This offbeat town in the Kanyakumari district is blessed with unmatched natural beauty and postcard views of Southern India, making it one of the most sought after destinations for a serene weekend getaway.

Located at a distance of 18 kilometres from Kanyakumari, the quaint town is away from the hubbub of Kanyakumari but close enough that you can easily detour for a couple of hours or days and lose yourself in the offbeat scenery here. The rugged landscape is punctuated by beaches and lakes where you can unwind and photograph bewildering scenes. The entire southern coast is dotted with restaurants serving regional cuisine and pubs where you can enjoy hearty meals and discover some rare flavours of Tamil Nadu.

No matter whether you want to spend a few days on a treehouse out south or immerse yourself in the culture, read on to learn about some of the best tourist places in Nagercoil.

Top 5 Tourist Places in Nagercoil

1. Nagaraja Temple

Best Places to visit

Perched near the southern tip of the state, Nagaraja Temple pays homage to the Nagaraja – the king of serpents. There are three shrines in the temple, the first is dedicated to Nagaraja and the other two are dedicated to Ananthakrishna and Shiva. The best way to enjoy the experience here is by arriving early in the morning when the rituals begin and you can also learn about the history of this marvellous temple from the locals.

2. Sanguthurai Beach

Best Places to visit

Located at a distance of 8 kilometres from Nagercoil centre, this is a perfect place for relaxing and having lunch as you watch the waves crash to the shore. The white sand beach is dotted with historic anecdotes such as a landmark built during the King Chola period. Take a stroll around the coast with a drink and settle down for the sunset

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3. Arya Bhavan

Best Places to visit

Nagercoil is not only a fabulous destination for nature and hidden beaches but it also showcases a wide range of restaurants and cuisines for you to choose from. From contemporary to traditional, hop on a food tour through Nagercoil to try some of the best flavours in the region. Arya Bhavan is one of the best places to get started on the gastronomic journey where you can dine on a budget and try a wide variety of cuisines.

4. Picasso The Bar

Best Places to visit In Nagercoil

Image Credit: Jay Gajjar for Unsplash

Picasso The Bar is where you can observe the nightlife of the city diverge for great cocktails and beer. Come here to relax with your friends and loved ones after a great dinner or simply catch around sunset for people watching.

5. St Xavier’s Church

Best Places to visit In Nagercoil

Image Credit: Infocaster for Wikipedia

The St. Francis Xavier’s Cathedral is located near Kottar and is one of the most popular landmarks that visitors plan for in their itinerary. Take a tour of the place and awe at the historic architecture as you learn about this place. It is also the oldest Cathedral church of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Kottar in the Kanyakumari district. It is also one of the most popular tourist places in Nagercoil.

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Whether you are planning to enjoy a short weekend getaway or a long staycation in the lap of nature, tourist places in Nagercoil are the best-kept secret that we highly recommend you must visit at least once in your lifetime. Don’t forget to explore our Kanyakumari packages for more such experiences.

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