Kedarnath is a sacred place located in Uttrakhand which is famous because of its ancient Kedarnath temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.Thousands of tourists from all over the world and India travel to this beautiful spiritual place every year. This destination is a perfect place to travel for a peaceful and spiritual environment while witnessing the world’s wonder. The Kedarnath temple is located at a height and travellers often prefer to do trekking which gets physically challenging during the winters but it is spiritually rewarding. It is a must-visit travel destination for anyone who wants to witness the mystical beauty of nature in India’s Kedarnath. Here we bring you the different things to buy in Kedarnath.

Things To Buy In Kedarnath

Beyond its spiritual significance, Kedarnath is also a place of vibrant culture, and anyone can buy unique things that represent their culture in Kedarnath. From beautiful local handicrafts or clothes to organic food products, there is a wide range of options. Souvenirs are supposed to be kept as memories of the travelling destination or given as a token of gratitude, and therefore, there is a list of things to buy in Kedarnath.

1. Spiritual Souvenirs

Kedarnath temple image with a mountain covered in snow in the background

Image Credit: Nehasnaps0306 for Wikimedia Commons

Kedarnath is primarily known for its spiritual atmosphere and attracts many devotees from all over the world. The local market is always crowded and offers many spiritual souvenirs, which hold religious significance and are must-buys to treasure the memories of this region. These spiritual souvenirs also make a perfect gift option for anyone as they hold deep importance in Indian culture.

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2. Rudraksha Beads

So many Rudraksha beads of dark brown colour

Image Credit: Janak Bhatta for Wikimedia Commons

Rudraksha Beads are considered the lord Shiva’s tears and hold great significance and importance in the Hindu Culture. In Kedarnath, you can find Rudraksha Beads anywhere in the local markets of the regions and at the stalls near the Kedarnath Temple. They are often used during mediations and prayers and are also believed to have some healing properties and are therefore a must thing to buy from there. These beads are respected and deeply considered important and will certainly be also considered a special and meaningful gift on any occasion.

3. Puja Kits

Local markets in kedarnath have Puja kits

Image Credit: rheins for Wikimedia Commons

You can find the best Puja Kits in Kedarnath near the temple and anywhere in the local market. These kits contain all the necessary things which come handfull during puja like scented incense sticks, camphor and many other things. You can find many options for puja kits of the best quality products at a reasonable price in Kedarnath. These puja kits mainly contain organic things and would be loved by people if given as a souvenir.

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4. Local Handicrafts

Local handicrafts are very unique to Purchase and build a memory

Image Credit: Sujit kumar for Wikimedia Commons

The local handicrafts of Kedarnath reflect the rich, vibrant culture of the region. These handicrafts are made by hand with technique and precision and look good as decorations. Some of the best local handicraft options are listed below for your consideration.

5. Woolen Garments

Woolen scarfs which are made of a special kind of wool

Image Source: Pexels

Woollen garments in Kedarnath are made with a special kind of wool which is good in quality and lasts long for years. You can buy Shawls, sweaters, woollen caps, socks or woollen gloves to deal with the harsh climate of the winter season. Their woollen clothes are one of a kind and popular all over India especially Shawls which serve their purpose as best during the winter. They are extremely popular among tourists due to their quality and the weather which usually remains cold and it even snows heavily there during the winter.

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6. Handcrafted Jewelry

Making of the jewellery with white colour beads

Image Credit: januszj for Pixabay

Kedarnath local shops have some of the best handcrafted jewellery in the region they are made with special kinds of colours and techniques which make them unique and exclusive. Handcrafted pieces of jewellery like earrings, necklaces, rings or even keychains are the best options to consider buying on your trip to Kedarnath.

7. Ayurvedic And Herbal Products

Kedarnath is a home of variety of ayurvedic products

Image Credit: AquaSpiritLens for Pixabay

Kedarnath’s blissful and natural environment is a home for a variety of ayurvedic and special herbal products which are famous all over India. These ayurveda and herbal products are considered good for health as they promote the better well-being of the body without including any harmful synthetic chemicals. Some of these products are a must-buy thing in Kedarnath on your next trip.

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8. Herbal Medicines

Fresh herbs l that were taken from the mountain

Image Credit: scym for Pixabay

Kedarnath is located in an area surrounded by mountains which is home to many medicinal herbs and plants. Many medicines in Ayurveda are made up of these natural herbs and plants which are found in the mountains. These medicines are authentic and especially good for the health of the body which can be consumed by anyone as per the recommendation. Some herbal medicines can also be taken as supplements without the doctors prescription because these are natural and do not harm the body. Buy herbal medicines from reputed shops to avoid getting non-authentic products and always check for the certification on the box.

9. Organic Spices And Teas

An image of a mouth-watering tea in a clear glass cup

Image Credit: Mareefe for Pixabay

Organic Spices and Teas are must-buy things in Kedarnath because of its authenticity and fact they are grown organically in the mountains surrounded by the blissful area. These organic products have their different kind of tastes and health benefits due to their purity. You should buy these organic spices and teas if you want to enjoy the taste of Kedarnath’s food even at your home after the vacation. These products will also look good as souvenirs and will refresh the memories of the trip whenever you enjoy this organic tea of Kedarnath.

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Plan your trip to Kedarnath in Uttrakhand now for a spiritually relaxing and peaceful journey. Follow our comprehensive guide to things to buy in Kedarnath to avoid any confusion on what to buy or not including gift recommendations. This was curated specially just for you so you would be able to enjoy your trip without any worry. So plan your trip now and book your tickets to enjoy Kedarnath’s blissful surroundings in Uttrakhand without delay.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Things To Buy In Kedarnath

What would be the best time for a trip to Kedarnath in Uttrakhand?

The best time for a trip to the Kedarnath in Uttrakhand would be the summer season because it gets challenging to do the trekking during the winter. But if you want to witness the mesmerising view of mountains covered in snow winter would be the best time.

Where can I buy Rudraksha beads in Kedarnath?

You can buy Rudraksha beads in Kedarnath from any local shop, street vendor or stall near the Kedarnath temple and in the local market of the city as well.

Can I find organic and Ayurvedic products in Kedarnath?

Yes, you can find a variety of organic and ayurvedic products in Kedarnath everywhere at local shops and stalls. You can easily find organic spices, special teas and ayurvedic medicines.

How can I ensure the authenticity of the products I buy in Kedarnath?

Usually, all products are authentic but to be more sure you can buy ayurvedic, medicines or organic products from reputable shops or ask for local recommendations.

How many days trip I should plan to Kedarnath?

A minimum of 3-4 days trip would be enough to Kedarnath for a comfortable, memorable and relaxing stay where you would be able to relax in the blissful environment.

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