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The Maldives is one of the popular holiday locations and so is Rangali Island, one of the island. It is great getaway if travelers are looking for a luxurious island holiday . Travelers can plan their whole trip around the Rangali Island. It is a home to one of the most unique hotels of all times, The Conrad Hotel.

It is the only one. This island has no population and hence can be a “king’s getaway” at Rangali island resort. Enjoy the beauty of nature, untouched and amazing nature. Traveler is also enjoyed attractive ocean sports at this resort. They offer a variety of ocean sports for everyone to enjoy.

Things To Do At Rangali Islands

Adventure seekers get ready to enjoy the best of the adventure sports on the clear water of Rangali Islands. Conrad Resorts is one of the best attractions on the islands.

1. Boat And Fun Tube

Boat and Tube

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Conrad Maldives Rangali island has inflatable rides that are super fun. Couples or friends can get these inflatables and use it play fun games. They are harmless and do not require any previous training. This is a great way to feel the ocean and enjoy the innocent unharmed nature at Rangali islands Maldives .

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2. Catamaran Sailing

 Catamaran Sailing

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This a perfect activity for nature lovers. If travelers want to enjoy the scenic beauty of Rangali islands catamaran sailing is the thing for them. Sail away on the horizon and absorb in nature. This also doesn’t need any training but if the travelers are doing it for the first time, skippers will explain the maneuvers.

3. Glass Bottom Boat

Glass Bottom Boat

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Travellers can now know what it feels to stand on water with glass bottom boats at the Rangali island Maldives. Travellers can hire these boats from the Rangali island resort. These boats will open a whole new world for the travellers.Get to know the busy beings living just under the boat and how they go about their lives.This is surely a must try experience at rangila island.

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4. Adventure jetski

Jet Ski

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Jet Ski is a exhilarating experience. Travellers need not have training fo this. Although the skippers will explain how to control it. This is one of the most fun activities of anyone who loves adventure should try it out. If the visitors will get lucky they might see dolphins. Jetski also is great way to enjoy the nature and just feel the refreshing air.Conrad Maldives Rangali Island price for this can be a little high.

5. Scooter Snorkelling

Scooter Snorkling

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Already there are so many great activities that can be done at the Rangali island. But is is specifically great if travellers are on a family trip. Rent a yamaha Ar240 and go for scooter snorkelling. Use the flawless water scooter that will take travellers along the reef coast and just let travellers are have the time of their lives.

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6. Stand Up Paddle Boat

Stand up Paddle Boat

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This is a great a sport to experience. It is a a way to improve the balance and core strength of any individual. Also it is a great way to see what exactly lies under the deep depths of the ocean water in the amazing Rangali island weather. Maldives water is very clear, hence it becomes easy to sea what is underwater. But when someone is standing on this paddle boat, it becomes more visible along with the amazing view at Maldives Rangali island underwater suite.

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7. Seabob

Sea Bob

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Seabob is a very interesting marine gadget. This is super exciting because visitors can dive in the water and see the natural surroundings underwater. This is a must have experience once travellers visit Conrad Maldives Rangali Island location. Seabob can achieve the top speed of 20kmph.

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8. Water skiing

Water Skiing

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Water Skiing is again a very enjoyable sport. As there are a variety of gadgets, beginners as well as experienced players can do this sport. Experienced trainers, give guidelines and explain how to handle the instruments. Get splashed by the ocean water and enjoy the nature. This is more on the exhilarating side of the activities and is great way to just feel alive at Rangali Islands.

9. X – jetpack


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If flying is dream for any of the visitors, they can make it come true here. It is revolutionary when it comes to the whole category of adventure activities. So the power of the jetpack has to be very controlled, hence the visitors have to first undergo the instruction with the instructors. This is amazing and should be tried once you visit Conrad Maldives Rangali Island beach villa.

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Where To Stay At Rangali Island

Undersea Bunglow

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Rangali Island is not a populated islandan It mainly has one resor the t is the Conra ad Resort. This is a very unique resort. The resort has created world’s first underwater rooms of the world. These are two storey-bungalow. It is made 16.4 feet below the ground. These rooms will coast upto 50,000 dollars at Conrad Maldives Rangali island price.

It also hosts an underwater restaurant. This will provide a very unique experience, eating amongst fishes. This is surely expensive restaurant at Conrad Maldives Rangali Island all inclusive.

How To Reach Rangali Islands

Sea PLane

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The only way to reach Rangali Island is by air. This island is 100km away from Male International Airport. Seaplanes are available from here to get to the island. Then travellers have transport from the airport to the resort by a motor boat.

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