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    Disclaimer: The reader should be 18 years or above because these names are real and yes, you could visit the places too!! (yes, even if they are swear word and vulgar in your knowledge.) Duh!

    So, let’s go…

    1. Condom, France


    Image Source
    Indian government wants to promote this word, Do we get a free Visa to France if we tell we are going to this place? Find it here

    2. Chutiya, Ranchi, Jharkhand

    Chutia, Ranchi, Jharkhand

    What did you think, we Indians don’t swear city names? Find it here

    3. Fucking, Austria


    Image Source
    [Secret Destination] We didn’t believe it, so we checked on Google map. How would you describe- “I went to F*@%#G. It was crazy!”? Find it here.

    4. Truth or Consequences, New Mexico


    Dare you lie here or get ready to face the “Consequences”. Find it here

    5. Dildo, Newfoundland, Canada


    Image Source
    I guess, most men dread going there.. or maybe not all!! If you know what I mean ;) Find it here

    6. Bhosari, Maharashtra

    Bhosari, Maharashtra

    Oh, where else did you think he was asking so called “DK” to run to? Here, Of course “Bhag Bhag DK Bhos…K” ;)

    7. Hooker, Oklahoma, USA

    Hooker Oklahoma USA

    Image Source
    “I come from Hooker.” Ya, some way to talk about your mother. “Well, that the name of the town I come from.” Whaaaaaaa!? Find it here

    8. Suar, Uttar Pradesh

    Indian Suar
    Hometown: Suar, find it here. “I feel you bro!”

    9. Uncertain, Texas

    Uncertain Texas

    Image Source
    Where are you going for your next trip? – “Uncertain”. Find it here.

    10. Daru, Jharkhand

    Daru, Jharkhand
    Don’t get any ideas now! Its just a city name ;) You can find it here

    11. French Lick, Indiana


    Image Source
    You know what a French kiss is, that’s just the beginning !! Find it here.

    12. MiddelFart, Denmark


    Image Source
    So what if you cannot go to Middle Earth of Tolkein? Wondering how the air would smell like in MiddelFart.. :p Find it here.

    13. Hell, Norway


    Image Source
    Next time your boss asks you to go to hell, present him the flight ticket. “On the highway to Hell”, Literally!! Find it here.

    14. Batman, Turkey

    Batman Turkey

    “Bats threaten me. Its time my enemies share my dread.” Because its time to GO BATMAN. Find it here.

    15. Boring, Oregon, USA


    Image Source
    Where do you put up? – “Boring” . What?! Find it here.

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