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    Portugal or the Portuguese Republic is located in the Iberian Peninsula in southwestern Europe. It is one of the oldest states of the Iberian Peninsula making it also the most famous. Portugal’s territories were invaded and were fought for quite a number of times. With all the history in the past, Portugal also has a number of beautiful destinations, and people from all over the world pay their visits to Portugal in order to check these places out. Portugal is quite affordable and this makes it even more of a place visited by many, another reason being its climate which is the best if you are looking for a trip full of sightseeing. Portugal also has a number of mountains, vineyards and a number of farmland and medieval villages. People looking for great landscapes and a walk through the vineyard have Portugal at the top in their bucket lists. If you are planning a visit to this beautiful place full of lush green mountains and various another natural phenomenon, Portugal in December can be a good idea.

    Portugal Weather In December

    beach in portugal

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    Portugal experiences a Mediterranean climate which is why it generally has mild to warm winters. The average high rises up to 15°C during the daytime. Although, you must keep some warm clothes with you as the temperature drops to 8°C at night. There are fewer chances of rainfall and you’ll see the driest and sunny side of Portugal when you head toward Algarve region. So, to answer your questions like, does it snow in December in Portugal? Yes, snowfall can be experienced regularly in the winter, usually in the north and the center. Portugal in December witnesses dual condition weather, and is extremely favorable if you looking forward to a trip full of sightseeing during the daytime and sitting by the fire during the nights.

    portugal In December

    Places To Visit In Portugal In December

    Here are some lovely sites you must visit in Portugal to explore this beautiful country on your next trip:

    1. Lisbon


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    The capital city is famous for mouthwatering food and cheaper markets in Portugal. Pastel De Nata is one of the authentic dishes from the bakeries of Portugal which you must try. It has a lot of famous places which you wouldn’t try to miss out on like, Belem Tower, Jeronimos Monastery, Alfama and a lot more places. The city can be easily explored on foot and it is considered to be the best way to do so. While traveling on foot the narrow streets of this classy city, you can see many fado singers which would give you a feeling of the old beautiful times.

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    2. Ericeira


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    For delicious seafood, adventurous surfing and to spend time by the side of the sea, Ericeira is a small fishing village where you can reach easily from Lisbon. It is located on the central coast of Portugal, the temperature in Portugal in December being highly Mediterranean surfing here can be a very good time pass. Ericeira is considered to be the mecca of Europe, due to its exceptional coastline.

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    3. Algarve


    For trendy warm water bath, beautiful sightseeing and hiking expedition is what Algarve is famous for. Visiting here will make you believe that heaven exists on earth. If you are a person who would love playing golf right by the beach, this is a must visit for you. This place offers scenic beauty. You could find numerous bar, restaurants, and hotels right by the coast which makes it very much accessible.

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    4. Óbidos

    The Obidos Castle

    Image Source

    One of the most romantic cities in Portugal, Óbidos, you will find beautiful white houses, romantic and charming scenery. Along with that cluster of souvenir shops, flower shops, and bookshops is what made Óbidos called the city of book lovers. If you are on a trip during winter months in Portugal with that one special person, this city is going to be loved by you both. It lets you go on book reading dates, where you can have unique coffees at these beautiful little cafes. This is a place literally for lovers.

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    5. Serra da Estrela

    Serra da Estrela

    Image Source

    Want to stay in some snow mountains? Then Serra da Estrela, the home of the highest mountain range of Portugal is a must visit. Portugal weather in December and rest of the winter months result in snowfall in the northern areas, this makes Serra da Estrela the only place in Portugal that offers skiing. If you are a lover of snow and would be interested in playing with the snow and making snowmen this is the destination for you.

    6. Madeira


    Start your new year by waking up to this subtropical island with hiking and spending time by the sea. New year’s eve parties will give you all the festive vibe without any cold. Visiting the Madeira Wine Museum has been in your bucket list. This place is known for the namesake wine and the subtropical climate it provides. Madeira is comprised of 4 islands at the northwest coast of Africa. Weather in Portugal in December 2018, is expected to be as good as always, and people have already started preparing for the Christmas and New Year Parties. Put your party hats on when you visit this place because you are definitely going to have some great time here.

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    7. Post Santo Island

    Post Santo Island

    Image Source

    This is a small but amazingly beautiful island in Portugal, it is known for its warm water, dive sites for you to have some fun in the water, and the very pretty beach it has. This place is home to the Christopher Columbus House Museum. The attraction which brings a lot of people searching for serenity is its viewpoint. The viewpoints give you awestruck views and if you lack peace of mind, you will definitely find it here.

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    Portugal in December is the place for you to be this winters. The green mountains, splendidly beautiful vineyards, narrow streets with singers, islands where the party never stops. Summing all this up, Portugal is a complete package and has everything required to make you December well spent. Plan an international trip to Europe and to give a great start to the new year.

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