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If living in a hotel on your next holiday sounds too 21st-century to you, then The Setai Tel Aviv, Israel is where you need to stay next. Located in the heart of the city of Jaffa, this historic five-building complex has finally been restored after 25 years as a luxury hotel that you wouldn’t want to leave at all!

Once a fortress of the Crusader Kingdom and then a prison during the Ottoman era, the hotel feature relics at their best. The hotel has been under a restoration process from the time it completely fell during the country’s war of independence. Apart from offering a blend of history & heritage, this urban hotel also offers all the lavish comforts of the modern day but takes you back in time too.

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While a lot has changed at The Setai, what hasn’t changed it the breathtaking view of the gorgeous Mediterranean Sea that surrounds it. Apart from good views and a great experience, this upscale hotel boasts a unique rooftop pool, rejuvenating spa therapies, and offers Israeli cuisines at JAYA in its stone-adorned hall & handcrafted cocktails at The Setai Tel Aviv Bar. And if you ever get tired of staying indoors, there’s now plenty to do around the hotel too, like taking a tour of the town or visiting the Jaffna Flea Market.

If staying at a 12-century fortress is something that really tickles your fancy, The Setai Tel Aviv is the ultimate place to live in Israel during your next holiday. All you have to do is make a reservation in advance and pay around INR 40,000 (or above) because that’s how much it will cost for two to stay at this historic abode!

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