes you through dense forest areas as well. Once you reach the summit, the 360-degree view of the Uva province from the top is an experience that you simply can’t trade for anything else.

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Birdwatching at Namunukula is the best thing to do.

Image Credit: Roman Biernacki for Pexels

For bird lovers, the trails along Namunukula and the summit offer views of unique and exotic bird species you will usually not see around. The mountain’s varied habitats, ranging from montane forests to open grasslands, support a wide array of bird species. You can witness native and migratory birds around the mountain, which is one of the highlights of your visit. Some of the unique bird species you might witness include the Sri Lanka Blue Magpie, Sri Lanka White-eye, and the Yellow-eared Bulbul. Since these birds usually hide in dense forests, you have to be vigilant when you are in the mountains.


do the Camping for a lifetime experience.

Image Credit: Xue Guangjian for Pexels

Hands down one of the most thrilling experiences in Namunukula Sri Lanka is getting to camp under the night sky. It’s equal parts thrilling and scary. The good news is that there are designated camping areas in the mountain range, so safety won’t be an issue. You can set up your tent and get ready to spend the night with the wildlife, birds and insects under the twinkling night sky. The only thing to prioritise is to ensure that you are travelling with your camping gear, emergency items and food too. The mountain’s elevation and remote location offer clear, unpolluted views of the stars, making it a perfect spot for stargazing.

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Nature Walks

Nature Walks at Namunukula

Image Credit: Sebastian Dziomba for Pexels

If you are one of those people who prefer exploring the beauty of nature at a slow and gradual pace, there are nature walk tours available at Namunukula. This kind of exploration is an idea for tourists who don’t want to burden themselves with the physical demands of trekking and hiking. You will need to hire a local guide to help you with the trails. These walks often focus on education and conservation, highlighting the importance of preserving the natural environment. With the slow pace of nature walks, you also get to slow down and enrich your vacation experience further.

Explore The Local Culture

indulge in the local culture of the city.

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Namunukula is not only a natural wonder but also a region rich in cultural heritage. With its association with the indigenous people, most tourists visiting this mountain should also explore the nearby villages and even stay at one of the homestays in these villages. The region is home to several ancient temples, each with its own historical and religious significance. The Muthiyangana Temple in Badulla, for instance, is believed to have been visited by Lord Buddha. These are a few unique experiences that you can’t miss out on while visiting Namunukula.

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Namunukula: Best Time To Visit

The ideal time to visit Namunukula is May and enjoy the sunset.

Image Credit: Divigalpitiya for Wikimedia Commons

Another factor to remember when you are considering visiting Namunukula during your Sri Lanka visit is determining the ideal time to visit and explore. May to September accounts for the most favourable period in the year. During this period, the weather is relatively stable, with clear skies and lower rain chances, making it ideal for hiking and outdoor activities. December to February also offers favourable conditions, although occasional showers may occur. Since trekking and hiking expeditions are one of the most accessible ways to get around the mountain, you must avoid visiting during the monsoon seasons from March to April and October to November.

How To Reach Namunukula?

reach Sri Lanka by train.

Image Credit: katorisi for Wikimedia Commons

The journey to Namunukula Sri Lanka depends on where you are travelling from. For example, the journey from Badulla town to Namunukula is simple and doesn’t take more than an hour. You can hire a taxi or board a public bus from Badulla to reach the base of Namunukula. From there, it involves a one-hour hike to reach the top of the mountain.
If you are travelling from somewhere a little far away like Colombo, you’d need to first reach Badulla. There are direct buses and trains available. Once you reach Badulla, you can opt for local transportation to take you to the base of the mountain, preparing you for the hike ahead.

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Namunukula is the epitome of Sri Lanka’s natural beauty and ecological richness. If you are looking for an offbeat experience that offers a balance between exploring natural beauty and indulging in some adventure, Namunukula is probably the best place for you to add to your Sri Lanka travelogue. Since it’s an unexplored gem, not many tourists know this mountain in the Badulla district. So, as you plan the itinerary for your next trip to Sri Lanka, add Namunukula to the list for an enriching travel experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Namunukula

What is the meaning of 'Namunukula”?

The term “Namunukula” translates to Nine Peaks in the local Sinhalese language. It depicts the nine distinct summits of the mountain.

How high is the highest peak of Namunukula?

The highest peak of Namunukula rises to approximately 2,036 metres (6,680 feet) above sea level.

Are there guided tours available for hiking in Namunukula?

Yes, if you aren’t an experienced hiker or trekker, there are guided tours organised by local operators that take care of the whole experience. From picking you up from the hotel to guiding you through the trek to the summit, they take care of it all.

What are some nearby attractions to visit?

Nearby attractions include Dunhinda Falls, Muthiyangana Temple, Ella, and Haputale. Apart from Namunukula, you can also visit these famous places.

Is camping allowed in Namunukula?

Yes, camping is allowed in designated areas of Namunukula, providing a unique way to experience the natural beauty of the mountain.

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