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Positioned at a surprising height of 6153 metres, Stok Valley Trek has been certified as the highest in the Stok Range. The elevation of this majestic peak covers at least 70% of the height of Everest, making it reasonably strenuous. Stok Kangri Trek provides an excellent opportunity for new trekkers to potentially challenge themselves at high altitudes and experienced trekkers to gain mountaineering experience. The surrounding vast meadows, picturesque locations and vibrant flowers all permit for a precarious yet exciting experience. The region has several wildlife species, including marmots, blue sheep, and snow leopards.

Completing The Stok Kangri Trek-Your Ideal 8-Day Itinerary

Trekking Towards Adrenaline at the Stok Kangri trek.

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This extraordinary and challenging trek lets you acclimate in Leh before you achieve the majestic Stok Kangri. Leh marks this trek’s starting point at a generous 3500 metres. The expedition then takes you to the astonishing Khardung La, which summits at approximately 5600 metres.

Stepping forward from here, you shall begin your actual trek towards the Stok Village at 3650 metres before you go all guns blazing and hike to the Stok Basecamp at 4900 metres. A sense of accomplishment will shield you when you trek up to attain the 6153 metres elevation of Stok Kangri. Here is a detailed split-up on how you should spend these 8 days strategically to achieve the best results:

Day 01:
Arrival at Leh, the capital city of UT of Ladakh, is the starting point of this trek.

Day 02:
Since the sudden elevation change may pose a challenge for some, it is paramount to spend at least one day acclimatising and exploring Leh.

Day 03:
Whenever you feel that you have become familiar with your surroundings and are ready for the expedition, you drive from Leh to Khardung La.

Day 04-05:
Spend at least the next two days driving from Leh (3500 m) to Stok Village (3650 m), and then begin your mighty trek from Stok Village to Stok Basecamp (4900 m). This trek can take you anywhere between 5-6 hours.

Day 06:
After that, commence your trek from Base Camp (4900 m) to your destination, Stok Kangri (6153 m) and straight away back to Base Camp (4900 m). This particular trek stretch can take you a tiring 10-12 hours.

Day 07:
Now begins your 4-hour trek back from Stok Base camp (4900 m) to Stok Village (3650 m). On the same day, you can drive from Stok Village to Leh, a short 30-minute drive.

Day 08:
After a strenuous trek like this, you are advised to stay an extra day at Leh and recuperate well. After that, you can travel back to your destination accordingly.

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Important Information About The Stok Kangri Trek

pack the essential items while trekking.

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The Stok Kangri trek is a challenging yet exhilarating adventure in the Ladakh region of India’s northern crown. It has been relatively renowned for being one of the highest trekking peaks in the Indian Himalayas, offering trekkers a lucrative opportunity to summit a mammoth 6,153-metre peak.

Being an arduous trail throughout, the trek does offer rewards in the form of breathtaking views of the Ladakh and Zanskar ranges, including dramatic landscapes, glaciers, and high mountain passes. Along the tiring and gruesome way, trekkers get some consolation as they have a fantastic opportunity to interact with the local Ladakhi people, experience a glimpse of their culture, and witness their traditional way of living. But they need to be equipped with some essential anecdotes before they embark on such a difficult trek:

Medical Advice Before Trekking At The Trail

Base Camp at Stok Kangri Trek.

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A well-equipped first aid kit will be accessible with the guides (that accompany you) throughout the trek. It is highly recommended that you carry your first aid resources such as essential medicines, antiseptics, insect repellents, and, most importantly, prescription drugs. All precautionary measures shall be taken to ensure your safety, yet there lies no harm in being aware of the general know-how of healthcare. Common medical knowledge, including CPR and altitude sickness (Acute Mountain Sickness), is expected from the trekker. This illness is most commonly associated with trekking, exhibiting symptoms that range from headache, insomnia, gastrointestinal issues, lung problems, ataxia, etc.

Please consult your doctor before your trip to procure prescription drugs for such possible situations and only consume them if required, as they are powerful and have strong effects, especially if taken during your trek.

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Best Season To Visit

choose the best season to visit.

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The Stok Kangri Trek originates at one of India’s highest cities, Leh, where you must devote a couple of days to acclimating your body to the elevation. Due to the region’s high altitude, the temperature here falls below freezing. The months between July and September are considered the textbook season for embarking on this trek, as the climate is better and opposite to scale.

The climate between October and November is marginally unkind yet reasonably suitable for experienced and risk-taking trekkers. For the rest of the year, even the paths leading to Leh and Ladakh are padlocked; hence, trekking here in such punitive conditions is strictly forbidden.

A Few Tips To Ensure A Wonderful Experience

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This expedition can be a perfect experience, accumulating the joy the unimaginable thrill of scaling the Himalayas presents to you. Still, it would be best if you were careful because this excursion welcomes you into highly harsh conditions and is generally considered to have a complex difficulty level. You are advised to prepare cautiously for clothing and other protective gear to endure the unpredictable mountain weather, as it will surely get freezing at those high altitudes. Keep your trekking gear safe, and always keep essentials such as wind-proof jackets, dry socks and caps at hand. Be sure to choose correct and good quality footwear and well-fitted boots, or else you will be at risk of contracting frostbite. Do wear the right kind of socks to facilitate regular blood circulation.

Remember to carry a sturdy sleeping bag that is both durable and comfortable and a good-quality backpack that can withstand harsh conditions of wear and tear. Most importantly, bring proof of identification, as you will be expected to furnish it to the officials while obtaining permits.

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Now that you have a list of things to remember for your next excursion to embark on the Stok Kangri Trek, plan your trip to Ladakh as soon as possible to this fabulous destination for the experience of a lifetime. Don’t miss such unique opportunities, and book your tickets now!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Stok Kangri Trek

How long is the trekking part during the Stok Kangri Trek?

The treks are planned in a manner that follows every 6 – 7 hours of trekking, and you will reach the next camp around noon. Regularly, 10-15 kilometres of trekking is required every day to complete this trek in the best and most fun way possible.

What is referred to as the 'Pass of Lower Castle'?

The Khardung La Pass is often called the ‘Pass of Lower Castle’ because it offers some of the most magnificent views of the towering Karakoram Range, coupled with its snow-capped peaks. Moreover, it also serves as the primary gateway to Ladakh's various cherished and heavily visited tourist valleys, namely the famous Nubra and Siachen Glaciers.

What is the minimum age compulsory for going on the Stok Kangri Trek?

Positioned at a mind-boggling height of 6153 metres, Stok Kangri Trek has the distinction of being the highest one in the Stok range of the Himalayas. The elevation of this majestic peak covers about 70% of the height of Everest, making it perplexing and relatively strenuous. Hence, the minimum age compulsory for hiking on such a trail is 15 years.

How far is Stok Village from Leh?

The village of Stock serves as an enchanting gateway to various high-altitude trekking trails in the Himalayas. It has been the erstwhile home of the royal family, as can be seen from the Stok Palace, which is nearly 200 years old. Located 14 km from Leh, it takes a short 30-minute drive to travel from one location to another.

Which is the highest mountain range in the newly formed OUT of Ladakh?

The Peak of Stok Kangri, which stands at a majestic loftiness of 6153 metres, is the highest mountain range in the Ladakh region of the Himalayas, thus proposing one of the most challenging treks in India. Yet it draws many tourists because of the perfect radiance of soft snow that offers an ostentatious sight of the Indus Valley and Zanskar Valley.

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