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With white sandy shoreline and turquoise waters, Tangalle Beach is much like a dream. The white sands, palm groves and the lovely waters, set in a tropical environment is the perfect getaway from the wintertime blues. Located in the south east end of Sri Lanka, Tangalle is the last town within the Sri Lankan border and is home to wide open beaches. Tangalle Beach is the farthest beach in this region and at a 4 hrs. drive away from Colombo.

Since the beach is located in an isolated area, it serves as the perfect retreat for relaxing away from the hustle of the city. There are many other beaches near Tangalle beach in Sri Lanka, which you can visit on day trips from Tangalle Beach.This spit of land on the edge of the Indian Ocean is lined with mangrove vegetation with many beautiful lagoons. This beach attracts a lot of budget travelers and visitors throughout the year. The cozy accommodations combined with the sublime surroundings, makes Tangalle Beach a perfect holiday destination.

About Tangalle Beach

About Tangalle Beach

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Tangalle Beach is the perfect place to go for a peaceful and quiet vacation. The beautiful white sand beach will give you the true vibes of a tropical paradise. The white sands goes on for kilometers at a stretch with bays and beaches on both the north and south sides.

Tallanga, originally, was a fishing village, which suffered hugely during the tsunami in 2004 and they have been rebuilding since. Though the beaches and bays here are really breathtaking, but it doesn’t attract too many tourists, making it a perfect peaceful getaway.

The beach offers some of the most spectacular views of the sunset. Though the water is deep blue and pretty, swimming at Tangalle Beach is not suitable as the tides can be quite rough and it can be quite dangerous. The small bay with a sheltering reef, is one of the places that you should definitely visit. The reef catches the bigger waves and it acts like a natural Jacuzzi. The soft sands of the beach also make it an ideal spot for a nice morning run.

Along the Tangalle beach, restaurants and cafes are lied in large numbers and you can grab a bite or a drink, while enjoying at the beach. Tangalle beach is brimming with potential for tourism and it may very well be a part of future tourism in Sri Lanka.

Best Time To Visit Tangalle Beach

Best Time To Visit Tangalle Beach

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The best time to visit the Tangalle Beach is during the winter months of November until April. The beach is in the best of its glory during this time. You can also visit this beach in summer during May till October, which is when the beach is very peaceful as not many people visit this place during off season, although the sea might be in rough conditions at this time.

Things To Do In Tangalle Beach

There are many things that you can do in Tangalle Beach in Sri Lanka . There are many attractions in and around Tangalle that is worth visiting. Here we have gathered a few tourist attraction spots near Tangalle Beach that you might be interested in visiting. Take a look.

1. Mulkirigala Rock Temples

Mulkirigala Rock Temples

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Mulkirigala temples is situated just 16 km away to the northwest of Tangalla. Situated amidst a grove of coconut trees and lush green forests, this temple can be seen dangling off a rocky hill. The temple consists of five cleft like caves, situated on five different terrace levels and to reach the temple you have to climb 500 stone steps. Within the caves of the temple, there is a big reclining statue of Buddha along with other smaller sculptures. There are also many paintings adorning the walls of the temple, which date back to 18th century. You can reach Mulkirigala by bus too.

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2. Harbor Road

Harbor Road

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If you want to view some of the most scenic landscapes or capture some nice shots for your photographic portfolio, then head to Harbor Road, follow along the road into the military area there and you will witness some of the most spectacular sights of the area.

3. Medaketiya Beach

Medaketiya Beach

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Apart from Tangalle Beach, Medaketiya Beach is one of the best beaches in Tangalle. The beach is quite beautiful on a sunny day and you will see a lot of people flocked around the beach enjoying a nice sunbath or simply enjoying a picnic at the beach.

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4. Silent Beach

Silent Beach

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This is another beautiful beach in the Tangalle region. Though this beach is not frequented by many but nonetheless, it is one of the most beautiful beaches in the region. Much like Tangalle beach, here too the turquoise water and white sands offered some of the most scenic views of the Indian Ocean.

5. Turtle Hatching In Rekawa

Turtle Hatching In Rekawa

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Rekawa is situated just outside of the Tangalle city and about 20 minutes drive away from the city. Here, you can see turtle hatching eggs at night. Rekawa too is a beautiful place to stay. Here, you can enjoy the Sri Lankan country environment fully.

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Tangalle Beach Accommodations

Tangalle has some of the nicest places to stay. The cozy and comfortable environment of the hotels will make your stay at Tangalle much more relaxing. Here we have gathered some of the best places to stay in Tangalle.

1. Tallange Beach House

Tallange Beach House

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Tangalle Beach House is located in Unakuruwa, Tangalle and sits on a beautiful beach front. Thee is a garden in the front yard of the beach house, which leads down to the seashore, offering direct access to the beach. Lined by palm and mangrove trees, this beach house offers some of the most stunning views of the ocean. The simple contemporary design of the house and spacious living quarters make this a popular choice among the visitors.

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2. Serein Beach Hotel

Serein Beach Hotel

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Serein beach hotel is a simple rustic hotel, located in an unpopulated section of the beach and adjoining lagoon. Since it is located in an isolated area, visitors to this hotel can enjoy a tranquil stay and enjoy secluded walks along the beach. This portion of the beach is even free from any fishing activities. Situated amidst an abundance of luscious vegetation, the hotel offers expansive ocean views from the balcony. The lagoon near this hotel is perfect for bird watching and can be navigated on a canoe.

There are many other similar hotels and resorts as well Tangalle beach hut, where you can choose to stay according to your preference.

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How To Reach Tangalle Beach?

How To Reach Tangalle Beach

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The easiest way to reach Tangalle beach is from Ella. If you choose public transportation then you can board a train till Ella and from there you will get direct buses to Tangalle. But the train journey is not that comfortable. So if you aren’t budget travelling, you can rent a private car and drive to Tangalle. It takes about 3.5 to 4 hours to reach Tangalle Beach from here.

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Tangalle Beach in Sri Lanka is truly a very beautiful beach and a must visit destination. You simply cannot miss out on visiting this lovely beach. If you are planning a trip to Sri Lanka during winters, you will get to enjoy the tropical vibe fully among the white sand and glistening blue waters at this beach!

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