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Norway is otherwise a cold country, but believe us when we say the nightlife here is nowhere near being cold or lazy. It is often electrifying, as you get to party hard with groovy music and high spirits, especially if you are in Oslo. There are concerts, DJ line ups, game bars and everything perfect to make your night a remarkable one.

When we speak of Norway nightlife, you must pick the destination wisely. Oslo, Bergen, Tromsø and Stavanger are among the places with happening nightlife in the country. This list features the best hotspots in Norway where you can make fun memories.

1. Kulturhuset, Oslo


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Location: Youngs gate 6, 0181 Oslo, Norway

Some of the best clubs in Norway, Kulturhuset will greet you with generous space, good vibes and delicious food. Many facets of this hangout makes it a perfect fit for every kind of traveler. Other than a full-stacked bar, Kulturhuset boasts of spaces for library, public speaking and more. If you are visiting it late at night, make sure you go for prior booking as you will stumble upon long queues.

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2. Stratos, Oslo


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Location: Youngstorget 2, 0181 Oslo, Norway

One of the finest Norway nightclubs Oslo, Stratos will remind you of NYC in a way. This happening nightlife spot lets you enjoy mesmerizing views of Oslo as the bar is located on the eleventh floor. If you are here with a group of friends, the fun will only escalate and the night will become unforgettable.

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3. The Villa, Oslo

the villa

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Location: Møllergata 23-25, 0179 Oslo, Norway

Our Norway nightlife guide will be incomplete without mentioning this one for sure. This electrifying hub lights up the night with the lineup of talented DJs known for their groovy music. So, if you feel like dancing the night away, Villa has to be the place to be with your squad. It hosts amazing people, which means socializing will be fun too.

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4. Lawo, Oslo

 lawo oslo

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Location: Universitetsgata 26, 0162 Oslo, Norway

When the music is great and food is sumptuous, there is nothing more to wish for! Lawo is the paradise for youngsters looking for a taste of Norway nightlife. You will meet a bunch of well dressed people with high spirits on your visit to Lawo.

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5. Blå, Oslo

Bla oslo

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Location: Brenneriveien 9c, 0182 Oslo, Norway

Where the night gets hypnotic, Blå will spoil you with its events, taking place frequently. This venue is a major pull for tourists and locals alike.There is something in the store always, whether you like concerts, shopping, drinks or football. The location is right beside a river, adding on to its beauty. Just stay updated with their upcoming events and plan your getaway accordingly.

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6. Café Mono, Oslo

 Café Mono, Oslo

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Location: Pløens Gate 4, 0181 Oslo, Norway

This is a bar and concert stage where you with your homies to chill! Cafe Mono present a variety of music genres, ranging from pop, country to jazz. Oftentimes there are new brands from different parts of the country. These underground artists are indeed amazing. There is a certain age limit, you must be above 20 years of age to enjoy this place. The food is brilliant too, and the crowd is decent.

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7. No Stress, Bergen

No Stress, Bergen

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Location: Hollendergaten 11, 5017 Bergen, Norway

Bergen, Norway nightlife is one of the most happening thing when it comes to nightlife in Norway.No Stress couldn’t be named more aptly, after all it does a huge favor of eradicating all the stress in your mind. Everything here will make you forget about all the problems in your life. If you are looking for best clubs in Norway, this would be your pick, especially if you are a gamer at heart. After all, where else could you score a cocktail coupled with a game of Mario Kart?!

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8. Vaskeriet, Bergen


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Location: Magnus Barfots gate 4, 5015 Bergen, Norway

With an array of cocktails, Vaskeriet is otherwise a quiet place for even a business outing, but the Silent Disco kicking off at 10 pm, turns the whole vibe around. Since this is a rather famous hotspot for a night out, you may stumble across a long queue as well, so make sure you time your entry well.

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9. Bardus Bar, Tromsø

Bardus Bar, Tromsø

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Location: Cora Sandels gate 4, 9008 Tromsø, Norway

The Bardus Bar in Tromso is inspired by the bistros in Southern Europe, and there is a blend of Norwegian culture in everything right from decor to the menu. Speaking of the menu, it is ever changing and can be seen as a gastronomical bible.

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10. Bar Bache, Stavanger

Bardus Bar, Tromsø

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Location: Øvre Holmegate 5, 4006 Stavanger, Norway

You cannot truly be in Stavanger without stepping foot at the Bar Bache. The drinks are moderately priced, and the nights here are worth cherishing. You can socialize or spend some lonesome time, enjoying a pint.

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So, which of these hotspots you loved the most?

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