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Sao Beach is known to be one of the most beautiful beaches of Phu Quoc island, with crystal clear waters and sparkling sandy beaches. The fresh air at Sao Beach will bring you an unparalleled experience of relaxing and getting the perfect break from the daily hustle and bustle of the city. Sao Beach has a curved shoreline which is surrounded by stone capes facing towards the sea. If you want a view of coconut trees on the backdrop with swaying palm trees, you can’t go wrong with your trip to Sao Beach.

How To Get To Sao Beach?

There are shacks at the Sao Beach for the visitors to relax.

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Located in Bao Hamlet, a Thai town, Phu Quoc Sao Beach can be reached in different ways. It is 35-45 minutes away from Duong Dong Town.
Some of the common ways for how to get to Sao Beach are as follows:

Car and Taxi: Sao Beach is located 40 minutes away from the main town. If you’re getting a taxi or car, the rental would take around 360,000 VND one way. If you’re hiring the same driver for return, you would also get a discount of 50%.
Drive: If you plan a backpacking session, consider renting a motorbike and exploring the place. The cost of renting a motorbike in Phu Quoc is around 100,000-150,000 VND per day. If you’re new, you may consider using Google Maps to find your way to Sao Beach.

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Popular Things To Do At Sao Beach

When you plan your trip to Sao Beach, you must focus on the basic elements. Whether you’re a foreign traveller or a local, Sao Beach has something beautiful to offer everyone. So, here is a list of the top 7 things you can indulge in when you’re here:

1. Swimming

The sandy beaches of Sao Bao are perfect for going on a walk.

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When around a beach, you can’t just ignore the beauty of going swimming. Popular as one of the leading beaches, their sandy beaches and crystal clear water bring in the perfect opportunity for going on a swim. The sandy beaches of Sao Beach are crystal clear as if they are cream in colour. Unlike other places, it isn’t that shallow, bringing in the best for swimming for children and adults, even if they’re non-swimmers.

Tip: If you’re not a pro swimmer, you can always relax by the beach with coconut water.

2. Snorkelling

It is perfect destination to snorkel for a better view of underwater.

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Not enough credit is given to how fun snorkelling can be at the beach. Going snorkelling individually or with your friends around the crystal clear beaches of Sao allows you to explore the marine life of Vietnam. As it is one of the cleanest beaches, the water here is clear, too, making it one of the best places to go snorkelling. Although it is a small island, there’s surrounding scenery and beautiful landscapes with wonderful beaches. When snorkelling in Sao, you can also enjoy the beautiful views of coral.

Tip: Sao Beach is 28 km long, providing many snorkelling opportunities for exploring the beautiful view.

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3. Scuba Diving

Tourist are practicing scuba diving at Sao Beach with certified trainers.

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When you are at the beach, one thing you can never miss out on is scuba diving. Who doesn’t like going on a deep sea dive, swimming with the fish, and admiring the inner beauty of the underwater world? If you’re one of those, too, you must check out scuba diving at Sao Beach. While scuba diving, you can explore the diverse water ecosystem of the seas and witness many sea creatures, such as large and small coral reefs, starfishes and more. At the same time, you can also play with the fish.

Tip: Scuba diving isn’t that expensive because it costs around 300,000 to 1,500,000 VND.

4. Sunbath

Sunbathing is one of the best options to relax in Sao Beach.

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A good sunbathing at a Vietnamese beach can turn out to be the experience of a lifetime. Well, that’s exactly what you will get to witness when you’re at the beach. You can lie on the sandy beaches or the poolside tables. Usually, Vietnamese resorts have these facilities available at the beach for their visitors. You can just hold a coconut and lie under the huge trees, getting tanned and sunbathing.

Tip: Avoid sunbathing during summer because it can get extremely uncomfortable. If you plan to do this, you need to plan your trip accordingly.

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5. Kayaking

Plan your trip with friends and go kayaking in Sao Beach.

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One of the best things to do here is kayaking. You can book your kayaking trip and set out floating in the middle of the vast sea, trying to dive deep and explore the water world. You can either go kayaking on your own, or with your loved ones, either way it is going to be an experience you can’t get over with. Apart from kayaking, there is a wide range of other kayaking activities to try, such as motorboating and windsurfing.

Tip: Kayaking is available on a per-hour rental basis. On average, the rental price is 100,000 VND/hour.

6. Admire The Beautiful Sunset

Admire the beauty of sunset at Sao Beach.

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Want to explore one of the most beautiful sunsets in Vietnam? You need to visit Sao Beach at Phu Quoc island. This island provides an amazing view of the sunset, and at the same time, the white sandy beaches turn golden, adding to the overall aesthetic touch. Plan a romantic getaway with your partner when you’re planning to admire the sunset at Sao Beach. In fact, sunset is the best time to go on a walk with your loved ones or just casually sit by the beach admiring the beach turning golden.

Tip: Sunset usually happens between 6:15 and 6:30 pm GMT. So, plan your trip to this beautiful place accordingly and have one of the best times of your life.

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7. Relish On Delicious Seafood

You can enjoy a wide range of seafood of your choice.

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A major thing you can’t miss out on is enjoying delicious seafood. Beaches are known for their delicious and fresh seafood. Moreover, in Vietnam, you can enjoy a wide range of exotic seafood like sea urchins, herring, Bien Mai whistle, and more. All these seafood dishes are prepared using local spices and ingredients, which adds to the taste that may be unfamiliar to international tourists. Therefore, it can be one of the best places to get a taste of the local delicacies of Vietnam.

Tip: You should consider eating at the cafes near the beach, which promise to prepare fresh dishes.

Best Time To Visit

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life and relax.

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The best time to explore Sao Beach is from June to October. With a slight drizzle of rainfall, it can be extremely beautiful to explore the beach and enjoy the surrounding views. However, it is advisable to avoid visiting during extremely high rainfall or stormy conditions.

During this time, the beaches of Phu Quoc are hit by the southwest winds which may be big, but the waters of Sao beach remain calm with crystal blue appearance. However, if you want to experience the beauty of aquatic animals, September and October might be a good time to visit. During this time, Bai Sao Beach had the most starfishes.

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Sao Beach is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful beaches on Phu Quoc island. Although not very big, the beach has everything you would need to explore the coastal beauty of Vietnam, from white sandy beaches to coral reefs and more. Plan your trip to Vietnam and experience the beauty of this blissful destination!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Sao Beach

Should you visit Sao Beach?

Yes, you must visit Sao Beach at least once. This vibrant beach is a must-visit place for all the tourists of Vietnam. Offering a spectacular view of the surrounding mountains and greenery, there are bars and cafes serving drinks and cocktails.

Where is Sao Beach located?

Sao Beach is located towards the southern edge of Phu Quoc island in the coast of An Thoi Town. Sao Beach is located 25 km from the centre of Duong Dong Town.

What are some of the most notable features of Sao Beach?

Some of the most notable features of Sao beach include a white-sand beach with clear waters offering exclusive scenic views, chair rentals and opportunities to indulge in adventure sports.

Is it safe to swim at Sao Beach?

When you're swimming at the Sao Beach, it is advisable to be mindful of the rip tides and strong currents. You may need to go on a swim only in designated places. Moreover, the warning signs are also installed for a better idea about swimming.

Is Sao Beach clean?

Contrary to what you may see online, the beach is actually one of the cleanest beaches of Vietnam with its clear waters and white sand.

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