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The Wat Rong Khun White temple is a privately owned art-exhibit constructed in the style of a Buddhist Temple. Wat Rong Khun, popularly known to foreigners as the White Temple of Thailand, is situated in the Chiang Rai province of Thailand. Owned by Chalemchai Kosipipat, the exhibit opened its doors to the visitors in 1997. The temple was almost completely destroyed during the earthquakes of 2014, but now it has opened for tourists again.

Historical Significance Of Wat Rong Khun

Historical Significance Of Wat Rong Khun

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If you look beyond the architecture and beauty of this masterpiece, you’ll find a much deeper meaning behind this creation by Chalemchai Kosipipat.His masterpiece conveys that to reach heaven and nirvana, one must overcome the cycle of life and death. If you have a look at the main hall of the complex of Wat Rong Khun Buddhist temple, it is white in color because it’s a symbol of representation for the purity that is represented by Buddha. Besides being painted white, the outside of the hall is decorated with mirrors, to give a message of reflecting on one’s wisdom.

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Best Time To Visit Wat Rong Khun

Best Time To Visit Wat Rong Khun

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While the temple is open all year round, the best time to visit it is during the winter season that is between the months of December and February because the area is clear and without any rain. The Wat Rong Khun opening hours are between 8 AM to 5 PM, all days of the week. It is advised to go either early in the morning or slightly before 5 PM so that you can experience the best scenic views blended with the beautiful temple complex.

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Places to Stay Near Wat Rong Khun

Places to Stay Near Wat Rong Khun

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Though it is easy to find accommodation in this region, you should always be aware of all the options and rates available to you so that there is no way a possibility of you paying more or being unable to find a place to lodge. Following are some of the best accommodations near the temple complex:

1. Reun Pon Aek Hotel
2. 777 food and bed
3. Manonnee
4. Season Resort
5. Bachomna Resort
6. Hopp In Chiang Rai
7. Jinda Resort Hotel

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Places To Visit Around Wat Rong Khun

There are plenty of attractions to keep you occupied when you visit Thailand. Likewise, there are numerous places you can visit around Wat Rong Khun, Chiang Rai. Some of them are listed below:

1. Clock Tower of Chiang Rai

Clock Tower of Chiang Rai

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It is one of the major landmarks in the city which doubles up as a traffic signal. This clock tower was also designed by Chalemchai Kosipipat and is magical to see in person.

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2. Baan Dam Museum

Baan Dam Museum

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Located just a 30 minutes drive from Wat Rong Khun, this place is considered the dark twin of the white temple. Although it is not a spiritual place, it is extremely popular with the tourists.

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3. Wat Rong Khun Night Bazaar

Wat Rong Khun Night Bazaar

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Every night you’ll find small shops selling Thai souvenirs in this market. You can bargain with the shopkeepers and buy them at a much cheaper price. Across the market, a Food Court is available. Don’t forget to hog on the delicious Thai food served in this area.

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Wat Rong Khun is truly a monument which should be admired by one and all of those who have visited the place or are going to do so. The temple is a symbol of human innovation and artistic mind. Visit Thailand to make pleasant memories at this architectural marvel.

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