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What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of snorkeling? Is it pristine blue waters or mantas and whales? Snorkelling in Anse La Raie Rivière du Rempart is all that and more. Head to Anse La Raie, located near the village of Calodyne in the north part of Mauritius, to experience something out of the blue. The water surrounding Anse La Raie Rivière du Rempart are known to feature unusual creatures. It is brimming with strange species of flora and fauna. A vast majority of people who are vacationing in Mauritius make sure to stop by Anse La Raie Rivière du Rempart to witness something unique. Local tour agencies include boat rides in their package so that you can witness the magic with your own eyes. But to truly experience it, we suggest you go snorkeling. Nothing beats the feeling of being underwater among hordes of beautiful creatures. The experience is unbeatable.

If you’re a beam bum, Anse La Raie Rivière du Rempart is the place to be at. This region, according to some visitors, looks like an underworldly paradise. The destination has hidden caves, tropical forests and a rich variety of flora and fauna. The adorable animals that you meet underwater may come across as shy at first, but if they gather from your language that you’re not dangerous, they will swim close enough to you. Do not try and get too close to animals immediately. Take your trainer’s instructions seriously. Do not attempt to feed the animals. Try and be as calm as possible. Some of the animals may look menacing but they are harmless. Try and enjoy yourself as much as possible. It isn’t as hard as you think it is.

Snorkelling In Anse La Raie Rivière Du Rempart

Visitors often interact with Anse La Raie Rivière du Rempart’s famous giant tortoises and other fascinating animals on a level unknown pretty much everywhere else. Many environmentally friendly local operators will give you an opportunity to go snorkelling in Anse La Raie Rivière du Rempart. You just have to seize the right one according to your needs. Here are the top spots for snorkeling. If this list doesn’t excite you, we don’t know what will:

1. Flic En Flac

Flic en Flac shutterstock_770566612

Much famed as the longest beach of the island; Flic en Flac is the best place to try snorkeling in Mauritius. The water is shallow and calm here with abundance of marine animals like blue-tarred parrotfish, whitespotted box fish and stripped moorish idol.

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2. Pointe Aux Piments

Pointe aux Piments shutterstock_548668543

Tucked at the north-west coast of Mauritius, Pointe aux Piments is another perfect spot for snorkeling. This is a narrow beach, ideal for sunbathing, leisure walks, picnic and sunset views. Pointe aux Piments beach is also famous for spotting sea turtles.

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3. Isle Aux Cerfs

Isle aux Cerfs shutterstock_15421114

Surrounded by white sand dunes and turquoise blue lagoon, Isle aux Cerfs is a stunningly beautiful beach of Mauritius. The place is a perfect spot for Mauritius snorkeling and one can swim and spot exotic marine species like blacktip groupers, blue stripe snappers and sunbream.

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Picture this – the whisker fishes approach you within a couple of inches to inspect you, their whiskers almost brushing your face. After that adrenaline rush, you chill by the beach with a glass of martini or pina colada. This is the kind of life we dream about, right? The kind of life we pine for? Let’s turn our dream into a reality. Book a trip to Mauritius today and experience an adrenaline rush like none other. You will be grateful for this trip. Anse La Raie Rivière du Rempart is a paradisaical place and must feature in your itinerary. Haven’t we given you enough reasons why?

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