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Efficient and immaculate in nature, Singapore is popular among travellers for its miraculous sights. Singapore in July manages to exude the same magnificence as the rest of the year. The city-state maintains a good balance between the concrete jungle and greenery. Despite populating its skyline with massive troughs and peaks, the Singaporean people have taken care of their natural habitat.

This is reflected in the impeccably clean city. The country also boasts one of the lowest crime rates in the world. There are a few things you need to keep in mind when you visit Singapore in July and his guide will inform you on all aspects of that.

Weather In Singapore In July 2024

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The weather in Singapore in July is pretty much the same as the rest of the year. Since it is situated on the equator, the days are hot and humid and the nights are wet. It is important to note that the average rainfall in July is lower than in other months.

The mean summer temperatures fall in the range of 28 to 32 degrees Celsius. Sea temperatures hang around a pleasant 28 degrees Celsius.

To cope with the sultry weather, make sure you avoid synthetic clothing and pack only linens or cotton. In case you forget, you can pick something for yourself in The Great Singapore Sale. More on that in the next section.

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Why Should One Visit Singapore In July 2024

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Several motivating factors will push you towards planning a trip to Singapore in July. There is a slight break in the number of tourists from July to September. The ultra-luxe hotels and restaurants are always eager to host visitors. Being the melting pot of cultures that Singapore is, you will find people of Chinese, Malay and Indian origin. As a result, there are several events in Singapore in July  you can be a part of, some of which are listed below:

1. Singapore Food Festival

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The Singapore Food Festival is held in July every year. It celebrates the various forms of local cuisine. Being a potpourri of various Southeast cultures, it reflects the food of the area too. Important highlights of the festival include food trails, carnivals and workshops.

2. Singapore Heritage Fest

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The Singapore Heritage Fest has been designed to celebrate the various cultures present in Singapore. This is one of the popular events in Singapore in July where you get a chance to learn more about the traditions, art, costumes and music of the city. It does so by organising a series of heritage tours, exhibitions and culinary events.  

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3. The Great Singapore Sale

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This shopping extravaganza takes place over a couple of months from June -July. If you plan your holiday to Singapore in the 2nd half of July then you have a chance to catch the sale at its tail-end. This gives you a chance to score some cool deals, sometimes as high as 80% off.

5 Places To Visit In Singapore In July 2024

There are many attractions that you can visit in Singapore. Listed below are a few of them:

4. Universal Studios

Universal Studios on Sentosa Islands

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Universal Studios on Sentosa Islands is one of only two theme parks set up in Asia by Universal. It’s divided into seven different zones based on as many themes. Kids and adults alike have a lot of activities to indulge in. Some of these activities include film screenings, live shows and a chance to go on different rides. If you visit Singapore in July, don’t forget to add this place to your itinerary.

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5. Orchard Road

Singapore’s commercial district

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Orchard Road is Singapore’s commercial district. This place got its name from the pepper farms and fruit orchards that were here in the 19th century. Now, the picture is of complete contrast with its buzzing lights and burping cars in the neon streets. The main street is lined by different eateries and around 45 shopping malls. If you wish for some retail therapy, then this is your heaven.

6. Cloud Forest

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With a futuristic look on the Singapore skyline, the Cloud Forest is a temperature-controlled dome. Its primary focal point is the indoor waterfall cascading down a man-made mountain. The climate of this place replicates tropical misty mountains. The indoor waterfall is so popular as it is much cooler and provides you with much-needed respite from the stifling heat.

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7. Merlion Park

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Merlion Park is home to one of the most recognizable structures in Singapore. The Merlion statue is a hybrid between the tail and body of a fish and the head of a lion, which spouts water into Marina Bay. The statue has much significance in Singapore’s history. The lion head represents Singapura – the old name of the city while the fish tail signifies the fishing heritage of old Singapore.

8. The Singapore Flyer

he Singapore Flyer is a giant ferris wheel

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Built after the immense popularity of the London Eye, the Singapore Flyer is a giant Ferris wheel. It stands at 540ft tall and provides you with a 360-degree panoramic view of the Singapore skyline. The ride lasts for about thirty minutes and the air-conditioned pods ensure that you get to relax and recharge before you move on to the other attractions.

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5 Things To Do In Singapore In July 2024

There are a number of things to do while you are in Singapore. We have listed a few for you to try:

9. Stroll Through Chinatown

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Chinatown is the heart of Chinese heritage in Singapore. Here you will find visitors buzzing in and out of the various shops and food stalls. You can do some souvenir shopping here or if that’s not your jam, then you can head to the Tanjong Pagar district which has many pubs, bars and karaoke lounges on offer for your entertainment.

10. Enjoy Natural Splendor In The Singapore Botanic Gardens

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Despite Singapore’s busy concrete skyline, you will be pleasantly surprised to find out about the numerous gardens in the city. The Singapore Botanic Garden is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and attracts academic botanists and casual viewers alike. Remember to make a visit to the National Orchid Garden which has multitudes of flower varieties and some gorgeous colours.

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11. Shop In Haji Lane

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One of the best places housing independent garment designers, Haji Lane is a must-visit if you want a different shopping experience. Historical shops line this narrow lane showcasing some quirky works of some unconventional designers. From clocks to hats to quirky women’s apparel, you are surely going to find something that suits your taste.

12. Birdwatching At Jurong Bird Park

 the bird’s natural habitat

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The Jurong Bird Park is home to around 400 different bird species. It is a trip worth making if you are with family. The park is distributed into several zones which mimic the bird’s natural habitat. Tourists have the option of taking a tram around the park which stops at 33 stations for you to observe birds. However, the more enjoyable experience would be to take a stroll around the park to take in more of the surroundings.

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13. Sample Delicacies At A Hawker Centre

food at a local Hawker centre

A quintessential Singaporean experience is incomplete without you having street food at a local Hawker centre. Singapore is an expensive city and these huge canteen-style food courts with various cheap food stalls can make you happy, saving you precious bucks. Usually, these hawker centres are jam-packed and to get a seat, you will need to reserve one by putting a handkerchief on the chair.

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This is a simple but comprehensive guide that you can follow on your next trip to Singapore. We have tried to cover as much ground as we could in this article for you to have a perfect visit. There’s a lot to be explored and enjoyed in this modern, rich and cultural mishmash. Hope you enjoyed reading.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Singapore In July

Does it rain in July in Singapore?

The weather in July will be hot. Although unexpected downpours are common, it stops as quickly as rainwater touches the ground.

Is July a good time to visit Singapore?

If one want to maximize their time spent in the dry weather, then, yes, July is a good time to visit. This is peak summers, and one can still enjoy a lot at Gardens by the Bay, Sentosa Island and the exotic shopping malls of Singapore.

How many days are enough to visit and explore Singapore?

Singapore is an island nation. There are plenty of things to explore including nature, food, culture, architecture, or fashion, an ideal 4-5 days are enough to explore the whole of Singapore.

How can one stay cool in Singapore?

Here are some things to do to stay cool while in Singapore: wear a cap when going out, consume lots of water, close the curtains to keep sunlight away, wear comfortable clothing, eat tasty ice cream, enjoy a swim at the pool, etc.

What is the cheapest month to fly to Singapore?

The high season in Singapore is considered to be April, May as well as June. February is the cheapest month to fly to Singapore with a low inflow of tourists and hot weather.

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