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The “City of Nawabs” is one of the most wonderful cities in India. Ranked as the second best city to live in the world, Hyderabad is known for its royal culture, architectural beauty, imposing corporate skyline, and most importantly, its delicious food. The city is one of the most dynamic tourist destinations in India and boasts of some really exciting attractions, one of which is the famed Nehru Zoological Park.

With different sections of the zoo giving people the opportunity to interact with animals rather than just seeing them from far, this unique park aims to educate them about the amazing biodiversity scene in India. If you are traveling to Hyderabad with kids, then a visit to the Nehru Zoo Park is an absolute must!

6 Best Places To Visit In Nehru Zoological Park

From safari rides, museum visits to interactive and fun elements for kids, this zoological park is a complete package for a fun-filled vacation. Let’s see some of the most popular attractions of the Hyderabad zoo park that is worth your time and money.

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